[Event]The Winter Festival

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Re: [Event]The Winter Festival

Post by Veilstar » Thu Nov 02, 2017 2:50 pm

Rania couldn't help but smile upon hearing the word friends, maybe it was a really good idea to stop in Azuria. The people here seemed pretty good, she was already making friendships that she hoped would last. Food was amazing and she already had a job, it didn't pay to much but she'd be fine with it for awhile." Still, thank you. If I ever go on any adventures I'll be sure to come bacccl and tell you all about it." Rania stated as she dragged her off towards the stand Mirah had picked out. The smell of the meats and roasted pork there was already invading her nose and truly smelled delicious.

That was also when the elf noticed the cute girl from earlier walking towards them. She couldn't really believe and part of her thought she was walking over to speak to Mirah. Her eyes were on her though? The blush on her cheeks seemed to have gotten worse as she tried to hide with her hood." Hello lovely maiden...That's a beautiful lamp you have with you." Rania spoke up with a nervous tone of voice as she attempted a bit of flirting. The elf was obviously nervous, still trying to hide blushing cheeks as she had spoken.


Gaius shook his head when he heard Skye speaking up about her family. The woman wasn't on good terms with them apparently which peaked the man's interest but he figured maybe it wasn't good to ask. The night was descending upon them though as they both are their stew. His eyes couldn't help but gaze the young elf over from top to bottom. Certainly a very beautiful woman whom he was happy to spend the evening with." Skye, I have never met anyone that was as beautiful as you are. Thank you for granting me the chance to spend the evening with you." Gaius stated with a small bow as they continued on eating their stew under the light of the lanterns. It was getting rather late, perhaps the lovely elf would allow him to walk her home?
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Re: [Event]The Winter Festival

Post by Reyn » Fri Nov 03, 2017 1:05 am

Iris chuckled lightly as the girl talked to her, instinctively holding the lantern closer to her chest. She looked so nervous as she spoke, trying and failing to hide this fact which, to Iris, only made her look more adorable.

"Thank you, darling." She said "It's an old family heirloom, so I can't say where I got it from. It's been with me ever since I was a little girl... I see it as a sort of good-luck charm, so I brought it with me on my visit to Azuria.".

She looked down at the lantern, gently running her hand along its surface. Although the glow was fairly dim, it still caught on her hand, lighting up her skin so it shone like gold. She returned her gaze to the girl in front of her, offering a warm, somewhat flirtatious smile. Iris began to wonder what kind of person she was talking to. Azuria was full of so many different kinds of people, it could be anyone. This woman could be an infamous bandit, for all she knew- but, with the nervous way she was acting, Iris doubted it.

"So, what brings you to this festival?" She asked "Is this a regular thing for you? It must be so nice having events like this happening so close to home..."

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Re: [Event]The Winter Festival

Post by MayonnaiseSupreme » Fri Nov 03, 2017 5:47 pm

At the edge of the crowd, somewhere close to the lantern-holding woman and the stranger speaking to her, stood the lone and enigmatic, up-to-no-good Ginx. It was getting colder and colder out with the changing of the seasons, and the youth was anything but impressed despite this being his native time of the year. The cold was a bother. Though it didn't ever hurt him, for some reason the chill made him feel uncomfortable. And so, he stood there hunched over, rubbing his arms up and down to create friction as he squinted at the many people chatting away to one another.

His gaze became a bit more fixed as he decided he needed to occupy himself with something for amusement. But what? He spied the beautiful woman's shiny-lantern, licking his lips to himself as if it was a tasty snack, but if he was a wild coyote, stealing a lantern right out of a womans hands would be like taking down an elephant.

He heard the faint flirting attitude the girl was giving to her Though, recognizing that slightly romantic tone. Blech! It was only a small amount, really Ginx had no place, but flirting was only acceptable when he was doing It, and he stuck out his tongue and crinckled his nose as a result, his cheeks puffing up in disapproval! He was also just terribly bored, and thought offending someone might bring a smile to his face. He was no gentleman despite his fantasies about himself.

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Re: [Event]The Winter Festival

Post by CanadianCake » Thu Nov 09, 2017 4:34 am

Skye looked around, finishing her stew with grace. She was worried, though.

"Thank you Gaius. You are quite lovely yourself. I may need to return to my cabin," Skye said, purposely not referring to where she now resided as home. It wasn't home to her. She honestly missed her damily. Now, more than ever.
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Re: [Event]The Winter Festival

Post by Annasiel » Mon Jan 08, 2018 10:31 pm

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