Vysoren the Banehallow [WIP]

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Vysoren the Banehallow [WIP]

Post by Mat » Fri Jun 08, 2018 8:13 pm

„Stand a little less between me and the Sun.“


Birth Name: Alois Vysoren.
Alias: The Banehallow; Deathless Vysoren; Tidehunter; The Furtive Fox; Warlock of the Northern Marches; Scourge of the Red Sea.
Official Title(s): Voivode of Stillbend.

Age: Undetermined.
Hair Color: Auburn.
Eye Color: Emerald.
Height: ~5'11" (182 cm).
Weight: Undetermined.

Species: Human (?).
Gender: ♂ Male.
Birthplace: Unknown.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral.
Base of Operations: Stillbend.
Orientation: Heterosexual (?).

Relationship Status: Unknown.
Family: Unknown.

Occupation: Noble; Brigand.

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