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Fallen Kingdom, A new war begins

Posted: Sat Jun 15, 2019 3:06 pm
by Cheanlenu
The year is now 1283, and the kingdom of Astoria has enjoyed a long time of peace. It has been fifty years since the end of the last war with Arthix. The larger neighboring kingdom to the east of Astoria. The people of Astoria have thrived during this time, and the economy shows for it. Once a small country riddled with poverty, and now a booming trade nation. The former rulers did little for their nation, but merely tax them into submission. During the war a small upstart rebel faction rose to power quickly, and put an end to the previous king. A short time after the Rose family took over, the war ended. A peace treaty was signed, and the long uphill battle to rebuild the kingdom had begun. It took many years for the new king to undo the damage caused by the previous ruler. In his thirty year reign as king, king Walter Rose rebuilt the economy by reducing the taxes, and brokering trade with their neighbors. This of course hurt the monarchy in limiting its funds for the kingdom. He made his sacrifices knowing full well the dangers. He was rewarded not only with the love of his people, but also with the love of the woman who became his wife and queen.

Queen Minerva Rose was a shrewd business woman, and supported her husband fiercely. Many grew to fear her more than their king. She was not without her kindness though, and the people who did not break the laws loved her. King Walter was a soldier, and knew mainly of tactics of war. He did however know a country is more than soldiers, and this is how he was able to aide in rebuilding. With the aide of his wife Minerva, they not only restored the kingdoms prosperity, but also its unity. Later they were gifted a son, and he was not only their pride, but the pride of the kingdom as well. Edward Walter Rose grew up to be a fine young man. Educated in the ways of a soldier, and gifted in skills of politics, as well as business. Loved by his parents, and the kingdom. He grew passionate to further what his parents had accomplished, and wished to grow the kingdom even more.

Prince Edward was full of ideas, and hope for the people he loved. His father was the first to pass, quietly in the warmth of his families company. The kingdom grew sad for a time, and the warriors funeral was attended by what seems the entire kingdom. His mother was not long for the world after, and Edward saw his mothers health fading. So to ease her he stepped up taking the reigns as he knew he would have to, allowing her remaining days to be peaceful and quiet. When his mother passed he hosted a grand ceremony in honor of his mother, and his father. Saddened by the loss of both his parents, he dedicated the up coming years to his kingdom. Six months after their passing he was crowned king of Astoria, and three years later he took a wife. Though most of the kingdom saw that one coming. The woman who became his wife, and queen had been with him since they were children. She was the daughter of his fathers personal guard. They would play together, and take classes together. Some would even say that this was all part of a plot by his parents.

In the year 1265, on may 18th king Edward, and Queen Alexandra were blessed with a baby girl. Celia Rose, the blessing of the kingdom was born. The king and queen spared no efforts to show off their pride. They toured to all the villages, and towns allowing all to see their pride. The following year king Edward made a proclamation. May 18th shall hence forth be recognized as a day of celebration. Not only does it mark the birth of princess Celia Rose, but it also marks the ending of the war. For eighteen years May 18th has been celebrated, and the entire kingdom has attended. It is a day of dance, drink, eating, and friendship. Year 1283 has come around, and May 18th is tomorrow. The entire kingdom is all excited, and in preparation for the celebration. This year however is special. This year princess Celia turns 18, and this year she is eligible to be courted. Though both king Edward, and queen Alexandria were dreading this day. The day their little girl is no longer a little girl. They are still very proud, and happy for Celia. They trust in her, and know the man she chooses will be a fine king, and devoted husband.

