My hero academia: so the battle continues (1x1 w/Tanith)

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Re: My hero academia: so the battle continues (1x1 w/Tanith)

Post by ProheroNaturesshadow » Tue Nov 19, 2019 5:35 pm

Terry had gotten off Milkey-way when told to then when they were scrambled into their cage Terry whined. The other two simply went and laid down. Shogaraki had been sleeping rather peacefully when Yuki had shrieked. Shigaraki fell from where he was sleeping and went to her, slightly annoyed by the fact that to him there was nothing wrong. "What is it Yuki?" He asked as he leaned on the door frame and he watched her.

Akiko looked up At him as his fingers intertwined with her own. She smiled, "Absolutely! I am starved as well. All that training made me hungry" she said as she was walking with him. She was happy to spend time with him.

Kyoko smiled to Deku and she wrapped her arms around his right arm, "Thanks! I found the training today to be really beneficial!" She said as she smiled to him happily

Haruka looked at Eijiro a small smile on her face, "Thanks you did too. I found it productive. I got my quirk to work on plants" she said proudly.

Shoto made it to where Yuki would be meeting him and he took a seat. He was waiting for her, a bit disappointed that she wasn't already here.

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Re: My hero academia: so the battle continues (1x1 w/Tanith)

Post by Tanith » Tue Nov 19, 2019 6:21 pm

"Shigggg im i look okay? Do i look stupid ....i look stupid dont i????" Yuki says anxiously brushing down her dress, she fitgited with the shirt cuff as she looked up at him "What if its a trap, what if my brothers there and he captures me, and i get interrigated and held in a cell..i dont want to deal with that I'd be so bored!! Id never tell them anything they'd have to kill me to find out anything about you guys or this place.." Yuki says quickly, on the brink of having a full panic attack. She's never been this anxious and riddled with worry before, her little brain is getting overwhelmed by the possibility that its a trap. "Right right!! I need to go im already late!!" Yuki says breathlessly, she hugs Shigaraki tightly "Sorry i think i woke you, im sorry im just a mess. Go get some more sleep I'll hopefully see you later! Unless im kidnapped!!! And if thats the case please rescue me!!" Yuki says pulling away. She opens up a portal to the side alley outside of the cafe, so she wouldn't be seen. She jumps through and ajusts her wig and dress before entering the cafe. She pulls on her sleeve as she looks around for shoto, not being able to see him as her wig covers her eye.

"So what food are you thinking?" Bakagou asks as they walk out of the UA grounds together, swinging their arms slightly as he walks. He has a goofy smile on his lips as he walks with her "Training was intense today, good, but intense"

"Oh thats great! I take it you coudnt do living things before then??" Eijiro says smiling proudly at her, at this rate she could be one of the classes top ranking.

"Im glad! Thanks for healing me up!!" He says enthusiastically as he links arms with her, they walk out together "have you got any goals for next training session?"
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