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Taiska, the Eastern Swordsman

Posted: Wed May 16, 2018 6:40 pm
by Taiska

Name: Kasheimi Taiska

Nickname: The Demon of Hayaba

Rank: Sergeant

Species: Human/Karuai

Apparent Age: 35

Factual Age: 35

Gender: Male

Specialization: Assassination and hand to hand combat.


Hair: Length: His long, flowing hair is usually tied up into a knot or ponytail.|Type: Straight |Color: Black with hints of grey around his roots.

Facial Hair: A small amount of stubble covers his face.

Eyes: Size: 24mm|Shape: Slight almond shaped|Color: Crimson Red|Characteristics: Taiska's eyes seem to house the fires of hell itself, intimidating most people.

Eye Brows: Long and arched

Ears: Rounded with an attached earlobe

Nose: Narrow

Lips: Thin

Build: Athletic

Skin Tone: Slightly tanned

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 184lbs

Voice: Relatively deep

Handed: Ambidextrous, but his main hand is his right.

Body Markings: None

Scar Tissue: Taiska has a jagged scar that runs across his left eye, and extends across his mouth.

Unique Body Features: None


Physical Description:

Rating System
[Above Average]
[Below Average]
[Very Poor]

Combat Prowess
MASTERY Hand-to-Hand Combat: [Perfect]

MASTERY Melee Combat: [Excellent]

MASTERY Armed Combat: [Above Average]

MASTERY Magic Combat: [Average]

MASTERY Mounted Combat: [Average]

Active Skills and Abilities:

[Excellent] Cloak: Taiska's spiritual Karuai infusion allows him some control over the shadows and allows him to blend into them with ease. This ability can only be used for a short amount of time though, because of the energy consumed using it. Note: He is not completely invisible, a very keen observation can reveal movement in the darkness. While Duality is active, Taiska is completely invisible.

[Excellent] Berserk: Taiska can enter a sort of "berserk" mode. His adrenal gland was enhanced as a result of fusing with his Karuai and it releases about twice as much adrenaline as a regular human's, making his strength and speed enhanced greatly.  While Duality is active, he can use Berserk indefinitely until the form subsides. Note: Extended use can be fatal.

[Excellent] Focus: Taiska enters a phase in which he focuses on nothing, allowing himself to become "one" with his blade. His swordsmanship is increased greatly while this is active. With intense meditation and practice, he has almost mastered this technique. Duality does not affect Focus in any way. 

[Average] Ivory Flames: White flames engulf the blade, these scorching tounges of ivory fire burn and melt nearly everything that it touches. These flames are a manifestation of Haku's burning will, and cannot be extinguished unless he wills it. These flames are not hot to anyone or anything that Taiska doesn't want to harm, but this technique is fairly unstable and can quickly get out of hand. While Duality is active, the flames will intensify and become much larger.

[Average] Duality: Taiska surrenders to the two souls, letting them take temporary control over his body. Junkai and Haku manifest a part of themselves, altering the appearance of Taiska for the duration. On the right side of his body, his skin becomes iridescent white with small, thin black spirals extending down his right arm. On his left side, his skin becomes completely black with white spirals extending down his left arm, exactly symmetrical to his other side, just opposite color. While in this form, Taiska's physical abilities are far superior to his normal human form, but his thinking is severely cloudy. He also has access to enhanced versions of each of the abilities that he currently possesses. As Taiska forms closer bonds with Junkai and Haku, he will gain more control and be able to think more clearly while in this form. After using this ability, Taiska is physically drained and has to rest for at least a full day before resuming combat.

Passive Skills and Abilities:

[Perfect] Karuai: Taiska has finally conquered his oppressor, and can force the being to carry out his will, in multiple ways, such as: enhancing his own physical abilities; spawning another form, one comprised completely of dark energy; and last, but not least, he can send the Karuai's energy into other objects, allowing him control of them. Duality makes it to where the dark energy hugs Taiska's body, making this technique impossible to use.

[Perfect] Martial Arts: Taiska has mastered several types of martial arts, including Aikido, Iaido, and ninjutsu. Developing his own, unique fighting style.

[Above Average] Aura Sense: Haku had always had an affinity for sensing and manipulating aura, or the energy a person's soul emits. Through connecting with Haku, Taiska has also developed a keen sense for where someone is, and what their intentions are. It is almost uncanny how accurately he can read a person's will without even seeing their physical person. This ability is limited to around 5 feet. In Duality, the range is increased to 10 feet.


Head: He only uses his cowl when he is on a mission, so usually nothing.

Neck: A cowl sits on the back of his neck, waiting to be pulled up, and conceal Taiska's identity.

Chest: Black cloth garb with small tints of red, tucked into his trousers. 

Back: Tightly fitted so it won't snag on anything. 

Left Arm/Shoulder: Black sleeves extend down to just above his wrists.

