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Winged Ones [Arkania]

Posted: Wed May 15, 2019 3:13 am
by Erka97
The lab looked very much like a prison, and if anyone were to pass it by that was likely what they would think the sprawling grey building was with its tall fences and patrolling guards. It was hidden away from major population centers, instead located in a rural area populated more by farms and forests than by human residents, so that few passed by on the one paved road that led past it and even fewer asked any questions. Perhaps they once did, but it had been there for years and what curiosity the locals once had had long since fizzled out. No one knew what went on in that strange building, and no one asked any questions about it. It was just the prison, and even those who worked there were strangely silent about it.

It was a quiet spring morning when Jack arrived for work, flashing an identification badge at the guards as he entered the building. Today marked an entire month he had been working there, an entire month of spying and gathering information while posing as a low ranking scientist in this place that was so like his original home. Up until just a few years ago, he had been prisoner in a place like this. It was strange seeing it from the other side. For days the antiseptic smell and bright lights had nearly made him sick, but now he was getting used to it. It wasn't so bad this way, and yet he felt a pang of guilt every time he saw the fear in the eyes of the experiments. They were just kids, the same as he had been once, and it was difficult to be silent and do nothing as they suffered. He had to, though, if he was to have a chance to save them all in the upcoming raid.

It was on that day when things went very wrong. He was working on the endless pile of paperwork on his desk when he was called by a senior researcher to help out with one of the day's experiments. That in itself wasn't unusual, but the experiment itself was; he was to assist with an endurance test on an extremely malnourished child, as they were testing the effect adverse conditions had on their experiments' abilities at various stages of life. While the senior scientist controlled the experiment, he was to record the data for later use. It was a simple assignment, but it was one that quickly went wrong.

The experiment, a little girl of maybe six, began crying almost immediately. Her performance was bad, she was slow and kept stumbling and falling. The senior researcher administered a shock to her each time, scolding her to try harder as he wanted positive results. The girl cried louder and did only worse, bringing about more punishment, and soon she was screaming. Jack had enough. He took the lab issued stun gun, which all of the scientists carried for safety, from his belt and used it to incapacitate the senior researcher. That was his first mistake, but it wasn't his last. He then grabbed the child and made a run for it, ignoring her confused and pained struggles as he raced for the door.

He might have made it, too, if it wasn't for the senior researcher recovering more quickly than he expected. The aging man somehow made it to an emergency lockdown button, trapping them both inside and sending guards flooding to their location. It wasn't long before Jack was outnumbered and subdued, the girl taken from him and returned to her cell. He was almost sure the guards would kill him, worthless as he was as a wayward scientist and knowing too much to be safely fired, but before that happened they beat him and removed his white lab coat -exposing his wings. Plans changed quickly after that, and he was further stripped of his belongings. They took most of his clothing, leaving him in underwear and a white tee shirt he had been wearing under his lab clothes for extra protection against the constantly cold temperature of the lab, and left him locked in a cell. It was almost exactly like those he remembered from his childhood with its plain tiled white floors and walls, too-bright lights, and sole furnishings of a metal cot and toilet. The only difference was the door, it was thick metal and looked much more secure than what he was used to. This was not good -it was not good at all.

He had no way out, and had no option but to wait for rescue. The days blurred together, mostly spent sleeping and doing tests for the scientists. They kept him well guarded, giving him no chance to make a run for it. How long had it been now? A week? A month? He wasn't quite sure, but by now his friends should be missing him. He hoped they would come soon, before he went insane from boredom and isolation.
Meanwhile in a house at the edge of a nearby town a discussion went on about just that. Their spy had been captured, and something needed to be done. Different ideas were brought up and considered, but each had risks and required planning.
One young man suggested they do the raid immediately to save their own, but the idea was shut down by a girl who seemed to have greater authority. They had not planned enough yet, that was likely to end in even more disaster. Instead, she said, they should wait and do the raid as planned. Jack would just have to hold out on his own until they could come and get him safely, surely he would understand and not want them to risk their own safety for his sake.

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Posted: Thu May 23, 2019 4:36 am
by Arkane
Ophelia listened to the others as they once again discussed the proposed raid. The young woman was sitting in the corner, her arms crossed over her chest, a slight irritated scowl furrowing her nicely shaped eyebrows. As usual, their meetings were going no where. There was always talk of doing the raid as soon as possible. Yes! This was what she wanted. Whenever the raid was discussed, she seemed more eager and excited. But then there was always someone that stated it was too dangerous and that they should wait until they were more ready. She let out an exasperated sigh, her eyes rolling in annoyance. “We’ll be waiting forever before we’re ‘ready.’ Don’t you want to save Jack?! Think of all the information he has!,” she protested, standing abruptly and making her way to the door in frustration. “Ophelia, wait,” a male voice called to her, a hint of sympathy in his tone. However, he was promptly ignored, the woman walking down the hall and out the front door of the house.

