Pokemon Gajinka Island

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Re: Pokemon Gajinka Island

Post by Archer_Algren » Sun Jan 14, 2018 5:12 am

Fi drove her Land Rover into the forest district, good thing she picked the Land Rover to traverse its rough roads, she had other vehicles in her garage but the Land Rover was more practical for travelling to other districts.
Upon passing by a checkpoint, she kindly asked the police manning it for the adress she got and was pointed in the right direction.
It was a condominium, Fi admits it was pretty fancy, she went to the reception and asked for Alan Komala, she was escorted to the man’s unit and shr rang the bell, while the guard, a geodude, looked on.
“So, you serve anything else in that place of yours?”
Asked the guard as they waited outside the door.
“Just the staple poke-diet, Poke blocks, Berries, Poke puffs, and Poke beans.”
“Ah, I take it you import the Poke beans?”
“Yeah, they come straight Isle Abeens, I use them to make coffee as well, although some folks like to eat them as they are.”
“Do you run the place by yourself?”
“No, I have an assistant, I’m not really good at dealing with people.”
“Well you’re talking to me aren’t you? You seem fine.”
“Sir, I’m afraid you didn’t get what I meant, I’m not good at DEALING with people.”
“Ah, I get it now, you don’t mind talking, but you don’t mind—“
Before he could finish, the door opened and a man in pajamas and a nightcap answered the door.
“Your Poke beans and puffs sir, that will be $14.99, plus $3 service charge for the delivery.”
Said Fi, the man just blinked.
“Can you come back later, I want to sleep some more.”
“Sir, I’m afraid I cannot do that, once you gave us your order its to be delivered straight away.”
“But I’m still tired.”
“Sir, just take the food and pay up.”
Said Fi already getting agitated.
“Sir, you need to pay the girl before I accompany her back down.”
Said the guard, already sensing trouble.
“Look, I’m too tired to get my wallet so can you just be the one to come in and get the money?”
“Sir, I’m not supposed to touch other people’s wallets, just get the money yourself and pay for the food now.”
Said Fi as she was already fondling her BB gun.
“Eh, maybe later.”

“I don’t blame you maam, but may I ask you never to do that again if you ever come back here.”
Said the Guard as he was on the elevator down with Fi.
“Sorry your honor, but he was one hell of a lazy bum.”
“Yeah, well, he’s rich enough to be, that guy runs the pillow and mattress business’ here on the island.”
“Hah, if only he knew...”
“Knew what maam?”
“Oh nothing.”
Said Fi as she mused to herself a bit, she headed outside and got into her Land Rover and decided to listen to some music to calm herself down.

“Soy el fuego que arde tu piel
Soy el agua que mata tu sed
El castillo, la torre yo soy
La espada que guarda el caudal

Tú el aire que respiro yo
Y la luz de la luna en el mar
La garganta que ansío mojar
Que temo ahogar de amor

¿Y cuáles deseos me vas a dar?
Dices tú, Mi tesoro basta con mirarlo
Tuyo será, y tuyo será.”

She was rather fond of this song, always relaxes her.

As for Four Sweets, business went on as usual.
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Re: Pokemon Gajinka Island

Post by shadowvoidboss » Sun Jan 14, 2018 8:13 am

Ray looked at max "yes could you send the catering order to the casino in the ice town I'll need that there for a meeting in about four to five hours from now also if you could send Lucas he tends to brighten the mood where ever he goes and in a meeting concerning money that would be a big help" he said to max. "I'll send Lucas back with your payment once it's delivered. He said waving and walking off.
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Re: Pokemon Gajinka Island

Post by Mama Happy » Sun Jan 14, 2018 9:17 pm

Zuntaya sighed heavily as he watched Zoreta play with his hair. Zuntaya was late to work because Zoreta had gotten himself in trouble with a group of local thugs, which Zuntaya was able to beat easily. "Are you mad at me, big brother?" Zoreta asked, looking up at Zuntaya. "I'm not mad at you, Zoreta. I just wished you paid more attention to what to people. Do you know who worried I was when I couldn't find you?" Zuntaya said, placing a hand on his neck and sighed. "Sorry, but I couldn't wait all day for you to wake up. You're a heavy sleeper and that's no fun." Pouted Zoreta, letting go of Zuntaya's hair. Zuntaya grabbed the large bead which acted like a hair tie and placed it on his lap, running his hand through his hair to make sure there were no knots in it. His hand stopped as soon as he moved it downwards, sighing. Zoreta giggled as he watched his older brother try to untangle the knot he made. "Why do you always mess up my hair? You know how long it takes in the morning to untangle it." Zuntaya asked, but be knew why Zoreta played with hair. ”Because your hair is fun to play with. My hair is really short and you always cut it.”
"Because you always get yourself in trouble and you having long hair wouldn't help."
"I don't always get in trouble." Zuntaya shot his brother a look, which caused the little boy to chuckle nervously. "Okay, maybe most of the time, but I never get hurt." Zoreta said happily. Zuntaya sighed and placed his hand on Zoreta's head, laughing a bit.


