The Streets of Azuria

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Re: The Streets of Azuria

Post by Monika » Wed Jun 13, 2018 6:44 pm

Zagara lept down to the ground below on another side of a building. She was pretty sure she got away from the dog. He at least couldn't see her anymore, she was sure of that. She ran towards the barrels where she put the stolen loaf in, and made her way towards the makeshift home she had for herself and the orphans. Even though she didn't have her original Clowder anymore, since they all left to take care of the rest of the orphans throughout Azuria, she still had one, even though they didn't cause as much trouble as her original group. Though, all they really did was try to eat. If she could just find someone to give her a job, all of their troubles would be over. She had made her way to another alley, that had some old torn bed cloths strung up a little ways in, across the way. She moved the cloth aside a little, showing a small group of children past it, before letting the cloth go and obscuring her from the outside of the alley. After she was inside, she stood up fully, carefully pulling a loaf out and looking at the group. She started to pull pieces off and handing them out, smiling lightly. "I'll see if I can get any more."
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Re: The Streets of Azuria

Post by Avalein » Thu Jun 14, 2018 4:17 am

Isouda hurried up the street her bare feet hardly making a sound as she walked. Looking at the contents of several stores as she walked. She was hungry having not eaten in several days. Upon seeing a store with food felt in her small money pouch sighing as it was empty. As much as she hated to steal food, it was the only way that she could survive. Quickly and silently as she could reached a hand over as she passed picking up a couple apples and fruit. Letting her long brown hair fall in front of her face hiding her face from the store keeper as well as hiding her brown eyes. Hearing as shop keeper shout to stop Isouda took off running hearing the sound of guards coming behind her as she ran up the street. Darting into a nearby alleyway breathed a sigh of relief but just for a moment before feeling hands grab her looking up at the guards. "Put me down, let me go" trying to stomp on their feet but not doing any good, glaring at them. As she reached a hand in her pocket for her needlepoint needles.
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