Fallen Kingdom, A new war begins

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Re: Fallen Kingdom, A new war begins

Post by Cheanlenu » Tue Sep 17, 2019 12:06 am

As Moon introduced herself to Annette she took notice of the little figure, turning to look at her. Her eyes soft with a hint of curiosity looking upon her. She nods then looks at William. William turns from talking with some of the dark sylvan to look at Annette. The woman says nothing, nor does her lips even move. William then says, "Oh I met her in the castle when I was meeting with the queen." He pauses for a minute then continues, "No I did not feed her so she would follow me home. She is not a puppy. Being a spirit being within a human city is dangerous. So I recommended she come here. I thought being here would be safer for her." He pauses again, and Annette still does not utter a word, but her facial expressions look as if she is speaking. She then looks back at Moon. William then speaks, "She says greetings Moon. Her name is Annette, or at least that is the human name she was given by me. Her real name is a secret, and at best unable to be spoken with common tongue. She says welcome to her home, and apologizes for not being able to speak. This body does not have the ability for verbal communication. She seems to think I brought you home as a pet, and just does not believe me when I tell her I didn't. This forest is hers, and all within it her children. Not in the literal sense, but that she watches over all of them. Like you she is not from this plane, but a spirit as well." Annette turns looking at William with a playful angry look on her face, and begins to lightly pummel his shoulder with her fists. William turns to the side saying, "I am not telling all of your secrets. Geeze you are so grouchy today." She curls her bottom lip, and scrunches her forehead folding her arms across her chest. William shakes his head saying, "Fine I will stop giving away all your secrets as you say." He sighs, "If you want to learn more you will have to ask her yourself. I have taught her how to read and write common. So if you use some parchment you can speak with her. Now if you both would excuse me. I have some matters I must attend to, before they get out of hand."

William comes over to where Celia, and Hawke are having their heated confrontation. He grabs the dagger pointed at Hawke with his right hand. Blood begins to drip from his hand as he forces it to lower. With an angry face he speaks, "Both of you stand down. Do we really need more bloodshed just after witnessing enough to last several lifetimes? Princess Celia, (He says looking at Celia) look around you. You are not the only one who has lost their world. I don't expect you to not hurt. If you didn't you would be no better than those who attacked, but is violence threatening another life really the face your people need to see? People view monarchs as beings beyond their reach. Machines with no heart that rule without emotion, and make laws just to control the people beneath them. This is probably the first time they have ever been close enough to one to touch them. Do you want to reinforce that vision of monarchs, or do you wish them to see they are actually people to that hurt just like they do? His actions as offensive as they were are just words. I don't see the need to threaten a life for an argument." William then turns to Hawke speaking,"You as well need to stand down. I understand your reasoning, but at the same time you are wrong. Yeah her people need to be able to look to her for hope, but not the hope your referring to. Right now they need to see their leader has a heart, and hurts just like they do. If she were to rally these people now she would only be sending them to their deaths. It takes a minimum of six months to train from scratch a non combatant, and that is just bare minimum training. None of these people know how to fight, and we still do not know to what extent we are fighting. We are blind at the moment with no information. I would not even send seasoned troops to a field with what information we have. I will not take that responsibility. Right now I have scouts out gathering information. Until they get back I am not sending troops anywhere. As it stands we just gave out enemy a big black eye, and they failed at their job. They are not going to sit back and accept that. I am pretty sure the one in charge of the attack on Astore is dead by now for failing to kill princess Celia. At best I give us two weeks before they find us here, and we are just sitting ducks in this forest. A few well placed fires, and we are all dead. I have plans for a more secure position we can defend against attack, but as I said nothing is moving until I have more information. We have more forces than what you see, but at the same time going into battle blindly they wont last. Instead of fighting with the princess maybe you could help by sifting through the people here. We will need to shore up our numbers, and finding people with latent combat talent would be a great help. People that would take to training faster than others. We only have roughly 1700 seasoned troops, so we have to pick our battles."

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Re: Fallen Kingdom, A new war begins

Post by Arkane » Sun Sep 22, 2019 8:59 pm

Hawke had wanted to get a rise out of Princess Celia, and she certainly did not disappoint. In fact, he was a little surprised at the turn of events. He thought she was just a pretty little Princess that hid behind her wealth and advisors, but perhaps he was wrong. Maybe there was a bit of a backbone hiding behind her frilly dresses. He remained perfectly still when she abruptly pointed a dagger at his neck, Hawke unflinching and standing his ground.

A slow, grin spread across his lips as he listened to her speak, his fierce golden eyes meeting hers. There it was. There was that fire he was looking for. She had a spark and he had successfully lit it. He chuckled then, the dagger point now pressing against his skin, the coldness of the steel a sharp reminder that his life was in her hands. Yet he didn’t seem frightened in the least. He doubted she’d kill him, not there in front of all her people.

“Now, now Princess,” he said, also stepping forward, the dagger point cutting his skin slightly. The blade drew a small drop of blood, the crimson fluid sliding a few centimetres down the blade. “It was only a simple question. No need to get so upset. I see now that I may have misjudged you,” he chuckled, humourlessly. He would reach for her wrist, his hand gripping it tightly, Hawke careful not to hurt her. “Careful, girl, daggers can be dangerous.”

Hawke was just about to disarm her, when William decided to add his two scents into their pleasant conversation. It seemed the man didn’t like when strangers talked to their Princess, as he went off on a full blown lecture and dramatically gripped the dagger to prevent Celia from harming him. Man, Hawke totally had it handled. As William went on and on, Hawke let out an annoyed sigh, the man taking a step back to give the other two some space. Poor Princess Celia, maybe that’s why she spent her days hiding away. Eeesh.

“Relax, Smelly Man. I was talking to the princess, not to you. Just wanted to see what she was capable of and I got my answer. I ain’t asking for you to march your armies,” he replied, shaking his head. He knew they were in no shape to march on the capital, that much was obvious. All he wanted to know was if their leader would be capable of leading them. And maybe Celia would be. Only time would tell.

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