The night before the celebration the castle is all in an uproar. Soldiers are in a rush to polish their armor, and servants giving extra attention to minor details so everything is perfect for the grand day. Princess Celia's hand maids are assisting her personal tailor in making the final adjustments to her dress for tomorrow. It is so easy to see the glowing excitement in their eyes as they gaze upon Celia. Her hand maids have been with her as far back as Celia can remember. They have not only served her faithfully, but have also been there for her as a friend when she needed them. They are more like family than servants, so it is easy to see why they are so excited. Once all of them finish, they put the dress in a special cabinet to rest for tomorrow. The tailor leaves first, bowing, and giving her best wishes for tomorrow. Alissa leaves next giving Celia a big hug with tears in her eyes, and can barely make audible words as she wishes her the best. Lastly Maria is left, she bows and says "This way my princess." She motions towards the door. "Your mother and father are awaiting you in the dining hall." It is obvious it is taking every ounce of the woman's will to contain herself.

As she leads Celia down the hall from her room, all of the servants bow in her passing. The soldiers stationed there all stand at attention. Normally this hall is rather quiet this time of night, but tonight is rather busy. Once they reach the end of the hall they enter a giant spiral staircase, and travel downward to the main floor. On their decent they catch wind of a rather awful smell. Wafting up from below the smell of horses, mixed with manure, and sweat grace their nostrils. Almost bad enough to bring tears to the eyes. Soon they catch sight of the source of the smell. A man wearing tattered clothes is coming up the staircase. His torn cloak barely covers his back, and head. In passing he glances at princess Celia. His crystal blue eyes meet hers, and his soft expression shows no fear. His features are soft, and gentle looking. Despite the awful smell he is clean in appearance. He bears no mark of station, but carries a fine looking long sword on his hip. The design, and condition of this sword stands out from his appearance. Around his neck is a small leather pouch held there by a simple leather braided cord. He speaks in a soft, pleasant voice. "Congratulations princess Celia, and happy birthday. I pray all goes uneventful. Good evening." He bows his head as a man of station would, and continues past them upwards.

Meanwhile in the castle town of Astore. The city is all a buzz with activity. Merchants are in a frenzy to set up stalls for tomorrow, and make last minute preparations. The city guard are all lending hands to residents to help put up decorations for the celebration. This in turn makes security a little lax at the gates. Banners, posters, streamers, and colorful wall paintings adorn the town. Smells of some of the finest food, and drink lay heavy on the energy filled air within the city. Musicians dance about practicing their new compositions for the celebration, and street performers go over last minute practices for tomorrow. Several streets have already been blocked off to wagon traffic as to ensure safety, and inns are packed to capacity. The excitement is so high, a person could get drunk just off the air in the city that night. The sun has just sunk below the horizon, and leaves little light left. The streets however are well lit by colorful lights hung for decorations, and the many torch spires used to light the streets. The alleys have all been cleaned, and free of the normal debris that is found on regular occasions. One could say the streets are so clean you could eat off of them.

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Posted: Sun Jun 16, 2019 6:23 am
by Arkane
A playful giggle could be heard coming from a particular room, in a rather rambunctious building. In addition to the feminine giggle there was also the sounds of tousling sheets, a creaking bed, and other things that didn’t leave much to the imagination. A period of time had passed and the door to the room in question finally opened. And out stepped Hawke; his dark brown locks a mess a top his head, his cotton shirt still half unbuttoned, while his fingers worked on buckling his belt and pulling on his left shoe. He looked a proper mess, but his face said otherwise. A large, ear to ear grin was plastered across his lips, a tint of red over his cheeks from the recent cardio session he had just partook in.

“Awww, do you have to leave,” pouted the woman he had spent the last few hours with. She had come to escort him out the door, clinging to his arm in a flirtatious attempt to keep him longer, with only a thin blanket covering her modesty. “Aye, but it’s been fun,” Hawke grinned, slapping a few coins in her hand. The woman smiled and took the coins, her mouth leaning in towards his ear. “A little birdie told me that a rather wealthy patron is downstairs at the moment,” she winked. “See me again tomorrow.” She would then shove him out the door and slammed it in his face. Hawke merely grunted in a sort of amused laugh, before taking his leave.