There was a gentle breeze that ruffled her blonde hair, the sun warm on her fair skin. Her vibrant green eyes closed, the woman taking a breath and calming herself. She understood why they couldn’t just be careless about the raid. There was great risk involved…but there was also those that were still suffering. Those that were still locked in cells and brutally experimented on… like her brother. She knew that her brother wasn’t in the facility that was nearby, but there was always a hope that the facility would have information pertaining to where he was being located. She hoped that Jack would know something, as he had spend a lot of time undercover. That was the only thing she cared about. Her eyes opened, her hand clenched tightly at her side. Ophelia had made up her mind. If her comrades wouldn’t act, then she would. Alone.

~ ~ ~

Wind rushed through her hair, which was held back in a high ponytail. Her white, feathery wings were spread out on either side of her, her body floating effortlessly along a current of wind. She was dressed in all black, blending into the night sky, a crowbar held tightly in one hand. She needed no light source to see, as her eyes were well adjusted to seeing impeccably in the dark. Just like a snow owl. The facility was before her, the woman timing her descent with precise calculation. Having studied previous intel on the facility with the intent to raid it, she knew where the facilities weak spots were, where the guards did their rotations…and where the security cameras had blind spots. With a graceful arc of her wings, she landed on the facility roof lithely, with barely a sound to give her presence away. Ophelia was very good at being stealthy and was often described as a hunter in the dark. Tucking her wings closely to her back, she proceeded with her mission and approached a grated vent she knew would be present on the east side of the roof. So far so good. With a grunt of effort, she had managed to used the crowbar to forcefully pry the grate from the wall, where it was laid gently to the side. Ditching the metal crowbar, she took a deep breath, before dextrously hauling herself into the vent.

Left, left. Right, straight, right, left.

It was a mantra she had begun repeating in her head the moment she began her army crawl in the facility's air vents. Coming to what she suspected was the guard's lockerroom, she waited to see if the coast was clear, before forcefully kicking out a ceiling vent and dropping down to land on the floor with a soft thud. The blonde began to rhythmically search through the various lockers laid out through the room. She needed a disguise...but just as she found one, she heard a door swing open, followed by loud grumbling of a tired guard. Damn! Adrenaline spiking, she laid her back flat against a wall and hid in a darkened corner, her keen hearing able to pick up where the guard was located.

The guard began to rummage through his locker, likely done his shift for the day. Ophelia silently crept closer to him, her hand grabbing a black guard baton that was leaning against a bench. Without hesitation, she leapt at him from behind, and latched onto his back. She brought the baton up against his throat and locked it in with her arms, pulling it back tightly with her body weight. There was a moment of struggle, the guard choking and gagging as he desperately tried to get her off of him, but it was futile. Soon enough, he had slumped to the ground unconscious, Ophelia standing above him, panting. Her eyes fell onto his ID card hanging from one of his front pockets. "Sorry about that, Bob," she said sarcastically, patting his cheek. "But I'll be borrowing that." Five minutes later, Ophelia exited the guards locker room in full guard attire, complete with a black guard jacket to conceal her wings and a brimmed hat to slightly hide her eyes. Bob's ID tag flipped back and forth on one of her coat pockets. Poor Bob. He had been unceremoniously stuffed in a locker.

Traversing the halls, she was running on pure adrenaline and instinct, her heart racing in her chest. There was a gripping moment when she had passed two other guards and a scientist in the hall, her breath held in her throat as they moved on without giving her a second glance. Remembering the floor plan intel...and perhaps with a little luck, she finally found one of the scientist's offices. Surprisingly, Bob's ID tag granted her access and she slipped inside the darkened room. Immediately she accessed the computer, her teeth biting her lower lip as it started up. Time was of the essence now. Flipping though files and accessing the company's shared network drive, she began to search for any mention of Jack. "Come on," she muttered. "Where are you?"

Finally, after what seemed like forever, she found mention of Jack in a series of folders....and it looked like he was being held in detainment room D. Without even shutting the computer off, Ophelia was on the move again. There was no time to waste. Avoiding as many people as possible, she managed to find the detainment rooms without trouble. It wasn't hard. All the facilities were generally built the same way...and she, herself, had spent more than enough time in such a prison. The detainment area sections were neatly marked on the walls and Bob's ID once again, came in handy. Whomever he was, he must've been a high ranking individual.

