Loretta Authern

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Loretta Authern

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Name: Loretta Authern

Age: 20

Sex: Female

Race: Human

Height: 5 foot 6 inches

Weight: 137 lbs


Appearance: Golden brown cascading waves of flowing hair drape over sloping shoulders in flouncy curls. Long lashes flutter over almond eyes. A becoming nose and a pair of full, pouting, pink lips. Rosie cheeks over tanned skin and a strong chin complete her feminine features. Her thin frame exemplifies her frail and meek demeanor regardless of her full figure.

Personality: Although given her weak appearance, Loretta is a fighter at heart. At times of weakness and fear, Loretta may shrink into herself and close herself off from those around her as well as being inadequate in defending herself be it physically or verbally. Although as of late, she had started to take after her mother, who is as headstrong as she is bold. Like a spark that had been ignited, Loretta has grown to be fiery and won't let anyone walk over her again.


Basic Healing
Basic Druidry
Basic art of the Primal Flame

Basic swordplay

Weapon(s): A saber gifted to her by the missing Valiya

Gear: A peasant shirt beneath a black vest with a deep green skirt ending at her ankles. Deep brown boots complete her ensemble.


Loretta was born into the poor and humble home of the Authern Family. She was a sickly child and was thought to not make it past the winter. But with the love and care her parents had for her with a little help in prayers, she made it through the bitter cold. Growing up was tough for Loretta. She was so thin and weak, she couldn’t do much to help except small chores around the house. She wished to help more than to just be another mouth to feed and whenever she had the chance to go into the city, she’d panhandle and begged for a coin or two so she may purchase warm bread and if she was lucky a small block of cheese.

Whilst on the streets, Loretta had become friends with another beggar her age. Her name was Annabell Verane and she was her first friend. Everyday Loretta would find her in the middle district and together they would plead for coin to purchase food for their loved ones. Annabelle had her twin brothers to worry after and Loretta would extend an invitation to the three to come by their humble home for a night or two. She didn’t take the offer and thanked her for thinking of her, but Annabell did not wish to be dependent on her and worried that adding an extra three persons to the already cramped home would have the roof crashing down upon them.

Eventually, Loretta would become of working age and was sent to the higher districts to become a servant girl or an apprentice within the middle district. At first, she was a maid, cleaning up after patrons and looking after rooms at an inn. With time she would become a server or what they’d call a barmaid. Because Loretta worked, she saw Annabell less and less. And on days she would chance to spot her in the streets Loretta would call out to her and give her coins she could spare or even share a meal together with her brothers. Annabell would share stories about the people she’d met and how one, in particular, a boy about their age whose name was Arthur, was the most generous in charity.

However, their friendship did not last. The Verane family had gone missing for some time only for Annabell to be found first brutally murdered. Her twin brothers turned up in similar fashion months later. Loretta was heartbroken and mourned for her lost friend. She was no longer the happy child and had begun to fear the world around. Every shadow in Etirath held a danger that could steal her life away at any moment. It was then that Loretta would practice magic at the college of magic. She picked up defensive spells well but offensive magic was just not meant for her. Upon practicing using an electric based stun spell, it backlashed and stunned her nearly stopping her heart. For now, Loretta focuses on healing based spells so that she may one day become a healer for Etirath where she can help anyone in need.

In light of recent events, Loretta had found well-paying work within the upper districts; The Horse Head, where she made quite the bunch of friends. The Rite of Milova had come and gone without so much of an incident other than Loretta spending the evening with someone she hadn't expected to: Willem DeCarlisle. The events that followed that night are unclear to her as she has no recollection of it. All was quite well, that is, until after what could only be deemed as a series of unfortunate events. The pub owner Alek Kostya had been missing and presumed dead leaving the pub's ownership to fall onto Eoin's shoulders. Others soon left, especially after the attack on the palace. No one truly knows what had happened except that there were many casualties, Harris being one of them. In time, Loretta healed with the help of Eoin and with her mother's urging, had become Illiya's newest student. All the while learning Druidry alongside Eoin as well. For the time being, she tries to return her life to a sense of normalcy, at least as normal as it could possibly get with her uncharted future.

Except that a certain turn of events that involved a misunderstanding between guards and a half-giant has left Loretta rather stranded in unknown territory. She had unknowingly crossed into Azuria's borders.


Father: Harold (53) Farmer and herdsmen
Mother: Eleanor (45) homemaker
Elder Brother: Aaron (25) Married his childhood friend with children of his own
Elder Sister: Ellen (23) Married to a wealthy merchant and never looked back
Younger Sister: Elanor (17) the black clumsy lamb of the family
Younger Brother: Harris (12) Helps tend to the animals - deceased
Youngest Sister: Lia (8) helps her mother with housework

Eoin: Bouncer and new owner of The Horse Head pub, a budding love interest
Ariani: Best friend and co-worker at the pub, has taken to inviting her over on off days
Willem: Rural district neighbor and Captain of the Guard, someone dear and close to her heart
Wake: An interesting fellow she had come upon by chance, he's on friendly terms with her
Gurath: A half-giant she helped, he's quite helpful as the handyman
Aleksandria (Alek): Former owner of the pub and generous employer - deceased
Valiya: Former swordplay teacher and usual patron who mostly stayed at Alek's side - missing/possibly deceased
Illiya: A friend of her mother's and her new teacher, a very mysterious fellow
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Re: Loretta Authern

Post by Annasiel » Tue Jun 12, 2018 1:23 am

Alone she drifts from ancient mists
Nary a candle, nary a wish
But in the wont of wandering paths
Through wooded knolls, and windworn crags
She seeks a face she thought as friend
But now -- she thinks as judgement's end

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