As he passed through the upper hallways of the high class brothel, he could hear all the others hard at work, the air hazy with a sweet smelling incense. He had managed to fix his hair a bit and properly dress himself, his hand making sure his hidden dagger was still tucked away nicely in his boot. He took the stairs to the lower level, careful not to draw more attention to himself than necessary. Hawke could’ve just left and returned to his room at the tavern down the street....but he really wanted to visit the rich patron the little birdie so kindly squawked about. It didn’t take him long to find the room the rich man was in either, as the most luxurious room was reserved for the most pompous customers.

Glancing around to make sure there was no one watching, he stealthily slipped into the room, leaving the door open a crack behind him. He knew the room had a small lounge area, before the enclosed main bedroom. And oh boy, the rich noble was a loud one, wasn’t he? Perfect for Hawke, as he could snoop around with less chances of being heard. Ah, silly nobles, always leaving their things lying around. Hawke found a fat coin purse amongst the man’s pants, which he deftly slipped into one of his belt pouches. Jumbled in with the noble’s shirt, which he had probably taken off in haste, was a jewelled ring looped through a simple chain. That was placed in Hawke’s back pocket, bringing his total up to three in stolen trinkets. Satisfied with his haul, the thief was just about to leave, when he stopped and stole one more thing. A bag of tobacco.

“Don’t mind if I do, smuck,” muttered Hawke under his breath. He slipped out the door and then proceeded to leave the brothel, the man nodding happily to the proprietress as he passed. The outside streets were even more crowded and even more noisy than before...all because of some royal’s birthday. The room he had rented was not far from the brothel and he soon arrived at the appropriately named Blushing Maiden. He made a quick trip up to his room, where the rest of equipment was currently stored. He only wanted his smoking pipe, which he grabbed from the top of the dresser. Smoking pipe in hand, he had lit the stolen tobacco and took a long drag. Oh, so smooth.

With that, he decided to spend the next bit of his day at the tavern, Hawke finding an empty seat in a back corner, as all of the tables were full. Typical with the celebration. He had arrived in the city a few days earlier and he was extremely lucky to even have a room. He ordered a drink and even if he didn’t have a table, he still made himself comfortable by placing his feet up to rest along the windowsill. He had good tobacco, good booze, and had successfully stole some good loot. What more could he ask for?

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Posted: Sun Jun 16, 2019 5:18 pm
by Celia Rose
Image When Celia was younger, she loved all the parties. She loved all the dressing up and feeling pretty. She loved all the attention she got. As she got older, though, it just became another part of her life. It wasn't that she was bored, or didn't like them anymore. She just felt it was a bit much, and tended to get a bit embarrassed at the attention she was getting. She didn't want people to get the wrong impression about her and think that she was self centered. She wasn't.

As her dress was getting its final touches, the princess' mind wandered to what exactly tomorrow meant... and the expectations that came with it. She was going to be of age. A lot of expectations would be coming with it, including finding a fitting husband. The thought was a bit concerning. She didn't know what would make a proper husband and future king. She had her ideas, sure, but what if she was wrong?

She was snapped out of her thoughts when the detailing was done, and she needed to change back into her normal dress. She watched her dress be put up, and thanked the tailor. She returned Alissa's hug and couldn't help but smile and laugh lightly at the teary expression as her friend choked up. She thanked her as well before turning to Maria. She could tell her other friend was holding it in. moved over to her. "You know you can express yourself around me, right?" She laughed a little before following her down the hall and down the stairs.

She couldn't help but wrinkle her nose a little at the strange smell that crossed her nose. The castle usually had the same assortment of smells, fresh flowers, cooking, things of the like. It made the unusual nature this one stick out sorely. Just as much as the source of the smell. She couldn't help but wonder who he was, or what he was doing in the castle. The sword made her think he could have been some sort of sellsword. Despite his clothes, he was far cleaner than she would have expected anyone to look being accompanied by that smell. It just made her more curious. She watched him as he addressed her. Well mannered too. "Thank you, sir. Good Evening," she answered in return before looking to Maria, wondering if she had any knowledge of the man.

