Kol Blackwood, werewolf.

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Kol Blackwood, werewolf.

Post by Shinigami » Fri Nov 17, 2017 9:06 am


Name: Kol (coal) Blackwood.

Age: 44

Sex: Male.

Race: Highborn werewolf.

Human: 5'10"
Werewolf: 6'4"

Human: 275 lbs.
Werewolf: 350 lbs. (Muscle mass, fur, overall body difference.)

His hair is raven black and very thick for a male, and pulled into a low, lazily-done ponytail that reaches the middle of his back. His eyes are a bloody red; a symbol of his highborn status, and an unfortunate giveaway to his cursed heritage. He has olive brown skin, covered in several pink-ish white scars and toughened from years of conflict. He has a particularly prominent scar across his left cheek, right on the bone.

He wears a vest of crudely-made leather armor over a simple brown wool shirt, black cloth pants and a pair of leather hiking boots. On his head is a worn brown adventurer's hat that he stole from an unfortunate traveller.

This, but with red eyes.

Kol is often described as being calm, cool and collected; and is generally liked by his neighbors. In truth, though, he is a very spiteful man, and takes great joy in bringing down those who have wronged him. That's not to say he's cruel, but after his father's death, and the loss of his home, he has simply run cold.

He tries hard to hide his true form, to blend in with society. Being the last of his clan, he no longer has a pack to help him, and will avoid unnecessary encounters for the sake of survival. His ideal goal is to find a mate to restore his clan, but that will have to wait until he finds a suitable place to stay.


Kol is a werewolf. As such, he can shift between his human form and a werewolf form, gaining all of the advantages and drawbacks of said form. With effort, he can shift fully into a large wolf - an ability only a highborn can possess.

For the sake of decency, we'll say his clothes shift with him when he changes forms. :)

Highborn blood:
Kol was born to two werewolf parents, rendering his blood purer than most others. This gives him the ability to shift completely into a wolf, and allows him to retain control of himself when he turns. He can also actively shift his form, whereas the Cursed Ones (regular werewolves) have no control whatsoever over these matters.

Cursed bite (werewolf form only):
All werewolves are baned with a cursed bite, the ability to expand their numbers by merely biting a human or humanoid creature.

Highborns possess the ability to manipulate the fledglings they create, imposing a supernatural influence over them. This ability is limited, however, by the individual's focus and leadership ability. Nobody, not even a mindless beast, is foolish enough to follow a poor leader.

Heightened senses:
Even in his human form, Kol benefits from an amplified sense of hearing and smell. They are about equal to that of the common wolf.

Strength (werewolf form only):
Due to the increase in size and muscle mass, Kol gains a large amount of strength upon shifting into his werewolf form.

For reference: he is capable of lifting and throwing a man in full armor, but cannot batter down a stone wall or reinforced door.

Melee combat:
Kol is highly skilled in hand-to-hand fighting, and has a talent for bludgeons. His preferred weapon is the morningstar mace.

Survival techniques:
He is practiced in the art of survival. His skills include hunting, trapping, foraging and first-aid. He can also improvise a shelter if in a pinch.

He has developed a talent for lying and acting, having spent a large deal of time in human cities and villages. He uses his skills to portray himself as an average human, so as to avoid being hunted and killed.

A basic morningstar mace, his favorite weapon.

Leather armor:
A simple vest of hardened leather.

A small pouch of coins:
It contains ten gold coins from another country.


Kol grew up in the Gold Peak region of Bolarem, over five-thousand miles from Azuria. His clan reigned over a major fishing city in the region, ruling them through fear and threats of sacrifice. Though he disapproved of his father's methods, he was loyal to his clan and did as he was told.

A few weeks after his fifteenth birthday, the residents of the city had paid a clan of demon hunters to rid them of the werewolves; prompting a war between the two clans. The first attack was harsh and unexpected, piercing their ranks like a dagger through flesh. Kol had been a victim in that battle; their silver-coated swords carving his first scars. The subsequent battles weren't much better, losing several of their kin over time, but they managed to hold their ground for over ten years before they were finally forced to fall back.

By the time he was thirty, his clan's numbers had dropped considerably; the once-great Blackwood reduced to perhaps thirty men and women. The demon hunters had been pursuing them relentlessly, intent on wiping them out entirely, and their most recent victim had been his father, Jorn. He survived the initial attack, but his wounds were too grievous for recovery. With the little life he had left, he ordered Kol to flee, telling him to revive their clan elsewhere; that they had no hope of survival with the circumstances as they were. His remaining clansmen held off the hunters while he made his escape, and he has been wandering the lands ever since.

He now finds himself at the gates of Azuria...
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