[Guild/Tavern/Inn] The Dragon's Scale

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Re: [Guild/Tavern/Inn] The Dragon's Scale

Post by DaTurtle » Sun Aug 19, 2018 5:10 pm

Zaxorie walked through the front door of the guild house with her guitar slung over her shoulder. As she entered she noticed signs of a fight, a large man in plate armor standing before her and a shorter women wearing chefs attire who approached and greated him. Zaxorie stepped past the man after the woman addressed him. "Excuse me, I'm looking for the owner or the guild master, I'm a bard in desperate need of a worthy stage!" She said giving a cheerful smile.
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Re: [Guild/Tavern] The Dragon's Scale

Post by illirica » Wed Aug 22, 2018 5:31 pm

Monika wrote:
Sun Aug 19, 2018 4:44 am
Kadnissa glanced towards the game, her keen eyes giving it a once over. She had to admit, it was pretty good size and clean kill. She nodded a little, looking back towards the hunter, smiling gently. "Normally our Chef tends to the game herself, but she's quite a bit busy right now, and I think we are all good on pelts for now, so you may keep it. She started to undo the pouch from her side, opening the bag and pulling out three pristine silver coins. They almost looked freshly minted, but as a dragontype, she couldn't help but keep them polished.
Huh. Rickard hadn't actually expected his request to go through. He almost felt bad for charging high, but then again, if the guildmaster wasn't arguing, she could probably afford it. He accepted the coins, tucking them into the pouch at his belt, and knelt down, pulling a knife to make quick work of skinning the elk and rolling the pelt into a neat bundle, which he tied on to his uncomplaining horse.

"Yours," he said shortly, with a nod to the meat, then gave her a measuring look. "Throw in a meal? Wouldn't mind not eating my own cooking." Rickard could cook just fine if he needed to, but sometimes it was nice to let someone else do it, especially if they had access to all the luxuries of a town.

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Re: [Guild/Tavern/Inn] The Dragon's Scale

Post by Pasta » Sat Aug 25, 2018 11:13 am

Balyen looked down at the shorter woman and simply looked at her. His glowing white eyes went to a slight squint as he looked over her and the area she was in. It seemed he had found the chef or perhaps even the owner of the tavern. Giving himself a moment he nodded down at her as he held out a gold coin for her. As he placed it in front of her he started to speak.

"I would like some bread and what ever meat you are able to cook up. A simple meal will do me good. I wish to also spend the night in one of your rooms if you have the space. If not, I understand and will ride deeper into town."

He turned his helm to look at the elf who had spoken to him, he grunted as he just looked at her. His eyes burning into her as he looked back to the chef but didn't say a word. He stood there awaiting an answer and perhaps more so what he could start to do around here. But his eye was caught onto the small gathering at the other end of the table. He'd keep close tabs and listen into what they were talking about.

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Re: [Guild/Tavern/Inn] The Dragon's Scale

Post by Orophin » Tue Aug 28, 2018 3:44 pm

Carvin had listened to the response that the large dragonoid had chosen to give and for a moment he considered teaching the young one a lesson in humility. But he decided that he'd just let things before the time being and instead he focused on eating his meal. As he ate he could sense the Kitsune as she approached. He listened to her as she spoke and he felt annoyance pass through him at her words. The Kitsune had always been kind but their race also was rather intrusive and didn't seem to understand the concept of privacy. He had no ill feelings towards them for they had been friends of his people but that also meant they were reminders of a better time the he'd rather forget.

Once again flashes of his home and life as a youth passed through his mind, this time caused by what the Kitsune had said, and then he was forced to relive purge of his people as he remembered also those few races who had helped his people. Most had only helped because they had been caught in the crossfire, but few had chosen to help. The lose weighed on him once again as he wondered once more why he had been allowed to live when no other had. As he came back to himself he felt the Kitsune touch his hand and then listened to her words before she invaded his mind to give him her name. He felt a shudder pass through him for the act felt like a violation to him. He then looked at the mark she had left on his hand and watched as it seemed to fade and then disappear.

He then watched as Crystal, as the Kitsune had revealed her name to be, turned her attention to Mysterica and asked about her how she was. He then focused on finishing his food. He was soon done with the meat and eggs and he took another long drink of his ale. He then looked at Mysterica and replied to her question "Yes M'Lady. That was indeed an argument. Although it could've easily have become more. I apologise for acting in such a manner as well. I hope you can forgive me.," As he waited for her reply he began to eat some of his rhubarb pie, which was all he had left of his meal. It, like everything else, was truly immeasurably delectable. The food had been even better than he could've hoped. He would have to leave a payment that was worth the meals true value. That he knew for sure.

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Re: [Guild/Tavern/Inn] The Dragon's Scale

Post by Eragon » Mon Sep 10, 2018 10:39 pm

Crystal released the spell against the drake while she grabbed her staff, satisfied that she had dealt with the situation. She studied the features of the elf. Beautiful she is but that only makes the world more dangerous to her. Having a more serious tone she said, “The world outside your home has its beauty and its ugliness. You cannot escape either side... My advice would be carefull who you befriend. Know their personality before spending time with them.”

She scratched the back of her head as her ears pricked to the sound of food being served on the bar.
“Well enjoy your stay, there are many wonders to explore. I need to fill up my belly.” She smiled are turned to leave, trusting that all three of them will get along. She walked to her food. Its smell growing stronger. She loved this restaurant and the people inside.

She leaned her staff against the bar and dug right in.

Repter stared at the white kitsune as she leaved before focusing his eyes back onto the seven foot human. ”He is not human...”
Repter didn’t regret a word he had said still but he didn’t strike at the arguement. Instead he said, “I still hold true to myself but will not find darkness here when there is none.” That is as close as an apology as he would say.

His mind however still hadn’t left the opals in the elf’s hand. He still desired them.
“Back to other matter, I still am willing to trade one hundred gold swords for your opals.”
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Re: [Guild/Tavern/Inn] The Dragon's Scale

Post by ravenholm » Sun Oct 14, 2018 5:12 pm

One robey BOI walks in. every part of him, except for two red glowing eyes is concealed by purple robes, and his hands have gloves on them. This is mortuus est. He finds a seat, and sits down, listening to any loud conversations that might be going on.


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