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Posted: Sun Jun 16, 2019 7:35 pm
by Cheanlenu
At the "Blushing Maiden" earlier that afternoon. The city had reached a boiling point of activity in the early afternoon. People rushed about not only with their daily activity, but also with the added activities of preparation for the celebration. The "Blushing Maiden" was not exempt from this activity. Several merchants had stopped by over the course of a short time, and were brokering deals with the owner for supplies of drink. Though one person in particular stood out from the rest. This person looked far from being a merchant, less anyone who would be in the position to purchase anything. A man dressed in ragged clothes came into the tavern. His clothes were tattered and torn, and the cloak that he wore barely covered his back and head. Its condition being that far worse than his clothes. The smell that followed with him as he entered left a foul taste in the mouth, and turned the stomachs of most of the patrons. However aside from his clothes several features stood out, and seemed really out of place. At his hip was a very well kept, unique looking long sword. Highly polished and in immaculate condition. He smelled of horses, manure, and heavy of sweat. Yet he looked very clean, and not a spec of dirt to be found on his face. Around his neck rested a tiny leather bag, suspended by a simple braided leather cord.

After the man had checked his surroundings, he made his way to the counter to address the proprietor. It was obvious to see that he was having a hard time dealing with the mans smell, and his facial features showed that. His eyes squinted, nose curled, and eyes watered. It took every ounce of his willpower to not raise a cloth to cover his face. The smelly man reached behind himself inside his cloak, and then brought back out his hand. He opened it palm up as to show something to the man behind the counter. The look on the mans face behind the counter suddenly changed. His eyes grew wide, as his mouth shut tight. He stood more upright now as well. The man behind the counter then left to the back, and was only gone for a few moments before bringing a small box back. He rested the box on the counter in front of the smelly man, and went back to standing erect. The smelly man nods, and puts back the item he had in his hand. He then brings out another small item, and lets them rest on the counter in front of the tavern keep. Three small red stones rest in front of the man, and even by the distance it is easy to see they are rough gemstones. Possibly rubies, but without closer inspection that is the best guess. From their size one could guess after being cut they would give at least 3 to 5 carrot stones. A value of around fifty gold.

The smelly man takes the small box the tavern keep brought, and leaves out the front door. After his exit, several sighs of relief can be heard from several of the other patrons, having to endure that stench. The tavern keep takes up the three stones from the counter, and puts them in a pouch around his neck. He then sighs returning to his normal duties, and overseeing more sales that enter after the smelly man makes his exit. It is not long before the tavern returns to its normal bustling activity, and steady flow of patrons looking for a drink to quench their thirst.Though with all the people who have entered the tavern in the short while Hawke has been sitting there. A good deal of them were armed, and not just weapons one would carry on a daily basis. These people were armed as if going to combat. Definitely not something one would see going into a celebration, and with the lax security one would have to question their intent.

Later that evening in the castle. It took every effort of willpower for Maria to maintain her composure at the presence of the smelly man. Nothing in her actions, nor her expression gave way to any knowledge she would have of the man. Who for a lack of a better term just assaulted them with his presence. After Maria regains herself she continues leading Celia down the stairs to the main floor. Once they leave the stairs, all of the guards in the main hall stand at attention once Celia enters. The great hall, which hosts the entrance to the castle is decorated with statues, honoring those who fought to bring this kingdom back to the glory it is today. Several large tapestries rest on the walls with reverence to the people they were. One such tapestry is of her grandparents, the former rulers who worked so hard to bring the kingdom out of the darkness.They are seated on the throne in the painting, and behind them to the left is her grandmother on her mothers side. Dressed out in her armor standing diligent, and watchful over the king and queen. The painting shows the force of presence they both had, and the strong sense of duty to their people. Their eyes also reflect their love, and kindness.