The two arrived in the Forest District. It wasn’t that far from the Ghsot District, but far enough that if Zuntaya wasted any time, he would be late to work. ”Alright, I’m a few minutes late, but it’s nothing serious. Hopefully Vincent will understand.” Zuntaya held Zoreta’s hand as they walked down the street. Zoreta always seemed to find something that amused him and kept trying to walk away, but Zuntaya held a firm grip on his hand so he wouldn’t walk away. ”Hey! If I’m good today, can we go buy some candy?” Zoreta asked, referring to all the shops in the Forest District. ”Depends if you don’t casr me any more trouble that you’ve already have.” Zuntaya shrugged his shoulders as they were walking up to the Day-Care. He opened the door and sighed. ”Good morning, Vincent. I’m sorry that I’m late. Zoreta got in trouble this morning..” Zuntaya said, looking down at Zoreta who only giggled. Zoreta’s second favorite person was probably Vincent. He was a cool person, but not as cool as his older brother. ”Morning, Vincent!” He said loudly, running up to him and hugging him.
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Re: Pokemon Gajinka Island

Post by JustLettingYouKnow23 » Mon Jan 15, 2018 2:41 pm

Loui was about to order until another waitress appeared he was too tired to wait and decided to just order “Coffee please, with 6 sugars” he voiced out with a bit of an attitude involuntarily. He wasn’t usually rude but since he was stressed and hasn’t had his coffee yet

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Re: Pokemon Gajinka Island

Post by Jasmine » Mon Jan 15, 2018 7:02 pm

The cashier looked over at Meu with a smile before entering his order in. "Would that be all today? We got new menus for this week, would you like to see what we have?'

Aya turned her head away from the customer and looked at Lottie with a huge smile on her face. She was glad that people liked what she had done with the place because she worked hard making it nice. "I'm glad you think so! You should come up with the next theme and tell Max." She looked around before nodding. "Yeah, can you show the costumers to their table? She looked back at Loui was a smile and nodded before writing it down. "Will that be all?"

Max nodded at Ray before grabbing one of his note pads and writing it down to remind himself. He did give Ray a confused look, wondering why he would let a kid inside of a casino. "Alright then, I'll get everything ready." He ripped the page out before shoving it into his pocket. He planned on going with Lucas because the kid couldn't drive or anything and it would be too much for him. Max knew he would probably have to ask Ethan to watch the restaurant for him. For now, he had to get Vincent's food ready for his classroom. He walked back into the kitchen and grabbed three boxes before filling it with donuts. He stacked them before pulling out a purple ribbon, tying them together.

Max was normally busy on days that he worked and he only had one day off a week, sometimes two when he really needed it. He grabbed the boxes before walking out and going over to Aya.

Vincent was in his office with Cassidy, just talking to her and laughing. He walked out with her to go to his desk. "Yeah, I ordered donuts for the kids as a little treat just because. I feel like being kind." He looked over at the clock before taking his mask off and setting it down, he looks less mean without it. Vincent turned his head when he heard his door opening and smiled at Zuntaya. "Its really no problem, you came before all the children so that's good enough for me."

Vincent knew what Zoreta was gonna do and bent down before opening his arms. He wrapped his arms around him with a chuckle. "Good morning!
Guess what?"
He looked around the room before glaring at Cassidy and Zuntaya playfully. "I ordered donuts, but you can't let them know because its a secret."

