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Re: Madeline’s Academy for Gifted Children [Spanchez]

Posted: Wed Apr 10, 2019 2:16 am
by Spanchez
Oscar felt his stomach drop as he left the music room and into the world where people don’t play so nice. He held his tongue. He was ready for people to stare and laugh to each other about Oscars eye. That seemed to be the best they could come up with these days. He tightened his jaw and kept his head down. He entered the nurses office and spoke up “Um hi, my eye is started to get irritated and Ive tried to keep from rubbing it but I haven't had such luck” he stated as the nurse walked him to a chair and upon taking off the patch looked around for another nurse or someone to help her, Oscar started to worry. He lowered his eyebrow “What is it? Whats wrong?” He asked frantically and the nurse stepped back and with fear in her eyes mumbled “You're eye, its...its badly infected” she manages and Oscar cuts through “But, your the nurse here cant you do anyth-“ the nurse cuts him off “I didn't see a cut I don't know how it got infected. Unless there was an unknown spot we missed. We need to get you to health care and fast or you could lose your left eye” she insist and he was pulled up by her and rushed out automatically placed in to a best health facility. He was worried his eyes showed that of fear but he did notice once she took off his eyepatch he couldn't see clearly out of it. It was all fogged over and slightly painful to the bright light.

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Posted: Wed Apr 10, 2019 9:14 pm
by Venus
Prim could hear rushing out in the hall and she suddenly wondered how the other players were doing. Had anyone else also ended up in the health center? She was glancing around for her phone when the door opened and a timid green haired girl in maroon scrubs walked in, holding a small tray and clipboard.

“Meredith?” Prim asked, relaxing back on the hospital bed. “Don’t you have class?”

“Hi,” Meredith said, setting the tray at the bedside table. “This is my class, Prim.” She laughed, digging into her pockets for a pen. “I’m a PA here basically. I have normal classes too but I’m always typically here in the mornings.” The girl turned her attention to the clipboard, glancing at the clock before jotting something down. “The doctor thinks you’ll be okay. Typically we keep students in for a few hours just to keep an eye on them and then when we think they’re good to go, they send me in to heal whatever is left. The Gifted healing process is faster than a human’s as well. It won’t take long.”

Prim nodded, excited to finally get out of there. The door opened again and another nurse poked her head in. “Sorry to interrupt,” She said, glancing down at her own clipboard. “Oscar North came back in. His eye is badly infected and Dr. Jones needs you ASAP.”

“Oh, okay,” Meredith said, nodding. The door closed and Meredith quickly shoved the sleeves of her white long sleeved shirt to her elbows. “I’ll just do this quickly. Most of the wounds should have healed on its own by now but I just want to make sure.”

Grabbing a small pair of scissors from the tray, the green haired girl cut through Prim’s bandages, revealing her badly bruised skin. Although she had only gotten hurt last night, the bruises were yellow in color, as if the damage had been done weeks ago. Grabbing a small tube from her tray again, Meredith squirted a silver looking cream onto her hands, rubbing it in until her hands were well coated. “Okay, I’m just going to examine and heal up the rest of this. It looks really good though.”

Prim nodded, turning her attention back to the ceiling. She felt Meredith’s cool hands on her rib cage, and then they quickly began to warm up. Prim winced at the heat, wondering if the bruised skin would turn into burned skin after this. Then she felt her ribs begin to move of their own accord.

It was the weirdest thing Prim had ever experienced, and the girl wanted to scream. It was as if Meredith had shoved her hands inside her and was rearranging her bones like sticks. It was only for a few seconds, but Prim felt like she was about to faint by the time the green haired girl pulled away.

“All done,” She said, grabbing the towel that was on the tray and wiping her hands. “Your body did most of the work, honestly. It was all about just finishing it.”

Prim was breathing heavily, and one glance down confirmed the bruises were gone. There was no burned skin either. Apart from the silver cream rubbed all over her rib cage, her pale skin looked clear underneath.

“Okay if you feel any pain there at all over the next couple of days please come back,” Meredith said, grabbing the clipboard and writing something down. “But other than that it looked good. First period is almost over, so you can hang around until then if you want. Or go back to your dorm to change. You were excused from first period but if you really want to you can go. Bye bye, Prim.” The girl gave a little wave and then she was gone before Prim could say anything. Spotting her clothes neatly folded up in a corner, Prim sat up and was surprised that her middle didn’t hurt whatsoever. Jumping down from the bed, she approached her clothes and began to change.