Right Arm/Shoulder: One this arm, a leather caestus like gauntlet extends up to the middle of his arm.  A small leather pauldron is also strapped to his right shoulder.

Right Hand: A caestus like gauntlet covers this hand, and is able to take a sword strike.

Left Hand: None

Right Accessory: None

Left Accessory: A small rosary bracelet that was given to him a long time ago by a close friend.

Waist: A vibrant green sash hangs from his hip, a signal of his rank in the guard.

Left Leg: Black cotton trousers, tucked into his shoes, nothing else special about them.

Right Leg: Black cotton trousers, tucked into his shoes, nothing else special about them.

Feet: Rugged black cloth Jikatabi with rubber soles.


Primary Weapon

Weapon Name: Kagishi

Weapon Type: Katana

Material: Tamahagane

Ammo: N/A

Length: 24"

Weight: 5 lbs

Weapon Description/Info: Kagishi was hand forged centuries ago, forged in a time of need and despair. The blacksmith that forged Kagishi was said to have infused a soul into the blade, but that is just rumor... The dark color of the blade was made from the countless folds in the tamahagane, which climb into the mid 50s. The legendary blade had stayed in the Kasheimi family for generations, and finally made it's way to Taiska. Somehow, it still retains it's razor sharpness, with a single swing, it seems to cut the air itself. The soul infused into Kagishi reinforces the blade and makes it nearly indestructible, despite its frail, thin form.

Secondary Weapon

Weapon Name: N/A

Weapon Type: Daggers

Material: Steel

Ammo: N/A

Length: 5" each

Weight: 1 lb each

Weapon Description/Info: The daggers on his belt were Taiska's choice weapons before he inherited Kagishi. They have a mild sensory enchantment, allowing Taiska to be able to see, hear and smell a bit better. This enchantment stays as long as he has the daggers on him.


Items: N/A


Personality: Taiska can be a little headstrong and arrogant from time to time. He has a very strong sense of honor, and will protect his allies with startling ferocity. Because of his training and many years of battle experience, he is very analytical. Before carrying out a mission or assassination, he often plans out all possible outcomes, planning for all possibilities. He is also very patient, and able to wait long periods of time just to assassinate a target.

Quirks: He is a little bit OCD and needs to have things in a certain order, or he gets very annoyed. He also likes to sing sometimes.

Weaknesses: Enemies that rely on brute force can often overpower Taiska, and force him to use his abilities. He also has an old injury on his left wrist, and if it is struck in the right place, it could break easily.

Allergies: None that he has discovered.

Bio: When Taiska was but a babe, his village was laid unto siege by a small but powerful bandit, looking to gain riches in the small mining town. In the frenzy, Taiska's mother hid him away from the village, in some tall grass by the creek. She died protecting her son, her last words were a prayer to whatever god was listening. "Please save my son..." She had collapsed just outside of the grass, with a tear streaking down her face. The men were ordered to search the grass, but from some miracle, they didn't find the baby Taiska. Not soon after the invasion took place, man heard a small child cry faintly. Somehow, the man found the baby and decided to raise it as his own.

The old man lived in a village called Hayaba, it was a small and peaceful fishing village, out of the way from politics and war. When the man showed his wife the baby that he had found near the river, she was disgusted, suggesting that he should throw away the child. He refused, and kept the baby, even though it's eyes were as red as the rising sun. Over the years, the man's wife began to love the young baby boy and even began to call him her son.

At the young age of four, his father began training him in martial arts and self-defense. Taiska was a fast learner for his age and caught on quickly to what he was taught with ease. He began to wrestle with the other boys in his village, beginning to build up his strength and wits.

Taiska grew like a weed, and at the age of 8, he was already 4'5" and stronger than most kids his age. Soon, he had a spotless record sparring with the local children, for he knew more about technique then raw strength. His skill lead to him being placed in the small training facility, with dreams of becoming a samurai one day. Taiska trained long and hard, from dawn till dusk. Pouring long hours into the dojo with a few other kids aspiring to be samurai. He was so talented, that everyone in his village actually thought that he was going to become a great warrior.

At the age of 16, Taiska decided to leave the village, and seek out his own destiny. His adopted father gave Taiska his family's katana outside of the gates of Hayaba, wrapped in a black cloth. Taiska accepted the gift with a smile and turned with tears in his eyes. With reluctance, he walked out into the forest outside of the village, never to return to the place he called home.

As the hours passed, he kept himself occupied with stances and different strategies in battle. He had heard a rustling noise to his left, and his hand drifted to his katana. A small voice came from the brush, it was a strange sounding voice, but something about it set him at ease. The voice asked Taiska what he wanted to accomplish in life, and Taiska explained that he wanted to become a powerful warrior. The voice made a sound that sounded like a chuckle, but responded that it could help him achieve this goal, he just had to travel with the mysterious being. Taiska blindly agreed to the deal, he figured that he could use the extra company on the long journey.

