Princess Mysterica

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Princess Mysterica

Post by Monika » Sat Jun 16, 2018 9:16 pm




ImagePrincess Mysterica
ImageOpal Elf

ImageLike all Opal Elves, Mysterica has pale skin that sparkles in the light. Her hair looks and feels like liquid platinum, and her opalesque eyes glimmer lightly. The clothes she wears aren't as elaborate as her mother's, preferring to wear opal adorned jewelry, than have it woven in her clothes. Even though her skin looks like polished opal, it feels like soft skin.
ImageMysterica led a rather sheltered life. Life in Aunduriel was nearly perfect, so she never really experienced reality outside of the kingdom. This led her to be overly optimistic in everything, believing that despite what her father says, that people outside are no different than her kind. She's Naive, trusting, and doesn't understand what a 'lie' is. She also is eager to help others.

ImageMysterica is adept at healing. She can heal most average wounds, though is unable to restore blood loss or limbs. Purifying is her expertise, being able to purge poison and most toxins. She, herself, is incapable of being poisoned or intoxicated, unless the poison is designed for Opal Elves.
ImageMysterica also has a raw, destructive power that is completely contradictory to her and her people's nature. She's capable of gathering energy into a blast capable of leveling trees in straight line for a good five to ten feet depending on how long she focuses on it. Due to never having to ever use this, it's very unpredictable, and would most likely use it without meaning to.
ImageHorseback riding
ImageTrade knowledge
ImageOpal Artisan knowledge (knowing how to refine the varying opals)
ImageShe doesn't carry anything with her.

Mysterica's life has been pretty perfect. Opal Elves are naturally against any sort of violence, so there was nearly no crime or troubles within the world. The elves lived peacefully, and very few nations tried to take them over. When they did, they were stopped with very little disruption to the Aunduriallian's way of life. About 20 years ago, A treaty formed between Azuria and Aunduriel. She had spent her years studying to one day take control of Aunduriel. She learned the important things: Diplomacy, geography, how to arrange trade deals and treaties. As well as how to work with opal materials. Recently, she made her way to Azuria for the 20th anniversary of the treaty. That time doesn't mean much to elves, but they know that human times are short so 20 years for a treaty would be considered a milestone. She had sent a letter a month or two ago, letting the Lady of Azuria know she would be on her way.
I̞͉̣̦̟̱'̩͎̗͚͡͝d̯̲̪̜̤̖̥͟ ́҉̳̝́d̡̖͇͕̺̝́͘o͈̟̯̩̳ ̟̫̹͙͞á͔̤ǹ̶̗͕͈y̶̳̦t̛͕̫̞̟͘h̗̱͙͉̲͘͝i҉͍̘̮̗͙̙n̰̘̟g̷̶̬̻ ͇̙̻̘̦̜ͅf̧͇̞͕͉̤̝̜o̻̗͓̻̠̪͜͡ŗ̸͔͈̺̹̝̱ͅ ̬̤͍̹̬̰͞y̸̢̩̯̹̹o̸̟̻̫̭͖u҉̰͔̪͡

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Re: Princess Mysterica

Post by Annasiel » Sun Jun 17, 2018 7:38 am

Alone she drifts from ancient mists
Nary a candle, nary a wish
But in the wont of wandering paths
Through wooded knolls, and windworn crags
She seeks a face she thought as friend
But now -- she thinks as judgement's end

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