Maria leads Celia through the great hall, to the set of double doors on the left wall past the grand stairs. Up the giant stairs leads to the balcony hall, and at the top center the throne room. Off the balcony hall are the library, and several conference rooms. A study that Celia would often use in the past that used to belong to her grandfather. Many a day were spent there with her mother learning the ways of the kingdom. Maria opens the double doors that lead into the dining room. Inside the servants there bow as they see her. Seated at the table are both her mother, and father. They both stand as she enters, and both give her a big warm smile. Her mother comes out form her seat, and over to greet her with a big hug. "There is my little girl." She pauses as she breaks from the hug. Her hands still on Celia's shoulder as she looks into her eyes. "Well I guess I can't really call you my little girl any more. Ah who cares. You will always be my little princess. No matter what comes that will never change." Her father comes over to join them, and wraps his arms around Celia. He kisses the top of her head, and says. "Happy birthday my little princess. I know it has been hard with me always having to be away, but I have never missed your birthday. Of any day to me it the most special one." He breaks from his hug, and takes her mothers hand. He then says, "Today we are so proud of the woman you have grown to be, and our hearts sing with joy every day since you blessed us. Come lets all have a nice family dinner. There will be no interruptions tonight. For penalty of death no one would dare ruin our time together." He chuckles, "Well maybe death would be to harsh. Ten years in prison should be acceptable."

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Posted: Sun Jun 16, 2019 11:49 pm
by kood
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Posted: Mon Jun 17, 2019 7:48 pm
by malva
Again and again, Aelynn let a single red strand slide through her fingers. Leaned against the city wall with one shoulder she watched the bustle in front of the gate and took a few deep breaths. She had been on her feet for quite some time now, trying to get as much distance between herself and that prison as possible. Her muscles were sore, but that didn't bother her anymore since she was used to walking long distances when she couldn't find a place to say. The reason she tried to calm herself down a little was that her mind still clung to the memories of how she got out of that shithole. It hadn't been the first time she offered her body to a man for something in exchange but never before had she injured anyone that badly. The warmth of his blood on her hands still echoed in her body, making her shiver only by the thought of the sensation. She didn't even know if the guard survived the stab wound. Irritated why she seemed to care so much about some drunk that had treated her like scum for the whole time she spent in her cell the young halfbreed shook her head vigorously and focused on the present again. Her unusually dark thoughts made way for a familiar lighthearted smile on her face.

Aelynn had left Allund hastily, but not without taking her lute out of the hollow tree that had served her as a secret repository over months. At first, she had to keep off the beaten track, mostly travelling at night, so she wouldn't attract unnecessary attention. Her way led her to Morte, where she wouldn't have to worry about being thrown out of every inn or sold out, only to find herself in prison again. Yet she still kept to herself, paying a farmer a few coins to stay at his stables. To her surprise the man even exchanged a few words with her, telling her about a celebration that would soon be held in Astore. Aelynn didn't really care for the princess, what man she would choose to become her king or some anniversary, but the possibility of wealthy men being too distracted by performances, alcohol, and women to watch their possessions was too tempting. Again by foot, she had continued her journey further south the next day.

Now two men, dressed in attention-grabbing garments, carrying a violin and a flute, drew her gaze in as they approached the city gate. Without further hesitation, Aelynn made use of that opportunity: She checked on her hair, covering up her ears as much as possible and tried her best not to show her tusks. From where she stood, she couldn't see any guards or at least none that had paid any attention to her since she had arrived at the capital. With the lute hanging around her shoulders she caught up with the entertainers, carefully and silently walking behind them. That way, she thought, she would get through the gate easily without having to hide in some wagon or bribe some guard with the little she had left. her hand caressed the old wooden instrument lightly, stopping at a scratch that had been there forever. Regardlessly, Aelynn licked her finger absentmindedly and then tried to scrub away the imperfection.
The guard behind the gate waved the three of them through as they entered. He obviously didn't seem to care much, since he probably wanted to partake in the festivities like all the others. The two other men had been busy with babbling and gesturing wildly, talking about which song they should start with this evening. Aelynn's impulsivity went through with her. "Just pick one already", she blurted out, as soon as they were out of the guards' earshot. Startled by the unexpected voice behind them, the men turned around and examined her sceptically. Before one of them could get a single word out or recognize her peculiar appearance, she turned away and left in a random direction, searching for a tavern or any other location, that might have a place for her to rest for some time.

