[Lore] The Houses of Azuria

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[Lore] The Houses of Azuria

Post by Trandafir » Wed Oct 18, 2017 4:26 am

The House of Fray

The Fray is an ancient house as old as Azuria itself. Their colors are white, light blue and grey, and their family crest presents a silver chalice, adorned with white irises.


It all started when an elf named Adiere arrived at the land now known as Azuria. With their ability to foresee what others could not, to know past, present and future all at once, Adiere was one of the most trusted servants of the nation's first ruler, and undeniably an important part of the City's creation. As the land grew wealthy and prosper with time, generations had passed, rulers changed, and of course progress couldn't come without destruction. The shadow of war fell upon Azuria, and their king realized that losing Adiere, losing their abilities, was too high of a risk.

Adiere was married to a noble man, and forced to live in exile for their own protection. From their relationship with The Lord Aulric Fray, founder of the House that carried his name, a child was born. Just as Adiere had forseen, the child carried their magic, along with some weak human herritage to them. From this child another was born, and it carried on for centuries. With time, the elfic herritage grew weaker, and oftentimes an ordinary human would be born, without a trace of Adiere's legacy to them but the white hair and pale skin.

Since then, It was a Fray's duty to protect and look over Azuria. Wars would fall upon the land, families would betray each other and rulers would change, but what did not change was that the Fray would always serve the crown. Never have a Fray ruled over Azuria, despite the house's importance to the nation. Never had the Fray took sides in internal wars, until Cyan Fray joined forces with the Conrads to dethrone the Calahans.
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