Cassidy laughed at Vincent when he turned his head to glare at her. He was always a funny guy. She will admit that she was a bit scared of him when they first met, but he seemed to be the kindest when he was around children. He even became more playful and silly, which she liked.
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Re: Pokemon Gajinka Island

Post by LovelessHearts1224 » Mon Jan 15, 2018 7:27 pm

Lottie thought for a minute about the idea of creating her own theme for a restaurant as she walked over to the hottest station to start bringing guests to open tables. As she walked she over heard Ray and Max, she only caught it because she heard Lucas name. "Excuse me Max, I couldn't help but hear that he requested Max to cater. I'm sure you're aware that he's only 12 and I can't let him go right? I can take the catering order over there if you want me to though. I'll send Max to. The arcade and use sight share to check in on him." Lottie said confidently. She would gladly ale this job and hopefully get a good tip from it. She was hoping to make some extra money and surprise her little brother with a tree house.

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Re: Pokemon Gajinka Island

Post by FeatherBlood » Tue Jan 16, 2018 6:23 pm

While everyone were on their way to work, taking it easy as they were on time, it seemed two were going to be late. Two young girls were running down the street in a clear rush. One was in the lead, weaving her way through the crowds while grasping the hand of the other girl, pulling her along as she guided her through. The girl at the back just allowed herself to be guided as they ran, clutching a stuffed toy under her arm. Eve looked over her shoulder at Ester, feeling her drag back slightly. "Come on Ester! We have to hurry or else we will be late!" Ester looked up at Eve, her eyes blankly staring at the other girl. "Don't complain... When your too blame..." Ester gave a tiny smile as Eve's face cringed slightly in annoyance. "Don't be mean Ester! It's not my fault that I slept in by accident! Also why did you have to make that rhyme?" Ester just shrugged. "Unintentional."
Finally the two reached the destination they were rushing for, Vincent's daycare. Eve and Ester were students at the daycare and Eve thought she had slept in, which meant they both rushed out the door to try be there on time. "Ok good! We've made it!" Eve was panting, but grinned as the daycare came into view. "Now to get inside." Ester added quietly as she continued to be guided. The two girls, mostly Eve, burst through the door and into the daycare, staggering as she did. Ester slipped her hand out from Eve's, avoiding being dragged down with her. Having no support for her, Eve tumbled to the floor. There she lay, desperately panting for air on the floor. "Ow... That hurt... But at least... We're not late..." Eve spoke between rapid breaths, trying her best to speak while catching her breath. Ester was also panting, however she looked less tired than Eve. "It seems we are some of the first..." She spoke quietly and only Eve heard since she was close enough. "Huh?" Pushing herself up into a kneeling position, she looked about confused. All she saw was Vincent, Cassidy, Zuntaya and Zoreta. "Where is everybody? Did we miss something?" Ester just sighed slightly to herself at her air headed friend.
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Re: Pokemon Gajinka Island

Post by Salamander » Tue Jan 16, 2018 10:14 pm

"Oh no thanks, that'll be all please." Meu spoke to the cashier. When he received their coffee, he walked back to Luca and sat down.

Luca looked up at him and strangely they both tightened their ponytails at the same time. "Sparring match after coffee?" Luca said as he sipped a double whipped creamed sugar cookie latte.

"Thinkin' the same exact thing, buddy." Meu replied. They both chuckled as they sipped coffee.

Gaia got up out of bed and strut out the door in a casual looking business tux. As he walked off his shabby front porch. Many minutes later he was walking throughout the market browsing at what they had to sell, then he saw a large opening in the usually abundant crowd. He squinted at saw smack-dab in the middle of the clearing was a pink haired girl with an eyepatch. He walked forward a bit before realizing that the people around her were glaring directly at her. He scoffed in disgust at the jerk-bags who would do that to her. He stood there for a while, his eyes flicking around from her, to the people to her. He finally decided to walk up to her, and when he did he asked, "Why are these people avoiding you?" He scratched the back of his neck while looking at the girl with his black and red eyes.

(The girl is Spirit Tomb.)
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Re: Pokemon Gajinka Island

Post by shadowvoidboss » Wed Jan 17, 2018 10:06 pm

Lucas ran around the grassland town delivering mail and packages and is now sitting on a park bench with a apple fritter given to him by a local baker as a tip so he has a smile from ear to ear kicking his feet eating and smiling.

Ray on the other hand walked into the closed ice casino preparing for the meeting as to what its newest attraction will be as well as food orders and items.
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Re: Pokemon Gajinka Island

Post by JustLettingYouKnow23 » Thu Jan 18, 2018 8:42 pm

“Yes” Greed said bluntly, it was a bit more rude then he intended so he sighed and rubbed his temples before adding “please” in a more quieter and calmer tone. He closed his eyes to ponder on his case more but all that he could focuse was the his conscious telling him he needs coffee for all the hours he missed of sleep the past week


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