Dubhshìth, The Moontide King

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Dubhshìth, The Moontide King

Post by MayonnaiseSupreme » Sat Nov 04, 2017 5:33 am

Name: Dubhshìth, goes by "Aaelwin" for his Elven Alias.

True Name : Deighdub

Age: 456

Sex: Male

Race: Aos Si

Subrace : Sidhe

Height: 6'7" In true form, 6'3" in Glamour.

Weight: 194 lbs



His Glamoured appearance takes that of a Dark Elf in early adulthood -- A pale and cold complexion that nears a stark white, with midnight-blue long wavy hair that reaches down to the nape of his back. His features are extraordinarily feminine to the point of being compared to owning a woman's face, with his lips a greyish colour from a lack of saturation, and his eyes, darkened in complexion from both his thick black lashes and the assistance of smokey makeup and the light decoration of purple paint. His irises appear a icey blue with a thick black border between that and his sclera, with brows thin and well arched, and a nose with a soft straight ridge and complimentary point to the tip.

His True form like all of his kind is otherworldy and strikingly breath-taking. His skin becomes a pale blue, etched into it dark and almost arcane lines that occasionally shimmer with the magics of his form, and his eyes become entirely enveloped in an equal bluish, near periwinkle colour screams the depths of winter itself. His hair remains a bluish-black, though when he smiles, considerable beastly fangs can be seen, and his fingernails become tipped an elegant yet dangerous edge.

In both forms, his skin is remarkably cold to the touch.


Dubhshith is first regal, vain and a tad flamboyant before anything else, though he is also as charming and enticing as a first day of snow is to a child who has never seen the wonders of the icey season. He carries himself with grace, a constant soft smile upon his features that persists even when speaking to the most displeasing of people, and he always uses his words carefully, never allowing one to know of his truest thoughts, feelings or emotions unless he deems it necessary.

He is not shallow, despite the high importance he puts on his own image, and he is not easily offended, his heart being as thick as the ice of northern seas. He comes across as almost always kind and gentle, though his decisions and conclusions often directly go against his seemingly good nature. The Moontide King represents every aspect of winter as far as he can, the very element bred into him and closer to his heart than anything. If one knows the season, then they know the full extent to which Dubh can behave.

Things that can upset him however are those that directly affect the balance of the world, or decisions that bring vast amounts of pain with true malice behind its intent. To sacrifice many people for the greater good, the Unseelie King will nod and agree. To do something for no other sake than to bring pain onto another being, with no offense warranted to demand it but the sheer glee of torture, he will be quick to scorn and scold (But noticeably, not punish too harshly). Everything must have a reason, a greater virtue that is sought to be preserved. The few things that can bring out his own wraith and prompt him to show the most ruthless aspects of the cold, like unstoppable movement of glaciers, and total lack of life in the most extreme corners of the world, are when his trust and good will has been betrayed, however as strange to interrupt it may seem. His very presence without freezing the area is often seen as a sign of good will to him, and to actually prove his kindness almost nears an insult.

Even so, to insult this Fae with words alone, he may look the other way, a patience not often found among his kin. To spit directly in the face of what he considers to be the embodiment of responsibility -- bringing forth a rest to many old creatures to make room for the new, and removing the weak to allow the expansion of the healthy and strong -- is to ask for personal judgement in his eyes, and he will make sure it is most painful and costly for the assailant. He does not take actions of antagonism lightly, be it a petty thief or one who speaks too highly of themselves, and as a result, talks badly of him. His idea of retribution can seem unfitting of the crime, but who would dare harm the season that allows for life anew? To him, it is a crime upon the world to place a crime upon him.

That being said, he does have a sense of humor, though unfortunately for things that most would find displeasing to witness. Winter brings forth much conflict and desperation, and so Dubh enjoys to quietly surround himself in emotional dramatics and lightly fan the flames of disagreements at all levels. He simply cannot help himself, and often finds creative ways to plant little seeds of doubt into others. It is not that he is truly cruel or wishes the destruction of relationships, but rather wants to see if they can endure, like all things he values in the world. Endurance in the face of great calamity is what he admires and wishes to protect, and he finds ways to award those who manage to impress him. People are very much his play things to a greater extent, and his manipulative nature is expertly hidden under a perfect smile.


  • Ice Manipulation :
    What would be a Winter Fae without any Ice magic? Dubh has complete control over the aspects of cold and ice. He can manifest the element from the air much like a mage might, or take it by force through his surroundings, freezing water solid and manipulating its form. The breadth of his capacity all depends on the amount of time he takes to concentrate, with more smaller spells taking an almost instantaneous casting time. An example would be one large spear of Ice at one target, or many smaller spears of Ice that do only minor surface damage at multiple targets.