Now all she had to do was open the rather sturdy looking door that contained Jack, before alarms started blaring. Which they'd probably start doing in a matter of minutes, as she knew these areas were being monitored on a tight schedule. She scanned Bob's ID on the doors locking mechanism and a click was heard, signalling the lock was disabled. She pulled it open and peered into the cell. And there was Jack, a little worse for wear, but intact. "You look like you need rescuing," she grinned. "Come on, we don't have much time!"

At that very moment, loud alarm bells began to ring throughout the facility. Well, shit.

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Posted: Thu May 23, 2019 5:42 am
by Erka97
Jack considered the previous month as he sat in his cell, waiting. It hadn't been fun, that was for sure, but luckily he hadn't been made to do anything especially awful and he'd gathered a lot of useful information. Within the first week he'd sent the layout of the lab to his friends, and the second week he figured out the camera blind spots and other weaknesses, making a mental note to impersonate a guard if anybody ever did that again as he was questioned for hanging around the guard's post a bit too much. He managed to avoid trouble, saying he was simply curious as to how a place like this was kept safe and orderly, and went on to a third week. This time, it was many files on the experiments, both in this lab and elsewhere, that he passed along after gaining access to the lab's computers. Week four, too, had been much of the same. He'd seen more than he'd managed to record, and if he hadn't been caught he would have passed that along too after another week. Oh well, he'd got the most important information. Now he just needed to get out of there.

He was interrupted from his thoughts by the door opening, and he jumped up, expecting scientists and guards there to subject him to some form of test or another. He was instead met with a girl in somewhat ill-fitting guard attire. She was there to rescue him, apparently, and she wasn't kidding they didn't have much time -alarms went off the moment she finished speaking, and he could only hope that card she was holding would still work on the doors. They could both be trapped.

As he followed her out of the room, he considered her face. He did know her, that was for sure. She was one of his half-brother's group, helped out in one of their earliest raids, and she had grown to be a fairly good -and rather enthusiastic- fighter for their cause. He'd seen her sparring with the others a couple times, but it took him a bit of thinking to remember her name. His brother's group was much bigger than his, given they took in all the rescues. Ophelia. That was it, like that character from that play. Her identity figured out, he now felt embarrassment at his own state. Bruised and beaten, he'd been stripped of most of his clothing and left in need of rescue -by this girl. He was impressed, however disappointed at himself. He was supposed to be the one doing the rescuing, after all.

Then, he noticed something that really made him pause. He had been expecting his other friends to be running around the building, fighting guards and opening rooms, but there was nothing. Only empty halls, her, the sirens, and he was sure a swarm of guards if they didn't hurry up. That was not a good sign.
"You're alone?" He asked her. It was clear from his voice that while he didn't think that was a good idea, he was still somewhat impressed. She had put herself in way too much danger, but she seemed to be doing well with it. They just had to get outside -although he did want to find that little kid first.
The others in her group had tried to stop her, but to no avail. She had left, practically ignoring even James, the leader of their group, as he told her to stop. They were shocked for several moments, but after that there was only one option; anyone old enough grabbed their weapons of choice and set out, a call going out to their normal friends that the raid was coming early, please set up at the planned point near the lab in case of injuries or flightless experiments.

Several minutes behind Ophelia, they arrived when she was already inside and were preparing to strike when James held up his hand to wait. Ophelia must have a plan down there, she might be better off sneaking in alone -and their attack might alert the lab workers to something amiss. Rather, he only okayed his fellows to descend and begin the unplanned raid when alarms began sounding. They took out the outside guards, making it easier for their friends to get out. The lab locked down, they had no real way in -especially in their numbers- unless Ophelia managed to use the stolen ID card to grant them entrance.

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Posted: Fri May 24, 2019 4:39 pm
by Arkane
Ophelia exited the detainment room and bolted down the hall. There was no time to explain anything. All they had to do was escape and she refused to be a prisoner of another facility ever again. With Jack following behind her, she turned a corner sharply and continued. Truth be told, she had the infiltration planned to a tee, but the escape portion of her plan was another story. There were too many variables to consider and now she just hoped her luck would hold out. She looked back at Jack briefly when he mentioned she was alone. “You got it. Alone, just you and I,” she replied, stopping to peek around another corner. “They wanted to leave you in here for longer than I would have liked,” she said, catching his eyes with her own. “You’d probably be dead by the time we actually did the raid.” He was a spy and knew too much. Why would the scientists let him live? Her reasons for saving him were entirely selfish, but she was genuinely relieved to see he was alright. She had seen Jack a few times here and there when their two groups collaborated on rare occasions. She didn’t really know him too well, but she knew he was important to their cause.

