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my hero academia rp: 1x1 (saiyukimidoki96 x

Posted: Fri Jan 11, 2019 11:58 am
by saiyukimidoki96
Name: saiyuki midoki 
age: 15
personality: saiyuki is a shy girl, she is afraid of men do to her history (in bio). She is sweet and kind, though it takes her a while to adjust and make friends. She is  Fiercely loyal, and will risk everything to save and protect her friends and fellow classmates.  Once out of her shell she can be a bit headstrong and will stand for what she believes in. If she ends up liking someone (in a crush way) she tends to do what ever they want her to do,unless she doesn't like what outcome it could lead to.

hero or villian: her mother is a villian, her father a hero. She is a hero.

looks: long black hair with white tops and patches white over her eyes, one blue eye and one hazel/gold eye. fair skin, often seen with wolf ears and tail. (she can hide the wolf ears and tail but chooses not to) Image

Quirk: Dōbutsu

Description of quirk: this allows the user to transform into an animal or summon a small pack. That the user has encountered in their life while having the quirk. Summoning a small pack, is a stepping stone to pro hero, it takes a lot out of the user, especially to maintain it. Interesting fact: she can also use fire thanks to her father , making her more dangerous. 

Weakness of quirk: this quirk takes a lot out of the user and is difficult to master without years of training, this is passed down in the user's family and children in the family begin training once the quirk is discovered.

saiyuki was born to hero: golden flame (quirk: brilliant flame) and his ex villian wife: phantom lady (quirk: shadow phantom) they lived on the outskirts of town and kept to themselves. While raising saiyuki proved to be tough for yukio(phantom lady), Kaine (golden flame) was working as a pro hero, for funds. Yukio easily lost her temper and beat saiyuki for dropping paint, or spilling milk. Saiyuki eventually became angered and frightened by her mother, leading to her mother to vanish. When Kaine came home to find that yukio had fled leaving their child home alone, he was torn. Upset at saiyuki for causing her mother to flee, but mad at yukio for doing it and leaving the child alone. Saiyuki was then raised by her father on his own. He saw yukio in her, and one night her raped her. Then he began to do it on a regular basis until one day she ran from home. She had then moved in with her best friend,  kyoko. 

other: she likes katsuki bakugo.

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Posted: Fri Jan 11, 2019 12:02 pm
Name: Tokiashi Akabane

Age: 23

Personality: Akabane is a self entitled man that believes that he can make and or break the world around him if he so pleases it is his passion to show others why he is far superior to them and he becomes angry and belittled when they see him as otherwise. As person he is pleasant to be around apart from the occasional rant he is a very nice person to the eye but when you dive deeper you will find a lack of moral stability and empathy for anyone other than himself

BIO: he has neon black hair and skin because of his quirk thanks to this he was often bullied as a child with only his parents and brother to support him. When he grew up he became a doctor because he wanted to help people until he saw the potential he had in his quirk he quit his job and set off on his own endeavors eventually becoming a lone villain illusive but on the hunt

Quirk: He can summon anti matter energy which can grab, mutilate, electrocute, seduce, deceive and even distort the targets mind leading them to lose sight of reality.

Weakness: His quirks requires him to give up all brain function until he is done using his quirk it also has a enormous strain on the user.

Location: Hosu city looking for heroes or even worse civilians specifically women

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Re: my hero academia rp: 1x1 (saiyukimidoki96 x

Posted: Fri Jan 11, 2019 2:50 pm
by saiyukimidoki96
I'll start!

saiyuki slept soundly in her small apartment bedroom. she was curled up underneath her dark blue plush throw that her friend, kyoko had gotten her when she had first moved in. Her black hair was in disarray as she shifted in the bed. her room was dark thanks to her black curtains, the walls were a creamy color and the floor was oakwood. she groggily heard the door to her room creak open.
"saiyuki, get up we have to get ready for school!" a soft voice said.

"kyoko, leave me alone...." saiyuki whined childishly covering her head with her throw.

kyoko walked in and jerked the throw from her hands, "get up!" her voice was not as soft now.