In the room next door, Oscar would be seated up on an exam table. Dr. Alice Jones was a friendly woman around her 40’s. Although she specialized in Gifted biology and health, she herself didn’t possess any healing abilities. Her ability was very simple — X-Ray vision. With one look she could see inside another person’s body and see every bone, every artery, and every abnormality. Although Gifted weren’t known to get tumors or cancer, her X-Ray vision was handy for the humans. Just now as Meredith entered and as she shoved gloves on, Dr. Jones was examining Oscar’s eye, frowning.

“Well it is infected,” the woman said. “And you could have lost your eye if you had waited any longer. The healing process has already begun and since it couldn’t fix it, it attempted to heal over the bacteria trapped there. I’m surprised the staff missed the open wound. Thankfully we should be able to clean it out and then Meredith here can fix the rest. Your own body could repair it but you’d risk the chance of more bacteria getting in there and it becoming infected again. It’s best if we heal it up right now.” The woman glanced at her clipboard, reading over Oscar’s chart. “Since you’re 18 there’s no need to call parents, as you can consent to it yourself. But if you’d like us to call your parents so you can speak to them about this that is also an option.”

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Posted: Thu Apr 11, 2019 1:38 am
by Spanchez
Oscar just sat a little worried and listened but quickly declined the option to contact his parents. He crossed his arms and sighed “Will this heal quickly?” He asked quietly unusual from his blunt muscular voice. He didn't want this get out of hand and never regain his sight from his left eye again. Although he didn't doubt the power of the doctors. He felt the slight pain when they lightly brushed over the skin around the eye. He was at least thankful that they said the healing process was possible. He didn't know how long it would take but it would be quicker than normal.

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Posted: Thu Apr 11, 2019 7:48 pm
by Venus
“Very quickly,” Dr. Jones said as another nurse entered the room with a tray full of equipment. “As I said, Meredith is able to heal instantly. So that’s the plan. We’ll reopen the wound, clean it out, and Meredith will heal it up. It doesn’t look like it’s the iris. Just on the sclera. Although your eye is incredibly bruised and swollen to tell. Once we clean it we’ll know exactly where to work.” As the nurses prepped the equipment and asked Oscar to lay down, Prim hung out in the hall.

After she had changed back into her sweater dress and leggings, the girl had attempted to brush her hair with her fingers but there was no use. It was incredibly tangled and a whole mess. She had rolled it up and put it in a bun at the top of her head. Now she sat on a bench in the hallway. She could hear the nurses talking in the other room and then Oscar’s voice. She wondered what had happened to his eye and if it’d affect his eyesight. Overhead, the bell rang to signal lunch.

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Posted: Fri Apr 12, 2019 10:50 am
by Spanchez
Oscar looked around and with his eyebrows lowered continue to lay back and place his hands on his stomach “This wont hurt right?” He asked his eyes showing fear of laying down with a bunch of doctors working on him. He felt the pain of this opening going wrong. He knew he would forever have a scar in remembrance of his wound. What started as just a small black eye ended up swollen and purple. He wished someone was there with him in that moment. He knew it wouldn't help but at least he would have a hand to hold, and he wouldn't be alone.

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Posted: Sun Apr 14, 2019 8:31 am
by Venus
“Not at all,” Dr. Jones said. “The anesthesia will hurt unfortunately as we have to inject it into the surrounding area but afterwards it shouldn’t hurt.” The woman hummed lightly as she worked on Oscar. Taking a large syringe, she injected the surrounding area with anesthesia. She then proceeded to reopen the wound, clean it out, and then inspect it. She had covered his other eye with what resembled a hospital gown, just for protection. The woman’s eyes glowed a bright white as she used her ability on and off to work on his eye. “See it’s very swollen,” the woman mused. “So it’s hard to really get in there but.. I think that will do it.” Parting Oscar’s forehead, she removed her gloves and got up from her rolling chair. “Now Meredith will just heal it up and you should be fine. Her ability will most likely eliminate the rest of the anesthesia so it’s not numb or anything.”

