Crystal Tenko the Fire Flower

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Crystal Tenko the Fire Flower

Post by Eragon » Wed Jun 20, 2018 2:21 am

Name: Crystal Tenko the Fire Flower

Age: 867

Sex: Female

Race: Kitsune

Height: 5’9”

Weight: 57kg



To generalise her features, her expression at first glance can be described as innocent and mature. Her frame is perfectly curved. Her hair free flows down to her waist. Her tails are white as snow and her eyes glow an amber colour.

She typically wears a decorated white kimono although sometimes she switches to red.

Personality:First impressions she is sweet, careful, delicate, kind and graceful but when she really opens up she is a wild fire. Full of energy and excitement but still friendly and encouraging. She likes to talk to others and socialise no matter what race you are. She has an air f maturity around her in a way that makes people look up to her as a leader or carer.


What she lacks in strength she makes up with her mind and supernatural abilities. He powers have three categories; Elemental, Arcane and Telepathy.

Elemental control is her more natural powers. allows her to bend the states of matter to her will. Though she is more practiced with fire and solids, her air and earth aren’t as prominent to the point where she struggles to keep a small ball of water in the air and only able to snuff a candle out. She strictly can only bend elements. Stuff on the periodic table and to add she can only but her mind onto controlling one substance at a time.

Telepathy allows Crystal to talk to others through the mind. Whether it be with words, emotions or memories. Another aspect of this ability is she can shut her mind off, being undetectable by other telepaths. She can keep her mood, emotions and feelings secret.

Arcane magic is singularly her most used power as not only can it be used in battle but it also serves as an aid or tool. The list she can do below:
- Bending Light. More for trickery. There are two things she can do. Split the rays up to create rainbows or bend it. Bending the light around an objects makes it invisible, she can do it to her self, a group of people or up to huts.
- Enhancements. Binding a spell to an object to make is stronger or give it a different purpose. She can harden so it won’t break, decrease the mass of an object to make it lighter. Self enhancements include extra strength, speed, agility and enhance the five senses. She can only triple the sense and double her physical abilities. As for object enhancements. They can be broken but it will take three tonnes of force to break a stick. As for giving an object a different purpose. She can say a spell on a group of coins an to let people use them communicate. Or saying a spell over an object to give it healing capabilities. However she is only limited to that.
- Healing. She can heal simple wounds and a few complex ones. Only what she has studied. Mending skin, muscle , reattaching veins, ligaments are easy. Restarting a heart is a simple task as well but repairing organs will take a long time and a lot of effort and it isn’t a guarantee. However, what she can do comfortably is fix blind eyes, let the deaf hear, fix vocal chords and bring the sense of touch back.
- Summoning. Grabbing other creatures from other realms to serve her. She can only summon something that is up to three times her size. Small dragons, griffins, phoenixes, etc. They do not have a time limit. They disappear if they are killed or if the summoner dismisses it.
- Forcefields. Creating energy barriers and being able to use them as filters. For instance she can let people through an energy shield but not water. The biggest shield she can create has a diameter of 130 meter. Of course she is not limited to circle but, can make all sorts of shapes but generally around the 130 meter mark. The shields can break if there is enough force against it. The bigger the shield the more force is required to break. For scale if she is to shield herself it would take the force of a six manned battering ram to break it. Force of over time will not break the shield but only one big fat hit will.
- Psychokinesis. Simple, moving objects without physically touching it. Weight and distance effects the effectiveness of the ability. She can fling a rock the size of a fist two kilometres away before loosing control over it but, the heavier the object the closer the distance is before she can no longer move it.
- Offence: Focusing her energy in her palm, into a ball of magical glowing stuff. With it she can manipulate push, pull and to root/stop. For it to work the ball of energy needs to make contact with an object. The energy has an average travel speed of 230 kilometres per hour, however the more effort she puts into throwing the faster it will go. By record, 370 km per hour. She can curve the ball midair and change its direction but the faster is goes the less control she has over it. It is easier to throw push and pull energies but rooting is more complicated and typically travels slower. Also a bigger object needs more energy to move or stop. Basic physics. So a bigger ball is needed.
- Scrying. She can look at other places, people and objects but with major drawbacks. First she needs a reflective surface, limited to the past and present and she needs to know what to scry. Either by someone else memory or her own.
- Spirit summoning. A talent that is a gift and only used at desperate measures. She can only summon spirits who she knows and has met already. In other words she can’t summon some super crazy death guy and destroy everyone but spirits who work more as aids. Such as Elijah or her parents. However this doesn’t mean they will always respond.

