Geolite Estate

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Geolite Estate

Post by Fluffking » Thu Sep 21, 2017 6:19 pm

The Geolite estate was build by the dwarven family Geolite after they had been exiled from the dwarven cities. The house itself seems like any other typical house in the district. A single floor and a basement. 3 bedrooms, and a master bedroom, all located at the far end of the house. The main room uses most of the space in the house occupying the bulk of the west side of the house. On the east side there is a small kitchen, and the entrance to the basement.

Aeirin has claimed the basement for herself, both sleeping down there, and her alchemy. The basement is parted into three parts. The storage, which is the first room, Aeirin''s living space, which is the next room, the room is always messy. This room is the biggest of the rooms using almost half the space of the basement. The alchemy lab, which is the smallest room and is located in the corner of Aeirin's room. There isn't much free space in the room, but enough that Aeirin doesn't risk dropping anything or destroying something.

In front of the house is a small garden with a small number of plants, watered each morning and evening.

While the house looks normal enough, the bedrooms, kitchen and some of the tables/chairs are made for dwarves.

Image bedroom
Image master bedroom.

Image kitchen
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