[Show] The best magic show you'll see all year, guaranteed!

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[Show] The best magic show you'll see all year, guaranteed!

Post by Reyn » Thu Nov 09, 2017 1:57 am

A makeshift stage stood at the edge of the plaza, made of old crates and soapboxes with a few slabs of plywood layered over the top for a slightly more even surface. The edges were covered in thick purple fabric, embroidered with tiny gold stars that were quickly becoming undone due to years of use. There was a table onstage (or maybe just another soapbox) that was covered in the same fabric and held a few rather strange items: a leather-bound book, a stack of metal cups, a (blunt) dagger, a pack of cards, and a silver coin. It was likely that the 'table' contained a few more items under the purple cloth, but the audience couldn't see that... probably because there wasn't anyone watching yet.

The set-up had been there for just under an hour, and people were largely ignoring it. Nobody had even gone up to steal the items from the table, whicn was very odd. Some people had caught sight of a woman occasionally visiting the stage to check up on things and make a few adjustments, but nobody really had any idea of what it was. Was it a stage, as it seemed to be? Was it some kind of temporary art exhibit? Hell, was it an experimental 'pay-what-you-want' storefront? Nobody knew, and nobody really cared. They had other things to worry about, it seemed.

Then, the woman returned.

Well, I say 'returned' as if she had left the stage and come back, but she had just crawled out from under the table. By the looks of things, she seemed to have been under there a while. After a brief check of all the items on the table, including a very thorough examination of the pack of cards, the woman walked to the front of the stage. She cleared her throat loudly.

"Hello, fine people of Azuria!" Her voice was loud, but not quite at the level of shouting "I welcome you, one and all, to the greatest show this kingdom has ever seen if I do say so myself. My name is the Great and Wonderful Marissa... but you can just call me Marissa to save time, if you wish. After all, my name is synonymous with greatness and wonder, as you're all soom to find out~!".

Oddly, as Marissa spoke, a crowd started to gather. A number of passers-by seemed enchanted, or at least somewhat intrigued by this strange magician, and it wasn't long before a group of them was standing at the foot of the stage. Marissa took note of this, grinning smugly to herself at the ability to capture an audience. Either her show was very interesting already, or she was cheating somehow. Or, you know, people were just curious about the fancy woman who crawled out from under a table.

"Well, then!" Marissa clasped her hands together "Without further ado, let's get on with the show~!".

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Re: [Show] The best magic show you'll see all year, guaranteed!

Post by MayonnaiseSupreme » Thu Nov 09, 2017 4:14 am

Between the legs of the crowd, a sparkly and rainbow-glittering white thing squeezed itself to the front, a big green wizard hat sitting on its tiny head.

The size of a cat, it was a little wyrm. A hatchling from anyone who knew the sight, it's wings tucked at its side. Big pearly eyes glared around with a grumpy tone, before it's reptile snout angled up to spy the woman on stage, a loud huff being released from its nose!

"The Ah-ley-oh no remember approve show." The dragon spoke with the voice of a little child. "Huuuu! Greaterful Malisalisa skip the demo-graphic process!"

The crowd of course would ignore the thing, it's voice most likely only audible to the magician due to the sheer proximity of the wyrmling, the critter opening up it's mouth to chomp onto some of the purple fabric, and give it a good chew.

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Re: [Show] The best magic show you'll see all year, guaranteed!

Post by Snowskeeper » Mon Apr 02, 2018 5:56 pm

Another small figure poked is way into the back of the crowd, finding is way through to a place where it could watch the show without danger of blockage. Kthirtic's gauntlet was wrapped up tightly in sackcloth, now, in order to prevent anyone from brushing up against the crystals. The beady lenses of her ratlike mask were locked on the stage.

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Re: [Show] The best magic show you'll see all year, guaranteed!

Post by Mighty » Fri Apr 06, 2018 12:00 pm

Albeito arrived in the plaza, curiously eyeing the other spectators, and took a seat up front next to a a small wyrmling wearing a hat. Albeito only stared to watch it speak before turning to the woman on stage it was yelling at.

"Excuse me, would you happen to know that woman?" He asked looking back over to the wyrm. He didn't bother giving it a smile as he spoke, or any expression for that matter. Albeito had the face and body of a well pampered prince but not the posture. He slung his hand back to scratch the back of his head as he waited for the dragons response and his legs were cracked wide apart, not to mention the way his body faced forward yet his neck leaned back then twisted to the side so his head would hang sideways as he looked to his side at the small creature.

"I'd like to know what kind of magic she can really do, if you wouldn't mind giving those sorts of answers." His second question came off as more of a statement then a question as his cold eyes stared into the young dragon's. The aura about Albeito was strange and slightly off putting but there was no sense of malice or ill intent.

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