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My hero academia: so the battle continues (1x1 w/Tanith)

Posted: Thu Jun 27, 2019 7:54 am
by ProheroNaturesshadow

Name: Akiko kimiara
Age 15
Looks: Akiko had her father's silver hair and her mother's gold eyes, she stands at five foot two, DD chest, hour glass figure. She has warm ivory skin. ... 00-332.png (This is after one time she is kidnapped or attacked and she cuts her own hair to get away) ... f-12229169

Quirks: Dobutsu and phantom
About the quirks:
Dobutsu: this quirk allows the user to turn into an animal or summon a pack of animals to their aid
Phantom: This quirk allows the user to summon a group of shadow Warriors or any weapon made of shadow. Downside to this quirk is that it requires negative emotions to be strong.
About Akiko:
Akiko was born to the 4th hero of Japan, and the number 3 villain of Japan. Where she was abandoned by her mother after her older brother passed away. And she was mistreated heavily by her father.
Hero name: the nature hero: Nature's shadow

Name: Yuki Yagi

Hero name: The Portal Hero: The Void

Gender: Its not clear to those around Yuki to know what gender they are. The mask destorts their voice and the fact that Yuki dosnt speak alot. Most assume male due to Yukis body type and clothing worn. Yuki doesn't correct pronouns answers to male and female

Age: 14

Height: 5ft 6 ft

Appearance: Flat chested. One bright blue eye seen shining through one eye hole on the right hand side. Blackness fills the left eye hole in the mask.Not much of the face is visible due to Yuki always wearing a large black hood attached to a black jumper that is 3x the size of Yuki, as well as the simplistic white mask. Yuki Wears baggy red tracksuit trousers with black converse trainers. Its hard to tell if yuki is strong as their entire body is covered in baggy clothing. The mask looks like a shop brought one, where Yuki has drawn on the features with a black sharpy pen.

Personality: Very quiet and reserved. Dosnt speak to anyone unless spoken to first. Avoids confrontation. Is heard talking to themselves in the back of the classroom

Quirk: Two way Void. Much like the Warp gate quirk, Yuki can move matter from one place to another. What differs from the warp gate quirk is the appearance , the distance the gates can cover as well as the sheer size. The warp gate quirk is like a large black fog. Yukis Two way void is much more controlled in appearance and much more solid looking. Yuki is able to create two, 2 metre diameter portals, the first a bright purple, the second a bright blue colour. It takes alot of focus to transport matter through the portals, more so depending on the distance between each opening. The further the distance the more strain it has on Yukis body, who normally passes out after exerting themselves. The downside with this quirk is the fact that its more of a ranged attack, but can be used close range if needed, but Yuki will most likely fluster at close proximity combat.

Yuki Yagi appearance:

Yukis backstory: Where to start...lets try 50 years ago. The Birth of the famous allmight. Before his fame and power he was born just like the rest of us. Once he came into this world their was someone soon with him....right just behind him in fact. His little twin sister. Toshinori Yagi And Yuki Yagi.
Now this was a time where Quirks were still a rarity and heros were reserved for coming books. These twins were inseparable, Toshinori was always the larger of the two, but Yuki sure made up for it with her boisterous attitude and confident demeanour.At a young age she had quite a ...colourful vocabulary which got her into trouble. When she started school at age 4 she started to show signs of a quirk. Being able to make extremely small portals in her hands and being able to move no organic matter inbetween the two.

Now lets skip a few years, 10 years to be exact. Toshinori and Yuki had gotten to the age where arguments were plentyful. Yuki had managed to create large portals, which were extremely unstable but solid enough to travel short places with. It was late one night, after dinner. Raining battering against the windows of the small family home. Inside the house Toshinori and Yuki where shouting at eachother about somthing important at the time. In hindsight it was probably somthing trivial. "Your just jealous of my Quirk! You big dumb quirkless bastard! " Yuki shouts at her brother as she runs up the stairs. He stands at the bottom of the stairs "I don't want a Quirk you F R E A K! " He screams back, fists balled up in rage at his sides. Yuki sprints to her room, tears of anger in her eyes, she pushes the door open and creates a portal in the middle of her room, the bright purple twisting around the edge of the portal. She rubs her eyes full of tears, her thoughts a jumbled mess. She can never normally open a portal when emotional so She is alittle taken back when a portal appears, she just puts it to her getting better and stronger.

She pictures her favourite park in her mind, creating the bright blue portal in that location. Or so she thinks. She dives through the purple portal to escape the arguments with her brother, she lands on a black solid mass, she stands up and looks around, expecting to see the broken wooden bench to her left, the line of oak trees to her right....but instead their is a vast expanse light. No breeze. No temperature...nothing at all. She shouts out in panic but no sound carries, no echo. The portal closes behind her, Toshinori hears a panicked scream, he rushes to his sisters bedroom just in time to see the portal close. This is the last time he sees his dear little twin, for years his blames himself for losing her.....

She was in the Void. The part inbetween space, time and reality. She had royally fucked up. She dosnt age, doesn't feel hungry or tired. She is alone with her thoughts. Unable to create a portal to escape this nothingness, this pitch black eternity. This hell. Being stuck in a place like this is enough to turn any sane adult mad. So it's to no surprise that it affects Yukis mind. Her own identity sucked into the nothingness, her self worth..gone. her once quick temper and foul mouthed language...gone....her memories had started to slip away like sand in a hourglass. For 36 long years she was all alone in the void. It had started to consume her organic body, slowly eating away at her flesh. At first it hurt. But it was an extremely slow process. Over the years she had become accustomed to the pain. The entirety of the left hand side of her body had been consumed by the void, replaced by parts of the void itself. Black smokey tendrils form half of her body now. It had happened so slowly, so gradually she had stopped noticing. She just existed in this nothingness for 36 years. She had attempted to find a way out but it all lead to more nothingness.