The green haired girl had stood by as she watched Dr. Jones work. And now that it was her turn, she felt a blush creep up her cheeks as she sat down. “Hi Oscar,” She said. “I don’t know if you remember me. I saw you last night at the..” She drifted off, glancing over her shoulder at the doctor. It was obvious they weren’t supposed to tell adults about the game, so she just turned back to Oscar and smiled. She was shy. And nervous. Everyone knew Oscar was incredibly attractive. And now she had to touch him. Not him exactly, just his eye, but still.

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Posted: Tue Apr 16, 2019 1:02 am
by Spanchez
Oscar relaxed back and winced at the touch and soon a wave of pain and his eye watered bringing the color of his eye out more than usual. He then got numb of all the pain and he tried to worry a lot less from it all. He sighed and nodded “Thanks doc” he added and sat up stretching and then looked at Meredith with a returning smile to her and nodded “Right, hello” he said briefly. He looked in her eyes as he allowed her access to his face moving it closer to hers. He tightened his jaw and slowed down his breathing so he wouldn't be huffing all on her face.

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Posted: Thu Apr 18, 2019 10:30 pm
by Venus
Nodding, Meredith got to work. Meanwhile out in the hall, Prim stared at the clock mounted up on the wall. There was a couple minutes left before first period ended, and she really wanted to take a shower before lunch but she also really wanted to speak to Oscar. She was debating whether she should just go to her dorm and track down Oscar later when Bunny turned the corner and slowed her steps when she spotted Prim.

Glancing at the door that led to Oscar and then at Prim, Bunny adjusted the collar of her uniform before coming to a halt. “Waiting for someone?” She asked.

Prim had smiled at Bunny when she saw the redhead, but as soon as those words left her mouth it was like the smile had been slapped off Prim’s face. Never in their years of friendship had Bunny talked so coldly and with such hostility. When Prim didn’t say anything, Bunny crosser her arms and raised a brow.

“N-no,” Prim said, getting up. “I just wanted to speak to Oscar before—“

“Before what? Before he gets his whole eye removed? Thanks to you? Because you want to be the center of attention and orchestrate these things so you can continue to be?”

As Bunny shot accusation after accusation Prim shrunk further and further away from the smaller girl. She was confused as to why Bunny was currently so angry at her. And why she was saying all those things. Everyone had been playing Capture for years, and many people had gotten injured in the process. It was what happened. It was part of the game.

“Right. Stay silent. You know I’m right and I’m glad you do. Leave Oscar alone, Prim. Not everyone can be in love with you.” Giving Prim one last look, Bunny shoved past the blue eyed girl, knocking on Oscar’s hospital door before letting herself in.

Prim stood dumbly for a few seconds before she hurried down the hall and headed toward the dorms.

Meredith looked up when Bunny entered, glancing at Dr. Jones who nodded. “It’s alright. The receptionist let her in. It appears she’s very close friends with Oscar and thought he’d need the company.”

Smiling shyly, Bunny pulled up a chair next to the exam table Oscar was seated on and took his hand in hers. Meredith nodded and turned her attention back to Oscar. “Well it seems everything’s alright now. The anesthesia should have worn off as well, your eye looks good. Can you see better?” All three women stared at Oscar expectantly.

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Posted: Thu Apr 18, 2019 11:16 pm
by Spanchez
Oscar sat lazily and let Meredith go about fixing the problem that was his eye. He heard the noises of commotion outside and he he just hoped it wasn't about anything to do with him. He sighed and smiled at Meredith trying to occupy himself with something else. But the door nudged open and the red hair of Bunny’s came into and he only caught a glance and that was nice enough for him. He sat up more and felt her hand linger into his as she pulled a chair close and he gripped her hand back “Thanks for coming over” he spoke sweetly to Bunny but managed back to Meredith and he blinked a few times and slowly his vision opened up to three of the women and he looked around “That worked quite well actually, thank you” he stated and stood up.

His hand still intertwined with Bunny. He kept blinking and the more he did the better he got. He smiled and looked at the Doc and Meredith “Right well thank you very much ladies” His accent rang out and he sort of coughed it out like it bothered him. He turned and with Bunny’s hand in his began towards the exit but slowing down a bit he looked at the stunning woman next to him “Were you talking out in the hall with someone?” He asked his accent still slipping in but he tried to maintain his American style speech. He had heard someone outside his room but no one was there to see him he thought.