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Post by princeofnight117666 » Tue Jan 16, 2018 5:46 pm


Name: prince of night ,zackary clark , the largest shard

Age:21 birthday sept 8

Sex: male though sometimes respawns as a girl

Race: demi god (half god of existence and the other half is humunculi)

Height: 6 feet,3 inches

Weight: 270 pounds



Appearance: brown hair brown and green eyes looks slightly pudgy but in general he looks handsome

Personality: sadistic


Powers: respawn (when he dies he comes back to life in a new body however the body is never the same ) , make immortal when he marries he makes his mate immortal, temporary god form (he can temporarily activate his godly blood to turn into the god of cursed fate)

Skills:necromancy(locked) and existence magic(he can pull souls from the abyss to do magic[locked])

Equipment: Micheal's soul-stone(a stone that he replaced his heart with), miles' staff(the staff used by a shard named miles tails [the shard of magic]), pocket dragon(micheal's pet dragon whom can grow and shrink at will), and ouji's yamato(a demon sword named yamato that gets stronger every time it absorbs blood from something)


once trapped in hell Micheal split himself into shards. prince of night is the shard of Micheal that governs his fate.
born zackary micheal clark. he was born in the 2nd dimension (on a planet named earth). he has been searching for a way to restore micheal and finnally destroy the darkones once and for all. he reached Azuria (8th dimension ) by throwing himself into a vat of dark matter (yea not good idea but hey it worked). after hearing a rumor of a black block that fell from a glyph in the sky thinking the box is his ship which follows him though dimensions he set off to find it.

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Re: princeofnight

Post by Shinigami » Wed Jan 17, 2018 1:16 am

I'm not the authority here, but you might have to up your game a bit. Add better descriptions, etc. Annasiel is the judge of that, though.
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Re: princeofnight

Post by Snowskeeper » Sat Jan 20, 2018 7:22 am

[...] Race: demi god (half god of existence [...]
That's a little over the top.

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