She was about to proceed down the hallway, when she heard the static sound of a radio going off. There was a guard nearby and judging by the sounds of the footsteps, he was alone and unaware of their location. Probably the first on the scene. Without even thinking, she was shrugging off the guards jackets she was wearing to reveal her snow coloured wings, which were accented by black undertones. Then, she sprinted around the corner at a ferocious speed, and jumped into the air with her legs forward, propelled by a powerful thrust of her wings. There was a look of utter shock on the guard’s face as her feet landed directly on his chest. Pushing off of him, the momentum caused the guard to be shot back into a nearby wall, effectively knocking him unconscious. Reckless, sure, but it worked and that was all that mattered. She approached the slumped over guard and removed his radio and clipped it to her belt. Then she removed his gun. A click sounded as she cocked the weapon back to see that it was loaded, before snapping it back into place. “Here,” she said, tossing it to Jack. “You’re aim is probably better than mine,” she grinned. Just them, the radio buzzed.

‘There’s more of them! We’ve been breached from all sides. Requesting backup on the south wall!,’ came a voice from the radio.

Her eyes widened in surprise. “Great timing, James,” she said, under her breath. She didn’t think he would be coming with the whole group, but damn, it was good to hear. This would keep some of the fire off them and aid in their escape. “So,” she said to Jack. “Our friends our outside, but we still need to grant them access to the facility so we can free the others. Any idea how we can do that?” she asked, hopeful. “I have this, if that helps,” she said with a sly smile, presenting him with Bob’s ID tag. Jack would know the facility much better than she did.

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Posted: Fri May 24, 2019 8:42 pm
by Erka97
Jack's expression was a mix of concerned and impressed as she confirmed that it was just them; she had come alone. She'd managed to find him without getting herself captured, which was great, but being alone put them in a lot more danger. It was reckless, and he was sure she was going to get a major scolding from James if they did manage to get out safely. Her next words confirmed it -James had wanted to wait and prepare more, which was a good idea, and she'd run off to save him instead. He was grateful, and admittedly he might have done the same himself, but that didn't make it a smart thing to do. Hopefully, nothing would go wrong because of it.

He followed after her in case she needed help, only to find a single unsuspecting guard. He must have been new, because he didn't put up nearly the fight Jack expected from one of the lab's hired thugs. He went down before Jack even had a chance to contribute, and soon Jack was given his gun as well. It probably wasn't loaded with anything deadly, given these guys were rarely authorized to use deadly force on the valuable experiments, but it would still be better than nothing. He bent and took the guard's key card as well before moving on, figuring as he heard the backup call coming in that he could give it to one of their friends on the outside. Apparently, she had brought in the raid early -which meant James and the others were aware she'd come alone, and probably weren't happy about it. She, on the other hand, looked like she was actually having a good time.

"We need to open up the outside doors. It'd be easier to do through the main computers, but now that they know we're here I doubt we'd have a chance doing that." Jack said, considering their options. "We just need to start opening up the doors ourselves -that card should work at least until they figure out which one we have." He continued, taking the lead now as he headed for the nearest door to the outside. There were few doors into other rooms in this part of the building, kept away from everything else as it held such dangerous specimens, and most of the rooms that were there were empty.

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Posted: Sat May 25, 2019 4:26 am
by Arkane
Ophelia wasn't always so reckless. Before she realized the experiments being performed on her were not normal, she was just your average child. Sweet and innocent, full of hope and optimism. But things changed quickly once she began to harbour hatred towards the scientists and the facility she was imprisoned in. She had to fight to survive and anything that was once good and light in her world, soon became twisted and dark. Her one saving grace was her older brother, Isaac, whom had been imprisoned along side her. He kept her grounded and gave her something to live for. When she was eventually freed from her imprisonment, it was at a steep cost. Isaac had sacrificed himself in order for her to escape....her last memory of him was seeing facility guards retake and imprison him once more. Ever since then she had never stopped looking for him. And she never would until she found him. That was why she fought. It wasn't because she enjoyed it... well maybe she did take some joy exacting revenge on the scientist scum, but it was mostly because she had to. Yes, James would be very pissed at her, but she was prepared to take whatever punishment he would give her.

