["Shop"] The Worm Lair

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["Shop"] The Worm Lair

Post by MayonnaiseSupreme » Thu Nov 09, 2017 4:55 am

The Worm Lair

A half collapsed wooden building still manages to miraculously stand, the roof and walls having caved in to just the right position for maintaining stability and space. Over the crooked doorway, with an equally crooked door, hangs a poorly constructed sign with red paint detailing the name of the place : "The Worm Lair". It appears to have been written by a child, (and indeed it was, the store's "owner" having wisely commissioned one instead of someone fully literate) and once one enters inside, they would be quick to believe a child also runs the place.

Various piles and unorganized gatherings of random nonsense can be found everywhere. Socks without pairs, sticks, broken pots and vases, torn up shirts... Shingles and sparkly stones, broken instruments and random utensils... Anything the mind least expects to be on sale, seems to be exactly on sale. Even coins appear to be on sale, (for a noticeably higher price in coins than they are worth) all labeled with the same font and quality as the sign on random strips of ripped parchment and cloth.

This place is obviously intended to be a pawn shop, a large cloth draped over a broken counter labeled with "We tRAde StUFF fOR sTUff or cOiN". It's hard to imagine why anyone might want to buy things from here, but who knows. Maybe in these piles, there is actually something of value.

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