Princess Valeria

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Princess Valeria

Post by Avalein » Tue May 29, 2018 3:18 am


Name: Princess Valeria of Dreodian

Age: 15 years of age


Race: human

Height: 5'7'

Weight: 110 lbs


Appearance:Long straight hair that is dark brown with blonde highlights. With beautiful blue eyes that dance and show her expressions. Slender, and graceful. She wears a simple circlet and jewelry. She acts more like a princess then her older sister. Valeria has presence of elegant princess, but can defend herself when required so her hair is pulled back to show a face with gentle features. A soft smile and eyes, with soft and gentle hands. She wears gowns of her status as princess. One scar on her cheek from when an arrow nearly got her.

Personality: Stubborn, but kind hearted. She may seem weak but she is stronger then she looks and thinks.


Powers: None that she knows of

Skills: Healing, needlework, riding, falconry, archery

Equipment: a simple dagger, falcons, horses, bow and arrows


Valeria is the youngest daughter of King Winslow and Queen Lila of Dreodian, she has an older sister and two older brothers. As the youngest she is doted upon by her parent, and her younger (older) brother. Valeria grew up during a time of peace, but when she is 10 years of age war broke out when the King of the Kingdom of Atrutus invaded the Kingdom of Dreodian to claim lands as such she and her brother Leland were sent away by their mother the Queen Lila to protect them from being captured and killed. Doing so after she had heard word of King Winslow's capture by King of the Kingdom of Atrutus while going to sign a piece treaty between the two kingdoms. Queen LIla herself relocated to the keep that is the furthest away from where the war is happening in order to protect herself as well as the rest of the court and family. Her eldest brother kinda ignores her as well as her older sister as such she is closer to her youngest brother. Valeria travels between different villages and cities with her personal guards until she is sent for to return home. Due to the fact that she and her brother are being hunted by a paid assassin of their enemy who got word that Valeria and her brother had been sent away to protect them. They are now in Azuria trying to receive help as well as hide from the assassin.
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Re: Princess Valeria

Post by Annasiel » Thu May 31, 2018 6:55 pm

Alone she drifts from ancient mists
Nary a candle, nary a wish
But in the wont of wandering paths
Through wooded knolls, and windworn crags
She seeks a face she thought as friend
But now -- she thinks as judgement's end

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Re: Princess Valeria

Post by Avalein » Fri Jun 08, 2018 7:35 pm

Royal House of Winslow and Lila

The Royal House of Winslow and Lila started with the Winslow's grandparents Cristall and Odelina,who rule the Kingdom of Dreodian until it passed to his son and his wife Anderewe and Ivetta. Lila comes from the nearby Empire of Akratis where her grandfather Jeffroy and Lizbeth are king and queen.

When Winslow got to the throne it was among that time that he met his wife the lovely princess Ivetta and wanting to prevent the Empire of Akratis from attacking agreed to an alliance thus protecting his kingdom from attack. Doing so benefited both the Kingdom of Dreodian and the Empire of Akratis keeping both protected. Lila's older brother would take over the throne after the death of their father King Renout leaving just their mother Theophania as the Queen regent until Lila's borther marries.

The Kingdom of Dreodian was founded by one of Valeria's ancestors through her father King Winslow. As such it has been around for 5,000 years and has stood the test of time when other kingdoms failed or were conquered by other kingdoms or by the Empire of Akraits. It has survived several rebellions as well as revolts, famines, and floods. It has a an army that is large and formidable, as such its borders are protected always making it hard for trouble makers to get in.

The Empire of Akratis was founded by one of Valeria's ancestors through her mother Queen Lila. It has been around longer then the kingdom of Dreodian so around 6,000-7,000 years and as such has conquered all the surrounding kingdoms other then Dreodian which it now has an alliance with not to attack. They trade with their neighbors and allies. It prospers though there was a major rebellion shortly after Queen Lila's grandfather became king when his brother tried to take over with the help of Jeffroy's cousin, but was put down when Jeffroy found out by their royal guards and spies, sending the city guards to put it down. Since then it has been quiet for the most part.

They are currently at war with a neighboring kingdom that attacked them.

The Colors of the Royal Family & the Kingdom of Dreodian:

Kingdom of Dreodian (Royal House & Winslow's ): insignia- Arrow/Dart with an Antelope
Colors- Blue: Truth and loyalty
Red: Military strength
Valeria's insignia- Bear and boar with Estoile over the top of them
Colors- Purple: royalty
Blue: truth and loyalty
White: Peace
Lila's insignia- Hawk (Falcon) with flowers and fountain
Colors- blue: Truth and loyalty
White: peace

The Colors of the Royal Family & the Empire of Akratis:

Empire of Akratis (Royal House): Insignia- Bow and Arrow with two right hands
Colors- Green: Hope and joy
Orange: Worthy ambition

Each certain members of the Royal family have their own mottos (the Royal queens and princesses have two or more) and colors:

Royal Motto of Kingdom of Dreodian and Royal House: Familia, Constantia Et Ultio-Family, Steadiness And Vengeance
Valeria's motto: Ex Pax Misericordia-In Peace Compassion, Pax, Fama Et Familia-Peace, Fame And Family
Lila's Motto: Virtus Elegit Amantes-Virtue Chose The Loving Ones, Veritas Juvat Fortis-Truth Helps The Strong Ones, Focus Elegit Fideles-Hearth Chose The Faithful Ones
Winslow motto: Mutatio Defendit Me-Change Protects Me, Lux Et Veritas-Light And Truth

Royal Motto of Empire of Akratis and the Royal House: Veritas, Constantia Et Lux-Truth, Steadiness And Light

Gods and Goddess of Dreodian:

Uher, God Of Peace
Zezmos, God Of Life & Death
Munir, God Of Health
Oarus, God Of Harvest
Xitar, God Of Agriculture
Ovdos, God Of The Sea
Eion, God Of Life
Cokbris, God Of Success
Gudes, God Of Justice
Agion, God Of Marriage
Negorr, God Of Wine
Yflotl, God Of Torture
Aana, Goddess Of Hope
Kivsoi, Goddess Of The Afterlife
Awlene, Goddess Of Beauty
Zomdea, Goddess Of Vengeance
Omotz, Goddess Of Revenge
Uara, Goddess Of Fortune
Sidite, Goddess Of Health
Jitris, Goddess Of The Hunt
Ignera, Goddess Of Weddings
Butix, Goddess Of Funerals
Dytuna, Goddess Of Fire
Elyja, Goddess Of Conquest

Gods and Goddess of Akratis:

Exasis, Goddess Of Wisdom
Esoi, Goddess Of The Military
Akhena, Goddess Of Youth
Onaris, Goddess Of The Hunt
Vacneas, Goddess Of Marriage
Opdea, Goddess Of Beauty
Rylene, Goddess Of The Hearth
Owtia, Goddess Of Life
Olene, Goddess Of Nature
Bufella, Goddess Of Health
Mulella, Goddess Of Victory
Iphine, Goddess Of Children
Ruqdohr, God Of Funerals
Imbus, God Of Death
Umir, God Of Agriculture
Xoesis, God Of The Afterlife
Zodum, God Of Peace
Ladjun, God Of Battle
Qadros, God Of Medicine
Etyx, God Of Hunting
Uresis, God Of Logic
Igton, God Of Revenge
Surasil, God Of Destruction
Turasil, God Of Wisdom
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