The city was overcrowded with peasants, children, citizens, and even some nobles. Garlands, lampions, and flowers were hung and placed everywhere, decorating the streets with explosions of colour. The air was filled with the aroma of the finest food and spices Aelynn most definitely had never tasted before. Her stomach rumbled demonstrative. By the Gods! Can't you just shut up for one second?! Something around her didn't add up, forcing her to concentrate. Though the whole city seemed to be as clean as a newly polished blade, her sensitive nose had picked up a subtle but strange smell of manure and sweat. While that wasn't unusual in a capital city it didn't quite fit in, seemingly coming from a single source that had moved through the streets.
Curious, if somewhat disgusted, she followed the smell and quickened her pace as she manoeuvred through the crowds, only to run straight into a wall of suffocating, nauseating stench, ramming a person simultaneously. The Impact made her lose balance and collapse to the ground. Now she needed to recover not only from the smell but from the pain in her back. Instinctively she reached for one of her knives but never came that far. The foulness crawled through her nose and down her throat, making it tighten in response. It made her gag, both hands pressed on mouth and nose, eyes tearing up. Out of the corner of her eye, she could see a man in torn clothes who she identified easily as the source of that olfactory molestation. Completely overwhelmed by the unnaturally strong odor she noticed neither the sword nor the box he carried or how he looked way to clean and healthy for his scent to have these effects on her. Even though she had been determined to be more careful from now on–not wanting to be recognized or get involved in a fight already–she fell into the old pattern of challenging directness, apart from feeling the want to scold him for putting her in that condition. That man didn't seem like he would talk back wearing only rags and smelling worse than horse dung. He apparently was even more of an outcast than herself. “Please do us all a favour and wash yourself!”, she groaned, her voice rough from the tension. Aelynn didn't bother anymore with hiding her teeth or ears, she just wanted the agony to stop.

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Posted: Mon Jun 17, 2019 9:31 pm
by Arkane
A scowl could be seen on Hawke’s face, his brow furrowed slightly, as his fingers tapped impatiently on his knee. There were still no available tables, though he was comfortable enough in his chair. However, he had thought about forcefully removing the annoying patrons at the table to his left, in very violent detail. Alas, it was probably not worth the time nor the effort, but hey, a man could dream. For now, he was content with drinking his ale, if a little tired of the boisterous atmosphere. If he were drunk, the whole situation would have been a lot more bearable. Easily fixed, however. He had just raised his hand to get the attention of the barmaid, when a most putrid smell wafted into the room. The smell was so disgusting that the noise of the tavern fell a few decibels, as everyone tried not to gag, and windows were opened in haste. Admittedly, Hawke did gag once, spitting up his ale on the filthy floors. “Valius’ balls,” he choked, his face scrunched up in disgust. “Someone can’t wipe their own ass if their life depended on it,” he said, shaking his head. He had never smelled something so revolting in his life. The source of the smell apparently belonged to a man in a ragged cloak and, oddly enough, with a rather fine sword. It seemed that everyone was heavily armed this time of day. It made Hawke question whether he should be fully equipped as well.

