[Shop] The Stone in the Sword

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[Shop] The Stone in the Sword

Post by Vein Hart » Mon Mar 12, 2018 12:31 am

A bell rings as the door opens to The Stone in the Sword. A young man in armour enters the shop and looks around the shelves. A glistening dagger catches his eye, tempting him to touch the tip of it.

"Yer late!" A dwarven woman steps from a doorway behind the counter. "I told ye i'd be done in an hour. Its been six, where were ya?" She continues in a strong northern accent.

"Terribly sorry ma'am, I lost track of time."

"Ma'am? Lad, call me Helga." She reaches under the counter and pulls out a sword. "Now, heres ya weapon, all done, nice and proper, wont be having trouble in the dark anymore son."

The man grabs the sword and as he grips it, it begins shine a bright light. "Thank you, I dont know how to repay you."

"Three silver would be a good start" Helga chuckles.

The young man reaches into his pouch and pulls out three silver pieces, setting them on the table.
"Its been a pleasure" he says, sheathing his sword and walking back out the shop. Helga smiles and places the coins into a pouch.

With another chime of a bell, a man dressed in black enters and scurries to the counter.

Helga turns to him. "How may i hel-"

The man interrupts "Curses! I need a something cursed! Something good."

"Ah a curse ye say? I got just the thing." She reaches under the counter again but this time pulling out a crossbow aimed at the mans nose. "Get yer arse out mah shop."

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