[Event]Market Dragon (Open)

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Re: [Event]Market Dragon (Open)

Post by Trooper FN-86 » Tue Sep 11, 2018 10:46 pm

"Let's hope. Most of these people don't have much time left."

The disguised Varian said, his voice deeper than usual to match his human guard appearance. How fortunate for him that the guard provided him a young guide to the barracks as opposed to assuming he'd know where they were. Things could have gotten very awkward very fast without him. He wondered for a moment how the guard would react to him in this form...but was quickly snapped back to reality by another roar by the lizard and the groan of the injured man he carried.

"You're gonna be alright sir." he said to the groaning man he was carrying before looking back up at the private. "Let's move...the longer we take the worse the injured will be."
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Re: [Event]Market Dragon (Open)

Post by kotetsu » Wed Sep 12, 2018 1:37 am

She was ever in the shadows, always listening, always watching; at least that’s what she told people she was interrogating to intimidate them. Amalica was still fresh within the walls of Azuria. A short time ago she had gotten into the city by threatening the life of a traveling merchant in exchange for passage in his cart. Point is she just so happened to be in the right place at the right time.

There was daylight out, and though she preferred the night there was little time to rest. The city needed to be cased out. While it was a potential hot bed for clients she had little in the way of contacts within its walls. She’d study its inhabitants, learn their habits, eavesdrop on gossip going about the city, learn who hated who, who held grudges and holy shit what’s all that screaming and crashing going on?

From the top of a second story building she saw it, not very clearly considering the distance and the amount of daylight, but even then a dragon attack was unmistakable. Perhaps her blade was needed for this battle. The citizens of Azuria called out in terror, who would be their hero to save the day she thought…

“Not me…” she says to herself as she turns to the edge of the roof, looking down at the streets below.

“Should be one hell of a show though…” she says to herself as she contemplates going to get a closer look. It’s then that something curious catches her eye, a woman seeming to be of no right to enter into battle running towards the sounds of chaos rather than away. Something seemed just a little too eager about her, so much so that she didn’t notice the men tailing her. They were good at blending in, and even Amalica didn’t know who they were, to the eyes of an assassin it was obvious what they were doing. Perhaps the dragon wasn’t the most interesting thing going on after all.

There was a balcony on the building below her, and from it she could still see the woman on the other side of the street. With minimal effort she hops down to it. As she picks herself up she’d notice another approaching her, and start to engage in conversation. From this distance she couldn’t make out what they were saying very clearly, so for now she’d have to go off of tone and body language.
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Re: [Event]Market Dragon (Open)

Post by Nestvura » Wed Sep 12, 2018 5:32 am

There was a brief pause as The Prince of No Throne smiled briefly. A well practiced smile, one that looked all too natural yet all too manufactured. As not even the nicest expression could obscure the glint that momentarily flashed across his eyes, the look of a devil.

"I am... a friend. A friend and a man with a vested interest in the fate of this kingdom."

As he spoke he held his calm composure, his gaze gently sweeping the area around him. His Loyalists had left the immediate the area, yet something seemed off. Whether due to nearly a decade of experience in subterfuge or simple honed instincts he felt something strange. He stopped speaking for a moment, merely listening to the sounds of the shadows around him. Yet he came up with nothing, perhaps it was simple paranoia... not likely.

"You see I believe you and I might be similar in our goals. However, while it is clear that you aren't lacking in power... you seem woefully in need of proper direction. It is in this regard that I believe I might be of some assistance."

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Re: [Event]Market Dragon (Open)

Post by DaTurtle » Thu Sep 13, 2018 3:59 pm

Zaxorie saw the ball of flames fly towards her. She let out a surprised "Wah!" As she threw herself away, and was glad she didn't amplify the squeak. She picked herself up and patted off the end of her cloak which had been singed. Her lighting magic had no effect on the beast and her minion was starting to fade. Luckily by this point the guards were deploying their forces but the dragon still could easily overpower them if they didn't rally quick enough.

Zaxorie continued to strum along but began to feel a bit sluggish, like a wave of emotion which engulfed her. Her fingers moved slower bringing the song's tempo down and became quieter. As it did she heard someone else singing and saw a young woman approach with a large sword. As she looked back to the dragon it looked distracted, and in a daze. Zaxorie then had an idea, she began to quickly turn dials and tune her strings. As a bard Zaxorie knew how to read an audience, and the dragon was no exception.

Her guitar now took on an acoustic sound like a traditional guitar. She strum a slow soft melody along with the woman's humming creating a serene atmosphere despite the chaos, time felt almost frozen at some points.

"Red like roses fills my dreams and brings me to the place you rest."

She sang quietly much like her mother use to when she was younger.

"White is cold and always yearnin, burdened by a royal test."

She noticed the woman begin to move.

"Black the beast descends from shadows, Yellow beauty burns gold..."

She sang holding the note and let the strings fade before tuning once more. The woman suddenly shot forward and Zaxorie smirked.

"I couldn't take it, couldn't stand another minute!"

Zaxorie sang suddenly and struck the strings after the verse.

"Couldn't bear another day without you in it,
All of the joy that I had known for all my life,
Was stripped away from me the minute that you died!"

Her fingers slid across the strings as she began strumming faster.

(1st song)

(2nd song)
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