Still, none of that mattered as the smell was unbearable. Briefly glaring daggers at the back of the smelly man’s head, Hawke shoved his way through the crowded tavern floor, unperturbed by the many shouts of protest he had received. He was almost at the door, when he decided to glance back towards the tavern’s strange visitor. He had assumed the barkeep would be kicking the repulsive man out the door by now, but he was surprised to see that the exact opposite was happening. The barkeep looked disgusted, yes, but the man seemed to be doing a sort of exchange with the other. A small box left one set of hands and into the other’s, Hawke’s keen perception skills picking up the glint of red. Rubies? The hell kind of tavern is this?! Even at such a distance, Hawke could tell that those gems were worth a lot. How peculiar for such items of worth to be in some shitty tavern. Curious now, Hawke leaned his back on the wall beside the door, arms crossed over his chest. The same brooding scowl was still on his face, as he watched the smelly man take his exit. He wanted to see exactly whom this man was. Huh, he was expecting an equally putrid face to match the gross smell. This man was too pretty.

…And gods, he was so damn smelly! The closer the man got to him, the worse it became. Shaking his head in disgust, Hawke waited for the smelly man to leave, before taking his own exit. He didn’t know how contaminated the smelly man would make the streets, but it had to be a helluva lot better than the confinements of the tavern. Fresh air, he just needed air. He gripped the doorknob and forcefully pulled it opened, suffering an unfortunate blast of the smell right in the face. Oh, that was not nice at all. He was so affected by the smell, that Hawke didn’t even realize he had bumped into another person, female by the quick glance he had gotten. “Watch it,” he growled, steering away from her. He teetered over to the side of the building and proceeded to vomit up the contents of his stomach. Well, that just happened.

Wiping his mouth with his sleeve, he cursed under his breath. “Bloody ridiculous,” he scowled. At that moment, he decided he hated Astore.

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Posted: Mon Jun 17, 2019 9:33 pm
by Cheanlenu
When Aelynn impacts the mans back, it feels almost like she has hit a wall. The man barely moves, but she feels no armor worn under his cloak. She does however feel a bag hanging from his back near his waist. The man turns around right as she takes her steps back to recover, and offers her a hand to help her balance. His crystal blue eyes meet hers as he out stretches his hand. His gaze is soft, and shows no signs of hostility. In fact it looks warm and friendly. There is no sign of the hate that she would normally see from people she meets. His face does not show any signs that he cares about anything, but the fact that she is all right. His face is clean, and no spec of dirt can be seen anywhere on him. His clothes as tattered as they are, do not show any sign of soil on them. In fact they are remarkably clean. The unusual sword attached to his hip looks remarkably kept, and really stands out of place with his attire. He speaks softly, and in a very articulate manor. Far from what his current attire would suggest. "Are you all right Miss? I do apologize for being in such a place at this time. My mind seems to have wandered a bit. I shall be more careful in the future, and do apologize for the smell. I realize to your nose I must smell a fright with your sense of smell. There are reasons for that, and just as for you to cover your face. Be careful, the city is all a light for the celebration, but there are still very hateful eyes within even this joyous occasion." He reaches behind his back, and pulls out a shoulder hood with removable face shroud. He holds it out to Aelynn. "This may help you better." He smiles leaving it with her, bows then walks off down the road towards the castle.

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Posted: Mon Jun 17, 2019 11:51 pm
by kood
A loud metallic bang, could be heard in the forest near the city of Astore along with the sounds of a struggle. "Not again" thought Alain, as he got something heavy thrown against the back of his helmet. This was the 3rd time this week a group of robbers tried to get him and his charge, who was a rather wealthy merchant on his way to the princess's birthday.

Alain stumbled forward as he wasn't prepared for a rather large rock to be thrown at him, but he turned to face the assailants to see only three men, in rags and armed with farming tools and rocks. "Easy" Alain muttered as he drew his blade ready for the few filthy bandits that dared challenge him. After a rather brief and bloody struggle, Alain realized that the merchant was gone... And most importantly his money and these bandits didn't have a single coin between them.

