[Clara blackwood] Helping eachother out

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Re: [Clara blackwood] Helping eachother out

Post by Gastersans » Sat Sep 22, 2018 7:18 pm

The words filled Aelirenn's long and pointy ears and she did not know what to say.
More then anything, she wanted to find her mother and not leave her side again. To listen to her stories while they travelled home, to her father.
She had not excpected to find anyone willing to help or even care about her adventure. Even more so someone that offered her help, someone with a very good nose.
Her eyes almost glowed brighter then before and instead of facing Clara, she looked the other way, into the woods.
''I would highly appreciate if you where to help me, see it as paying me back for your armour'' The elf took of the elven arm ornament that she was wearing aroung her upper left arm. ''But this is all I have from her and well, I don't know how you would find her with just this.'' her slender fingers running itself along the decorative figures. ''I have not met anyone who even recognized the symbols on here''
Tapping it twice on the palm of her hand, she then put it on top of her right knee, keeping it there for now. If Clara needed, she could take it.
''I would not even know what to say to her..how to react. the words came out softly spoken, as if she was afraid her mother was listening and might think that her own daughter had forgotten about her. ''It has just been so long since I have last seen her'' unsure of what to say next she looked over at the small woman sitting in front of her. Hoping that the offer she gave, was a sincere one.

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