The magic can be physically represented as any colour in the rainbow, including white but not black. It depends on the nature of the spell. For healing it could be green or white to scrying could be white or gold.


She is a mixed martial artist. Extremely quick, light and quiet. Though she is not strong, she can rely on her speed alone to win. She has mastered the katana and staff. Her fan is something she picked up and still needs practice.


She only keeps three weapons. An enchanted staff with red and white ribbons tied at the ends. The staff has been enchanted to be hardened, able to stop blows from the sharpest of weapons and withstand against the heaviest if attack but it cannot absorb impact. That part is up to her. It can also carry energy for her to use later. Other other weapons are also her katana and war fan. Both have been enhanced to be durable and super duper sharp. She also keeps a fox mask on her head and always has a handful of coins.


Kitsunes are born in the wild. Not being in one place but constantly moving. Crystal was born in a forest near Azuira and for her early life, she stayed around the city. In the outlands where forests bloomed and her family have cover. Her early years were normal. She moved around with her family gaining experience and passing other groups of nine-tailed foxes.

Among their travels, she had experienced many things. New foods, different cultures, met different races and so forth. As for her namesake. When they passed other families or groups and had a chat every time they were astonished at her innocent beauty yet she held a fiery spirit expression hence, her custom title; Fire Flower.

But a good life never lasted. It was at 17 years when she had her horrifying experience. On the road back to Azuria just for trade, mercenaries attacked them. Heavily outnumbered and confused they ran not wanting to spill blood. However, no matter where they went they couldn't avoid them. It was like they knew where they are going to be so they were left with no choice. To fight. family alike the fought bravely and ferociously but death was unavoidable. Both her parents struck by arrows and laid lifeless in front of her. Filled with hatred and sadness, Crystal turned to her pursuers. Influenced by revenge, gathering abnormal strength she struck them down without mercy. Through that experience and as far as she is concerned she possibly could be one of the most powerful kitsune alive. As her parents described a Tenko. Able to learn multiple branches of magic and utilise at once with great efficiency.

But despite her discovery, without her parents and a twisted experience to scar her mind she fled from the world. Isolating herself for years. She ran away from everyone, living for fear of being hunted again. As good as her efforts were she eventually was found but by an unexpected an welcomed visitor. An ancient, wise and powerful Tenko. He went be they name Elijah and had been watching her ever since the downfall of her parents. He told her not to fear anymore but to live to overcome fears. That is the purpose of a kitsune. He gave her three gifts, a staff and a red and white mask; Reminiscent of a fox and lastly but most importantly. A connection with her parent's spirits so she can constantly be with them.

Having gained that revolution she opened herself to the world again, bold, full of hope and with a purpose. To help others conquer their fears and make the world a better place.
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Re: Crystal Tenko the Fire Flower

Post by Annasiel » Wed Jun 20, 2018 9:08 am

Alone she drifts from ancient mists
Nary a candle, nary a wish
But in the wont of wandering paths
Through wooded knolls, and windworn crags
She seeks a face she thought as friend
But now -- she thinks as judgement's end

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Re: Crystal Tenko the Fire Flower

Post by Eragon » Wed Jun 20, 2018 10:10 am

Yeah it is.
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Re: Crystal Tenko the Fire Flower

Post by Monika » Sun Jul 08, 2018 10:52 pm

Alright, Eragon. Due to the edits made since its acceptance, your character has been put up for review and needs to be re-accepted before you can post with her again. Because we cannot verify the state of the CS when it was accepted, it needs to be re-evaluated, and the fact that she was accepted before is invalid.