"...fine I am up" saiyuki groaned and she sat up stretching, she was in a white tank that showed her figure and she was in a pair of black mini shorts. she stood up and she shoved kyoko out of her room, "i'll be out in ten, make breakfast." she said.

she sighed and she got dressed in the Aldera Junior High uniform and she grabbed her brush, brushing threw her long black hair. she looked at herself in the mirror her two colored eyes looking back and she huffed leaving her room with her messenger bag she took a piece of toast from kyoko who laughed and said, "hey!"

"hurry up or we'll miss our chance to walk with bakugo " she said to kyoko.

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Re: my hero academia rp: 1x1 (saiyukimidoki96 x

Posted: Fri Jan 11, 2019 8:48 pm
Sorry I had went to school so yeah

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Posted: Fri Jan 11, 2019 8:51 pm
Akabane held a male hero 8ft above the ground neck muscles tightening as they made a crackling sound and the hero he had stabbed 8 times as they bleed on the ground blood rising inside their lungs desperate as they made some sort of incomprehensive whimper "*cough* Your going to ever...laid a" Her eyes rolled to the back of her head as her breath faded out of existence so abruptly it left almost a eerie gust behind.

"" The hero sighed in discontent. *CRACKLE* the mans neck was crushed as blood began to pour out of his mouth as hid head cocked in a awkward position as he fell to the ground. His neon black tentacles flashed from reality *SNAP* Akabane's eyes opened and he instantly noticed the two laying upon the ground as he smiled with great pleasure. "I see you have done good work." He claimed in a low mellowed voice. His eyes shifted towards the ground his breath glistening on the cold October morning "Now tell me what you see." His pupils were drowned until they disappeared leaving his dark intentions to do his bidding.

(one thing I forgot to mention is that the strength of his quirk depends on how he's feeling like if he's really angry it will be wild and out of control)
Around 30 or so hideous black tendrils were summoned into existence as they began violently vibrating causing Akabane to fall face forward to the ground. It was of next to no importance as he was paralyzed to begin with. *SNAP* Akabane's conscience is ripped back into reality as he pushes himself up from the ground. Even though he has his mind once more only one thought dominates his mind...

…."Saiyuki Midoki she is the perfect specimen and she WILL be...mine....she doesn't have a choice."

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Re: my hero academia rp: 1x1 (saiyukimidoki96 x

Posted: Sat Jan 12, 2019 1:15 am
by saiyukimidoki96
it's all good! *

saiyuki and kyoko rushed out of the apartment and down the street toward their middle school. saiyuki saw bakugo ahead and smiled running up to him. "good morning bakugo~" she said a light blush on her face.

"morning...why are you blushing huh?!" bakugo said looking at her.

"n-no reason just ignore it. where is izyuku?" saiyuki asked bakugo, then she noticed he irritation on his face.

"Deku? why so you care? why do you treat him like he is one of us? He is nothing but a quirk less loser!" bakugo snarled in anger.

saiyuki narrowed her eyes and hit him in the head, "Just because he is quirk less doesn't mean that he isn't human! just because he is quirk less doesn't mean we are better than him, get off your high horse!" she snapped angrily at him and she stormed off kyoko right behind her.

up ahead was midoria and he smiled jogging to catch up with him. she got beside him and she said, "hey midoria "

midoria jumped and said, "o-oh hey saiyuki, don't you walk to school with kacchan?"

"normally but he pissed me off this morning so I am going to walk with you" she said smiling

saiyuki Midoki aka animal girl hero in training!


Posted: Sat Jan 12, 2019 3:36 am
Akabane blasted down the street turning over shops tearing apart sidewalks and causing massive damage to the world around him. His hair blowing in the wind as his thoughts turned towards possibly the greatest catch of his time, This opportunity was to great to give up a target with such confliction within them would make a excellent feast.

"She is mine she will be mine she is already mine and she will accept that she is MINE." He thought his judgement being clouded would only hinder him but in reality it was his furfur to endure. He gazed down the street to see Saiyuki accompanied by a green haired boy and another girl. His face instantaneously dropped "I guess ill have to kill them first."