In that moment, a black, disfigured body jumped at him, it's claws sinking into the young boy's head. He tried to scream, but his voice was no-where to be found. For a second, the creature stared straight into Taiska's eyes, and brought it's clawed hand up then shot it straight into Taiska's chest. The resulting pain felt like it was going to tear Taiska's chest apart, but the creature had disappeared completely from view. The same voice which taunted him only moments ago is speaking again, except it was in his own mind. The creature explained that it was a Karuai, and that they were essentially one person now. The pain in his chest did not subside, but it only got worse, and worse until he could barely move. The voice whispered in his head again, telling the drained Taiska to look up, and as he did, he saw legs covered in a black cloth, then darkness overtook him.

When he awoke, he was inside of a house of some kind, confused by the sheer fact of what happened before. He dismissed what had happened as a dream, and that he was on his way to becoming a warrior. Little did he know that he was on the way to becoming a great warrior, just not in the sense that he expected. In a few minutes, an old cheeky man walked into the room, asking how he was. Taiska replied that he was fine and inquired on how he got to this house. The old man told him that he had Taiska lieing on  the ground in the middle of a path through the forest, in fact, the old man explained that Taiska would've died if the old man hadn't been there. Taiska asked why, and the old man pointed to his chest and said that the Karuai would have drained all of his energy. Taiska stopped suddenly, that's what the creature before told him that he was. The old man then explained that if a person with a Karuai does not get cleansed when they merge once a day, the person will die.

Taiska was heavily confused at the moment, but the old man chuckled and told him that he would train Taiska to use the Karuai inside. Taiska trained with the old man for 5 years, not nearly long enough, but he felt like he needed to go. As a departing gift, the old man asked Taiska for his daggers. Puzzled, Taiska handed them over, and the man ran his hands over both of them. They began to glow a green hue, and Taiska's senses suddenly sharpened. He accepted the gift and hugged the old man tightly as the old man nagged him about being cleansed daily. Taiska said goodbye to the old man and began wandering the country, honing his skills and lending his blade to whichever cause paid the most.

Several, several years passed, and Taiska only got stronger, and more patient. He learned to master his burden, and mold it into a tool at his disposal. Wherever he walked, he left blood in his wake and Warlords began seeking his assistance in their armies. During his warring campaign, Taiska discovered that his sword, Kagishi, housed a legendary hero's soul. Haku was the fallen warrior's name, who's soul was etched into the folds of the katana. In life, Haku was a legendary swordsman, said to have slain an entire army single handed. However, he was not just an envoy of destruction; Haku had spent most of his life helping and saving many innocent lives from corruption. He was steadfast in his belief that everyone had the potential to do good. Unfortunately, Haku was betrayed by the person that he had trusted the most, his long-time friend, Tachi. Now Haku seeks vengeance, lending Taiska his power, seeing him as a worthy vessel for his power. Taiska was weary at first, as the blade that he had possessed almost all of his life began speaking to him. He was taken aback at first, but accepted Haku's offer, not realizing what all that would entail. As he accepted Haku's power, he felt their souls fuse, a familiar sensation. Finally, after 10 years of violence, he retired from his life of violence to the kingdom of Azuria. In Azuria, he joined the ranks of the guard and now protects it from threats.

Additional information: Taiska no longer has to cleanse himself because of the domination of the Karuai.

What exactly is a Karuai?: Shadouin-beings: Shadouin-beings exist in a plane parallel to our own, where darkness consumes all and light is a rare sight. A Shadouin-being, or commonly referred to as a Karuai, is created when a soul leaves our plane of existence, and travels to the land beyond. This process can be interrupted if the person had a corrupted soul, there are now two places the soul can reside, hell, or the land of shadows. This land is desolate and bleak, driving some of the beings to insanity, but others live in luxury, doing absolutely nothing. Karuai (this is the plural form as well) are usually docile, but some of the more corrupted souls travel to the land of the living to find an unwary host. When a Karuai finds a host, it will use it's cunning to strike a deal, usually fame or wealth. Depending on the power of the Karuai, there are three types of fusion that the Karuai and the host undergo, the fusions are also extremely painful. A physical fusion, which only affects the physical aspects of the host. A mental fusion, which doesn't affect the physical part of the host at all, and the Karuai is fused with the host's mind. Then there is a spiritual fusion, which only the strong Karuai can accomplish. The Karuai and the host's soul are fused together, resulting in a physical and mental effect. When a Karuai is fused with a host, they become one, and when the host dies, so does the Karuai. If the host does die, both souls are sent back to the realm of darkness, to forever dwell on it's bleak plane.

Taiska's Karuai's name is Junkai

Prosperity tries the fortunate, Adversity the great

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