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Name: Alleo

Age: 2

Sex: Female

Race: Prismatic Dragon

Height: 13 inches tall

Weight: 12 lbs



A very small wyrmling (Baby Dragon) about the size of a cat. She is pure white, covered in crystal-like scales that are usually a pure white, however twinkle with a variety of colours all from the rainbow. She is a bit on the chubbier side of things, has a pair of young and fresh wings on her walk, and a long tail tipped with a spade. Her spine is covered in quartz-like rocks, her wrists and feet also growing slight crystals about the edges.

She has webbed ears, and small horns coming in, along with bright, big pearly eyes with a feline pupil.


Behold, the mightiest ego stuffed into the smallest body in all of Azuria! Alleo, or as she would like to call herself, KING Alleo, Devourer of Worlds, Destroyer of Dreamscapes, Archmage of all magic and Rocksage of the high mountains, and finally, professional bear wrestler, is an entirely over-confident, grumpy, egotistical little package of pure harmlessness. She carries herself with her head held high, even if that head barely reaches the mid of your shins, and she will make it clear that she believes everyone to be her vassal the moment they are born.

Alleo likes food, sleeping, adventure and bossing people around. Her dislikes are baths, being told what to do, being silenced, and eye-contact, which she perceives as a challenge to her majesty. This Dragon, however, is literally nothing to fear. Despite her bites, she almost never punctures the skin unless she feels she is in true danger, and despite her large claims of being willing to obliterate everyone in her path, her bark is a lot worse than her bite. She loves the friends that she makes, and basically has a porcupine personality : A soft, squishy friendly creature with a irritatingly spikey disposition.



Adaptability! : Alleo can dig and create tunnels through earthy substances, she can eat and digest a lot of typical materials such as wood, rock, plants and cloth (But not metal or anything overly strong), she has sponge-like lungs capable of breathing through water for oxygen, and she can glide (but not fly) from high distances downwards. She is excellent at surviving on her own, and despite being a hatchling, she has all the necessities required to make it along on her lonesome.

Prismatic Breath Attack! :

With a big breath and concentration, Alleo can shoot forward a prismatic breath of a smaller cone variety at a target for absolute self-defense, having not much else to rely on. It is only good for one target, and does not take up a whole lot of space. If caught on fire for example, it will at best catch on half of the target, not consume the target entirely as an adult dragon might.

I will roll a an 8 sided die, give you a link to the result, and from what number shows up will be her randomized breath effect.

1 Red (Fire Breath)
2 Orange (Acid Breath)
3 Yellow (Electricity Breath)
4 Green (Poison)
5 Blue (Petrify aimed body part, be it leg, arm, or head, you choose. Can be dispelled by a wizard or sage, or wears off after a day.)
6 Indigo (Insanity -- Hallucinate for a few rounds, your choice what you see!)
7 Violet (Teleport! Teleports you to a random area nearby, or if you choose, far away.)
8 Struck by two rays; roll twice more, ignoring any “8” results.

**Unfortunately, Alleo can only manage one breath every few hours (Once every scene) because she is so young and small.

Wildlife Apathy :

Unless she goes out of her way to pick fights and cause damage, most wildlife will not mind her, attack her, or show any aggression.

Weaknesses :

Small and Weak, with no considerable natural weapons : If a cat can do it, she can do it too. If a cat cannot do it, she can't do it. That means opening doors, lifting up heavy objects, and the likes. She also has the "HP" of a housecat, and can easily be beaten up. Her bites when she is trying real hard rarely do any serious damage, and her claws have about the same usefulness.

Underbelly : The underside of a Dragon is their most sensitive part, and hitting that area or slashing at it will cause extra damage. She is very small, so hitting her or cutting her down there with a good hit can be quite cataclysmic for the little thing!

Cannot Fly : She can't.

Dragons Bane : An interesting rare herb that causes many breeds of Dragons an allergic reaction, to the point of rendering them unconscious if forced under their nose, or poisoning them to near death if eaten. Dragonsbane can keep a Dragon far away from where it is posted.

No Humanoid shift : She's 2 years old, what did you expect?

Low Endurance : Dragons her age should be wrapped up in a nest, eating, and snoozing for the majority of the day, but here she is, running around like a crazy person. Because of this, she gets tired very easily, and has to eat a lot of food to sustain herself.

Utter lack of Knowledge and Skills : Alleo barely knows anything. At all. There's some objects she doesn't even know the purpose of, very common objects at that. She doesn't know how to read or write.



Exceptionally Bright : Alleo has managed to learn a basic level of Common on all on her own, and learns things quite quickly and with ease, ig you can get her to sit down and not have the ego the size of the moon to listen to you.


One Enchanted Wizard hat that she wears on her head, made of leaves, given to her by a Wizard that found her highly amusing, before she promptly ran away with the thing without so much as a thank you! It cannot rot or waste away.


Alleo was hatched from a stolen egg, being carried by a group of bandits who had successfully raided an adult Dragon's lair, and taken the egg without the mother being aware. She hatched when they were not paying too much attention, and proceeded to wander off into the wilderness when she found herself alone and confused in a tent, with a small opening near the underside to head off into the woods.

She quickly found herself roaming through a variety of towns, snooping and listening to the commoners speak, and began to instantly pick up on words and basic ideas of knowledge as she watched them with their daily lives.

Alleo was adaptable, and exceptionally smart. She could hide and dig to keep herself safe, often taking home in the forest where she was safe from assault of other creatures. Because Alleo never had the chance to imprint on anyone, all too busy sniffing and declaring her territory to herself for fun, she began to consider the grand adventure, the quest of conquering the world, her only real purpose in life. Alleo didn't understand that she was just a baby, and had never seen another Dragon to get a good idea of it. Since she was always on the move, she never had long-lasting conversations with others either to learn anything important, and quickly had to run away from those who thought she might make a valuable regent for their potions.

Alleo eventually found herself wandering the streets of the Azuria Kingdom, however she also found herself in a pit of a pickle. She was entirely lost. Now what was she supposed to do? Well, this was her latest territory, she assumed, so her latest quest was to make her presence known and clear, and avoid being 'napped in the process!

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Re: Alleo

Post by Annasiel » Tue Nov 07, 2017 7:46 pm

Alone she drifts from ancient mists
Nary a candle, nary a wish
But in the wont of wandering paths
Through wooded knolls, and windworn crags
She seeks a face she thought as friend
But now -- she thinks as judgement's end

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