Upon looking at it now, she is far too powerful for Azuria. Magic isn't prominent, and your character has more magic than every magic user in Azuria combined. She is, to be frank, extremely overpowered. There is no one in this RP who could stop her if they wanted to. So we are going to need some severe editing before she's able to be re-accepted.

Starting from the top:

1) Psionic
She has Telepathy, Precognition, Inflict pain, alter emotions, alter or erase someone's memories, mind control, and scrying.

Despite needing to be able to enter someone's mind to control them, and needing knowledge of what you want to look at and a reflective surface to scry... there is NO downside, weakness, or anything to these mental abilities. Memory alteration and mind control alone are extremely overpowered. Adding that on top of everything else makes her psionic abilities unacceptable.

Telepathy is alright, but she would only be able to communicate. Mind reading is a completely different power and would need conditions.

Foresight/Precognition would only be able to predict the future. Retrocognition is for the past, and present would go under divination/scrying. You also cannot 'accurately predict' anything. You will always be in danger of the prediction causing the predicted event. And the moment the prediction is acted on, it will cause the prediction to be altered. These all need conditions on how they are used, as well as limitations.

She can cause pain. This is very vague. What kind of pain can she cause? Is it mental or physical? How does she do it? how does it affect the person? We need all that as well as limitations and conditions for it.

She can alter emotions. Again, no conditions, limitations, or anything.

She can change or erase someone's memories. Again, no conditions or limitations. This one will need big ones.

Mind control will need strict conditions and limitations too. "Only if she can enter someone's mind" isn't acceptable. This would include every single NPC that exists, just about.

Scrying would go under divination, will take time, and would most likely need to be used to see anyone's present. It would also be susceptible to wards and blocks.

So I only just finished your first power, and we have 8 individual powers under it. They will need enough limitations and conditions, or take a lot of prep-time in order to be able to have all of them, on top of the other abilities.

2) Elemental
This is completely vague, with nothing to it except that it's manipulation of four elements. There needs to be some limitations. How much she can manipulate at one time, if it's only one element at a time, or only the raw element and not mixtures.

3) Arcane
You mention 'energy based spells and casts', but I only see perfect, every kind of energy absorption, perfectly converting one kind of energy to another, and sending it back out. No downsides, no weaknesses, no limits. She can literally absorb the radiation and force of a nuke... convert it to something harmless, and send it away. This entire thing is extremely overpowered. There has to be a limit on what kinds of energy she could absorb, how much she can absorb, and what she can convert it to. There has to be a downside to doing this, and how much she can do it.

Eh, the Forcefield generation is ok, but there's got to be a limit of how strong it is, and how long it lasts.

4) Summoning
Need to have specific types of creatures you can summon, and how long they last, as well as what they're able to do.

5) Necromancy
Talking to the dead is alright.

I'm not sure what you mean by 'create the living'.

Bringing back the dead: This is basic necromancy, zombies are a staple of necromancy and it would be expected to have control over them. If you are referring to bringing a person back to life as themselves, but controlling them, I would have to say that would not fall under necromancy and wouldn't be allowed. If you have any downsides to any of this, you would need to state them, not just say that there's a price.

6) Manipulation
There are healing spells, alter appearance spells, and shape-shifting spells. Having one power that gives you access to, essentially, reality manipulation is not going to be accepted. You can have a number of spells that produce these effects, but they all need their duration, limits, and downsides.

I'm not sure what you mean by recreate and alter biomatter, unless you are saying you have full control over people's bodies, and your own, to do whatever you want with them. Once again, this will not be accepted. Same goes with Dark Matter.

There is nothing on how she can manipulate the soundwaves, unless this is an effect like a spell that creates silence in an area, or whatnot.

7) The Secret Language
This is extremely vague. All I get from this is that it's some sort of spell casting that has no set of spells that can be done. So this has the potential to be complete Reality Manipulation. Which won't be accepted either.

Overall, all I see is complete control over every aspect of life and magic, and nearly no limitations, weaknesses, or conditions.
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Re: Crystal Tenko the Fire Flower

Post by Eragon » Mon Jul 09, 2018 2:21 am

Alrighty, I will do a cleanup, than send the edited version via pm if you want me too.
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