Akabane Leapt into action he ripped two chunks of concrete from the ground with his anti matter tentacles and launched into the air, When he was a good 10 ft above the ground he hurled the pieces flying at the group "DIE!" he shrieked eyes squinted and darted at the girl. He licked his lips and cocked a smile, "You cant always get what you want...but I will have her for my own."

*OOC* So just so were clear about my characters intentions here he want Saiyuki because of her troubled past and the fact that he can use that to increase his own strength and valor

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Re: my hero academia rp: 1x1 (saiyukimidoki96 x

Posted: Sat Jan 12, 2019 4:00 am
by saiyukimidoki96
saiyuki gasped and shoved her two friends out of the way. she looked at the man darting toward her and she growled. she knew she wasn't allowed to use her quirks but she not only needed to protect her friends but herself as well. she used her father's quirk and blasted fire at him.

and she attempted to dodge him turning into a sleek black wolf she growled. fire consumed her paws. she didn't understand why he was after her but she urged her friends to go but midoria refused.

he ran at the villian yelling, "what do you want with saiyuki!"

saiyuki ran after him grabbing his clothes with her wolf teeth and threw him to the side she returned to her human form, "midoria go, find someone to help us" she snapped and she began to run off to lure the villian away.

she was trying to think, 'what does he want with me? why me? why now?' 2as it her father? or was it that her mother had been a villian? she didn't know but she looked at the man before her. he seemed to have a aura that scared her she was shaking.

saiyuki Midoki aka animal girl hero in training!


Posted: Sat Jan 12, 2019 5:45 pm
Akabane rushed towards the group intent on the girl filled with determinat- WHOSH! A wall of flames were conjured and was speeding towards the man, He needed to act quickly he sent forth a shield of anti-matter to protect himself but not quick enough, The fire is redirected by the shield but the heat produced leaves scorch marks on his grey trench coat, cargo pants and leather boots. The fire is dispersed and the next sight he sees is a green haired boy being thrown by a wolf but no sight of the girl.

"She couldn't have gotten far." He thought to himself. He summoned another jolt of Anti-Matter when the wolf suddenly turned into the girl. "AH!" He thought "Fire and animals must somehow be her quirks." It made sense at the time but then he contemplated more and came across a road block, "Wait how is it possible that her body can hold more than one quirk?" Something was off here the only person or in this case THING he had seen with more than one quirk was Nomo and even then his body was engineered to hold more than one quirk.

Both of her parents must have been very powerful for their quirks to be passed down without being fused into one, Or maybe its because the nature of her quirks fundamentally oppose each other. In his disarray he completely missed the fact that his prey was getting away from him. Akabane began to writhe with fury "YOU WONT GET AWAY!" he roared at the girl. He picked up the green haired boy and began charging towards the girl. "LETS SEE HOW YOU DEAL WITH THIS!" In a fit of pure madness he shot Midoriya straight into the sky and leapt away going after Kyoko.

*OOC* Yeah just wanted you to know that in my hero academia I don't remember which episode it was but the people investigating Nomo said his body was made to have more than one quirk because he was made of four people just wanted you to know in case you use this character in another roleplay just because of these sticklers out here I don't really care too much I like it!

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Re: my hero academia rp: 1x1 (saiyukimidoki96 x

Posted: Sat Jan 12, 2019 6:52 pm
by saiyukimidoki96
saiyuki gasped and ran she caught midoria laid him on the ground, "I'm sorry" she murmured and turned into a wolf and ran after akabane, she knew he was running after kyoko.

she got as close as she could returned to human form wolfears and tail still present. she blasted more flames at the man. she growled at him.

"leave them alone!" she yelled anger and fear in her voice. kyoko was hiding and crying quietly. she heard saiyuki yelling at the man.

saiyuki snapped, "you want me then come get me!" her ears blazing with anger. how dare he attack her friends. soon though a pro showed up and got in front of saiyuki.

"villian who are you, why are you attacking children!" the pro yelled.

saiyuki Midoki aka animal girl hero in training!