Then one day, or night, a bright purple portal appeared. It hurt Yukis eye to look at it. She dragged her half body half smoke body to the portal and fell through....into the busy streets of a city she didnt know. She sat in an alleyway for some nights, focusing the smoke to form limbs so she could walk. She manages too and stands up, she sees her gaunt reflection in a puddle, her messy long blond spikey hair was the same, her face still youthful...half of her face looks to be eaten by the darkness...she doubled over to be sick, the sight of herself repulsed her. But there was nothing in her stomach to come up...she stood back up. Everything hurt, the brightness of the world, the loudness of it all overwhelmed her senses. She stumbles out of the side alley, the shop closest happened to be a cheap costume shop. She stumbles inside, covering half her face with her hand. She spots a basic white plastic mask and immediately puts it on.this immediately relaxes her. She runs out the shop and down the street. She runs past strange looking people...nearly everyone seemed to have a quirk...

Yuki spends months on informing herself on what has happened over all this time, she manages to create portals much easier than ever before. Perhaps its the fact part of herself is the void itself. She feels more comfortable in large comfy clothing. So thats all she wears. She keeps her face covered all the time. Even when sleeping. More for her own comfort than others. She tries to remember who she is..who she was...but memories hurt so she dosnt pursue them. She rwmembers her name..thats all she cares about for the time being. She hears about the hero Academy, she goes to enrol to see if she can find a teacher that could help her with retrieving her memories and guidance on how to control her quirk.

Name: Kyoko Minohara
Age: 15
Looks: kyoko stands in at five foot four
Quirk: medic and force fields
About quirk:
Medic is a healing quirk, though much stronger than recovery girls quirk. She is able to heal the patient with out affecting the patients stamina. However it takes hers instead and of she uses it too much she is quirkless for a minimum of three days after the incident.
About her:
She was born to a drunkard and a woman who failed to become a hero. Her father passed away when she was 4years old and her mother has been pushing her to become a pro hero.
Hero name: the healing hero: Medic
Akiko was walking to UA so she could participate in the entrance exam. She was muttering to herself as she was going over the material for the millionth time. Her white wolf ears and tail flicking as wind brushed them and she grumbled hating it. As she was walking she wasn't paying much attention and she bumped into someone and she stumbled back, "sorry" she said looking at the person.

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Posted: Thu Jun 27, 2019 8:33 am
by Tanith
Yuki was stood outside UA, looking up at the building. She's wearing a baggy jumper with the hood up,the masks covering her face, she twiddles her fingers in anticipation as she thinks about what she must do. When someone bumps into the back of her, it takes everything she has to stop herself portaling away. She turns around and sees a girl with ears and a tail...its going to take alot of getting used to seeing people with quirks... "ooh its quite alright.. ." Yuki stutters out, their voice not sounding feminine or masculine

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Posted: Thu Jun 27, 2019 10:55 am
by ProheroNaturesshadow
She got up and rubbed her butt and groaned, "Ow that hurt " she mumbled her tail wagged a bit and her ears drooped. "I'm Kimiara Akiko, pleasure to meet you" she said smiling and bowing. She was in a middle school uniform from Aldera middle school. She had a small bag in her left hand.

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Posted: Thu Jun 27, 2019 11:04 am
by Tanith
"Mmmy n-names Yuki, are you here for the entrance exams?" Yuki asks, looking down at her hands as she twiddles her fingers, shuffling her feet

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Posted: Thu Jun 27, 2019 11:37 am
by ProheroNaturesshadow
"I am" she said smiling to the person infront of her. She heard Deku squeal Kacchan and she turned and smiled to Katsuki.

"Morning Katsuki " she said smiling

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Posted: Thu Jun 27, 2019 11:58 am
by Tanith
"Hi Akiko" he says as he walks up to her, arms crossed "Ready to see me in all my glory?" He smirks his confidant smirk

Yuki suffles her hands "Hii my names Yuki" she stutters out

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Posted: Thu Jun 27, 2019 1:02 pm
by ProheroNaturesshadow
"Sure but I intend to beat you today Katsuki " she said teasing him then added, "hey this is Yuki. Yuki this is katsuki" she said

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Posted: Thu Jun 27, 2019 1:40 pm
by Tanith
He laughs "You can sure try Akiko", he looks at Yuki and frowns slighly, unsure what to make of this masked individual "You got a costume already? Or are you just super ugly?" He smirks at his own joke, Yuki seems to shrink further into themselves

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Posted: Thu Jun 27, 2019 1:45 pm
by ProheroNaturesshadow
"I will beat you today katsuki. And be nice!" She said looking at him

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Posted: Thu Jun 27, 2019 1:51 pm
by Tanith
Yuki just feels like they should have stayed in the void. She came out and is feeling super attacked right now. She quickly opens up a portal, the bright purple light shining off it, it opens up on the ground just in front of her and yuki jumps in, the blue portal opens up further into UA where the registration forms are and she pops out the portal and signs in.

"Now that is a rare quirk" Katsuki says