With a mild feeling of betrayal, Alain began to head towards the town, maybe he could at least find a drink worth the trip. As he began to near the castle he realized that his sword and gauntlets were covered and blood,  only stopping for a moment to clean them off with some rags he kept for cleaning his armor.

As he neared the gates the rather small group of guards he saw at the gates yelled "halt" before approaching him. He greeted the guards with a simple greeting. The guards asked what his purpose for visiting was and he responded: "I'm just here for the princesses celebrations and I'm not here to cause trouble, I'm sorry if my rather rugged look disturbed you." The guards nodded and motioned for the gates to be opened allowing Alain entrance with a warning that he beat not cause any trouble.

Alain entered the city to find it quite clean for a large town and noticed the people happy, jolly and not paying him much mind other than a passing glance. He made his way through the town looking for a tavern to fetch a drink and a room, and now that it came to mind he really was looking rather "rugged". His armor was covered in dirt from the weeks of travel and lack of a horse. He passed by 2 taverns that were near packed to the brim with townsfolk. Upon realizing that almost any tavern he found it would be packed much like the previous 2, he simply chose the next one he came across. " The blushing Maiden".

Alain slowly entered a tavern that was a little to packed for his liking... but then again so were the other two he passed by. There was lots and lots of happiness and celebration but Alain is just here for the princesses 18th birthday even though he hasn't heard much about her since he was a younger lad he still wants to see how the royal family is getting on.

He purchased a room for the night and a mug of ale before going up to his room. upon entering began cleaning the dirt and mud from his weathered armor not bothering much about the condition of the room or bed or anything, because he was just happy to have a bed.

The helmet and chest were easy to clean, but the legs and hands took a lot longer and he hadn't realized just how bad it had gotten, but he had to work through it to look proper for the birthday celebration. He downed his ale and worked hard through the night only stopping when an odd smell wafted into his room, he decided to ignore it and continue cleaning, he had smelled worse.

Re: Fallen Kingdom, A new war begins

Posted: Tue Jun 18, 2019 12:33 am
Moon approached the city’s main entrance and sees the two guards standing near it, waving people though for the party. She needed a place to hide, to stay away from the authorities, and the best place to hide was at their headquarters or the last place they will ever look… the castle. With one lunge she vaults over the wall and lands on the other side, while making her way to a place to change her outfit.

Probably not the best place to break into but it had plenty of hiding spots, the “Blushing Maiden” had a changing room for the employees. When it seems to be clear, Moon steps out of the shadows to look at herself in the mirror. “This won’t do…” She said quietly to herself, while going back to browse though the other dresses until she found one that was more suited for a royal. “let’s give this a try” as she takes the outfit out of the closet with some difficulty due to her size, only to have it fall on top of her.

Moon struggles to find a way out from under the dress, she pops her head out and looks up at the mirror once more with a quiet sigh before dragging herself to her feet. Dusting herself off and looking at the mirror, Moon’s uniform slowly shifted to copy the dress, but Moon sized. She looked like a child whom came from the royal family, with blue hair, blue eyes, no scythe or glowing eyes, and a deep dark purple silk dress.

When one of the employees came in to see what the commotion was about, Moon was already gone, vanished, leaving the dress on the ground and nothing else. Moon makes her way outside, padding her outfit and avoiding the crowds as being this size makes it difficult not to be trampled on or worse killed by a mob.

She stops for a short moment… and turns to face Hawke whom seemed to be puking his guts out. Her eyes were not glowing, but what stands out the most was her size, and her stance was not of a child but rather a person of age. “Humans…” She said quietly, before a person walked in the line of sight between the two, and Moon had vanished.

Eventually she achieved her goal, she made it to the castle, vaulted a few walls and hid within the comforting walls of the second floor east wing study, where she can study the history of the land, the place she is at, and maybe find a way home. At the same time, she felt something else, something or someone is coming.