Besides, things weren't going so least not yet. Ophelia nodded at Jack's words, agreeing with his plan. "Right then, opening some doors," she said, matter of fact, taking off after him. It was so simple, she almost felt silly for asking. She followed Jack's lead, but parted from him when necessary in order to open as many doors as possible. They did have some encounters with a few guards, but it was nothing they couldn't handle. In fact, they were a pretty good team. When enough access points were established and they had secured this side of the facility, Ophelia stopped and stood in one open doorways, the cool night air sending goosebumps along her exposed skin.

"Jack, I'm going to direct James and the rest of them to this side of the building," she panted, wiping her arm over her forehead. Hey, securing the area wasn't easy. "Then we can free the others," she said, determined now. It was the last thing they had to do before they could finally leave. She handed Jack another radio and switched hers and the one she handed to him to a different channel. "Keep me posted?," she asked, with a slight smile.

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Posted: Sat May 25, 2019 6:08 am
by Erka97
Perhaps the girl wouldn't admit it, but she looked like she was having fun, and Jack could almost agree with that; it was certainly a thrill to run around with his friends, fighting guards and freeing people. Even spying had been exciting in its own way.

He led her down the hallways near where he had been kept, opening any outside doors they came across. He avoided the few rooms that seemed to contain anything in this part of the building, knowing the creatures within would be more trouble than they were worth if they were let out. It took some fighting, as some guards happened across them, but luckily they were both pretty good fighters and most of the guards were busy dealing with the larger invasion. He had collected the ID cards and any other useful items from the guards, handing them over to Ophelia when she went to get James and the others. He took the radio at the same time, telling her to be safe before going on his way down the hall to start opening rooms.

As he went, he listened on the radio and hoped she was okay, feeling a bit bad about splitting up before the others had really got inside for backup. Still, she had done well so far and seemed like she could hold her own. That dealt with, he set out to go and get the kid he'd been trying to rescue before. He opened doors along the way, telling whoever was inside to get out and head for outside. He fought off another guard or two on the way, even one ambitious scientist, but he got there safely and opened the door. The girl took a little coaxing, but eventually he was able to pick her up and run off to join the others with a few confused and somewhat scared kids doing their best to follow him and keep up, more joining as he passed their rooms a second time and offered what additional convincing he thought he could before any more guards arrived. Some were even older, so he gave them clubs or tazers he'd stolen from the guards so he would have help if they encountered more trouble.
Using the radio, he asked for the location of Ophelia and the others and reported the parts of the lab he had already covered on his way to get the girl and how many were currently with him.

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Posted: Sat May 25, 2019 10:37 pm
by Arkane
A wordless understanding passed between the two of them, Ophelia nodding to him as she took the series of ID cards he had handed to her. Without another word, she spread her wings and left Jack, the girl ascending into the the night sky. Higher and higher she flew, until she had a good view of the facility and the area surrounding it. She could see several of her group weaving in and out of the sky as they attacked the facility personnel and it didn't take her long to spot James among them. Ophelia flew towards him, stopping beside him with a soft beat of her wings. She knew he was probably furious with her and rightly so, but now was not the time for such a discussion.

"Jack is free and is currently securing the rest of the East wing, as well as freeing everyone. The north doors are open." She would pass him the ID cards, another radio, and the various weapons her and Jack had collected. "Here, these ID cards will make things a bit easier. I'm going to go help at the south, you can yell at me later," she said, leaving him before he could protest. Her abilities were better suited elsewhere. There were still prisoners to be freed and that was the time priority at the moment. Entering the facility from the south, she rejoined her comrades in the raid.

Just as Jack was leading the raid on one side of the building, Ophelia was doing much the same on the opposite. Her and a small group of others worked on freeing the imprisoned, each of them joining their cause as they went along. Before long, the entire facility had been cleared out with the effort of everyone. Ophelia had led her group outside, the fresh air a welcomed feeling. She instructed them to join James and the others, while she hung back for a moment.

The young woman turned to look at the facility, a portion of the roof now on fire and illuminating the area in an orange haze. Exhausted, she fell back onto her butt and watched as the flames started to spread. While the raid was a clear success, she wondered if anyone had gotten hurt...or if there were any casualties. Her eyes saddened for a moment, she really hoped not. She had come out more or less unscathed, save for some new bruises and a small laceration above her right eyebrow that had bled a bit.

The radio buzzed and she could hear Jack's voice come through. Thank the gods he had made it. "I'm here by the south wall," she replied. "Glad to see you're alright, Jack. Hey James," she continued. "Where do you want everyone to meet up at?"

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Posted: Sun May 26, 2019 2:48 am
by Erka97
Once she met up with James and the others and some time could be taken, the ID cards were passed out and the group splintered off. A few stayed around guarding anybody who was injured, while the others went to different doors to continue the raid. The group had a few radios themselves, although set differently from the guards', and communicated as the raid went on. It seemed James was too busy to deal with her at that point.

James went with one group, fighting through guards to help others out. It was the largest group, going deep into the lab to rescue the smallest and weakest kids. He and the others had to fight quite a few guards and scientists, although by now the scientists were fleeing and the guards didn't seem very organized either. Still, desperation made them dangerous and some injuries were sustained. Some of the group had to turn back to help the injured out, but they were replaced at least in part by more experiments that were let out along the way. Soon they reached the nursery/hospital like area of the lab, where time was taken situating the number of sick, injured, and infants in the lab's possession. There were quite a few, and luckily they were prepared thanks to Jack's first reports. While the others carried kids, James's job, as the best fighter, was to make sure nobody bothered them.
By the time they got outside, James was tired and more than a bit bruised and bloodied, but they made it out and he joined Ophelia and the gathering number of others back where the injured of their group were currently resting. He smelled smoke, and looked back to see the flames spreading over the roof of the building. Who had started that fire? Not only had he not authorized that, but he still didn't know where everyone was. He sighed, wiping blood from his face -his nose and lip were bleeding, "Have them meet here, we'll move along soon once we have everyone accounted for." He answered.

Jack was still inside the building, unaware of the danger of fire as he made his way to the south side through the building, having found the girl in one of the northernmost hallways within the maze like building. It was strangely easy going now, as even when his little band saw lab workers they didn't engage -only made a run for the outside in any way they could. Jack only figured out the reason when he heard crashing, crackling, and smelled smoke.
"We've encountered trouble... We'll be going out on the west side now, expecting to encounter trouble." Jack said, speaking into the radio as he did his best to keep the group he was leading calm. The fire was close, and they had no real option but to follow the fleeing guards and scientists. He hoped they would be too busy saving themselves to attack the band of experiments, but he couldn't be too sure with people like that.

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Posted: Sun May 26, 2019 3:18 am
by Arkane
As the flames greedily consumed the building, Ophelia slowly stood up from her spot on the ground. She hoped that everyone had gotten out safely because things were going to get a lot more complicated. Turning her back on the burning building, she regrouped with everyone else, mentally doing a check to see who was present and who was missing. However, it was difficult to do as everyone was moving around in organized chaos. They also had doubled in size due to the ones they had just rescued. Her brow furrowed in worry when she didn't see Jack either. He should've been out by now. Looking around, her emerald hues rested on a familiar face.

"James!," she called to him, running over to stand by his side. Immediately she noticed the bloody state of his face. "You alright?," she asked, a tone of concern in her voice. She knew he'd shake it off. He was their leader for a reason. "I'll gather everyone and do a head count...but I know Jack is still unaccounted for," she said, spreading her wings and taking off. The blonde flew a quick circle around their gathering place, her keen eyes scanning those below her and doing a count of who was there and who wasn't. Everyone from their original group was accounted for....but still no Jack.

When she finished the task at hand, she once again landed near James to tell him her tally. "Everyone is accounted for...except for Jack. I think he's still inside," she said, her eyes now looking at the violent flames licking the side of the building. It was at that moment that the radio went off and Jack's voice came through. Ophelia's eyes widened as her suspicions were confirmed. Pressing the talk button on the radio, she immediately warned him of the danger. "The building on fire, Jack! You have to get out of there, now!!" She glanced at James, her eyes clearly worried now. But there was also another look in her eyes, a look that James probably was all too familiar with. One she often got when she was about to do something incredibly reckless.

Ophie took the edge of her black shirt and forcefully ripped the fabric in a straight line, so her shirt was turned into a crop top and revealed her toned abdomen. She would then take the fabric she had just ripped and began to tie it around her neck in a sort of makeshift bandana. It was to protect her airway and face from the haze of black smoke and heat. Yes, she was going inside to help Jack and the others. "I have to help them," she said to James, taking off before he could stop her. She was good at doing that, but she wouldn't take no for an answer. Rushing over to the western side of the building she once again brought the radio to her lips.

"Jack! I'm coming in to help you, just keep moving!"