    The more higher and larger accumulations of Ice he wishes to make, the more time he must spend to accumulate the Ice, and with time for preparation comes an opening for attack.
  • Temperature Drop :
    The Moontide King has the capacity to drop the temperature at any given area to a unbearably cold levels. The rules for casting these types of effects follow with the Ice manipulation. He can either throw blasts of cold air at a target in order to attempt to incapacitate them, or completely drop the given area with a bit more time and concentration to cover a wider range of enemies.

    (Especially large effects will have to be staff approved or event-based)
  • Weather Manipulation (Cold only) :
    The power to change the specific weather of a small area, medium area, or (with staff approval) a large area/region to something of a wintry level. This can range from simple snowfall, to a large and cold raging blizzard. Like all other spells, the larger the effect requires more time and concentration.
  • Freezing Touch :
    The use of freezing a target completely with a touch (and concentration / time preparation and OOC consent ) in place. This power can be used as both an attack or a life-saving attempt at preservation, because it an be instantaneously removed by Dubh. The curse can range from simply needing to thaw out, to requiring a dispell, all the way to being a heavy and thick curse that must be removed by the most powerful of Wizards, or the Moontide King himself. If the target is near death, this spell can preserve their life by freezing them into space, allowing for more time to be given for others to find an adequate healer or medical supplies.

    (The extent of this spell will almost always be temporary, 3 post rounds at best, unless previously planned for a longer duration. I don't plan on having this guy running around trying to freeze people, resistances to the spells if there is no discussion are more than welcome, along with a simple dodge or interruption if he is taking time to cast.)
  • Shadow Step :
    The Unseelie King had to be prepared to represent his kind, and thus was also trained with a secondary and lesser element of Shadow to aid him. Shadow step, or flash, is a technique that allows for the user to flash-teleport from one location to another within a 20 feet radius, with a single full second of pause between casts. A user cannot flash if they are preoccupied with casting a spell, nor can they flash if they are in the process of being repeatedly tortured. If bound, they will remain bound as everything connected to them will flash with them -- Therefore a chained user cannot flash away if they are chained to a wall.
  • Black Ice :
    Ice manipulation, but with the added property of Darkness. Requires more effort than typical Ice Manipulation. Black Ice doesn't melt with a warm environment, and unless using direct fire against the Ice, or bathed in light magic, it will persist. Shattering is still an option, brute force is always a valid solution to all your problems!
  • Dark Fog :
    A cold and obscuring black mist is scent forward, obscuring the view of a small, medium, or large area depending on the amount of casting time. (and staff approval)
  • Shadow Tendrils! :
    A surprisingly common technique, for some weird reason. Shadow Tendrils are physical tendrils, both thick and small, that can be used to do a variety of tasks. They range from simply lifting an object, to bothering a target or giving tickles, to trying to full-blown restrain them. Despite their creepy nature, Shadow Tendrils are easy to defeat and keep away. Holding a light-source directly near the tendril will force it to shrink, and slicing or cutting the tendril or having enough brute strength to rip them from their base will cause the tendril to disintegrate. Struggling to get free is also successful if you aren't in too much of a bind.
  • Mirror-Glass Escape! :
    A very badly named ability, because creativity isn't necessarily a widespread talent. This spell requires a bit of preparation, first creating a icey surface upon a wall or the ground using the "Black Ice" technique. While fixating on a specific place that he has been in memory, Dubh can create a portal to that location that is not only transverse-able to him, but also to his friends, and even his enemies. Once the portal is open, Dubh can pass on through, however immediately after there is only a short period of 5 seconds before the portal will entirely melt away and be inaccessible, becoming a simple sheet of Ice on the ground or wall. The surface must be flat and stable for him to create a "Mirror-Glass Escape!" doorway upon it.
  • Cold/Ice Immunity :
    It will be entertaining for him to have a contest of Ice with another caster, but nothing will really come of it save for obvious brute damage of large piercing objects. The Cold never hurts him, and thus he would consider it a very nice winter show. Encasing him in Ice as a trap is equally a bit rowdy, considering he could very well manipulate the Ice out of his way, or will it to shatter.
Weaknesses :
  • Fire :
    When a Sidhe is so strongly connected to a specific element, they also inherit the weakness of the opposing element in turn. Fire based attacks or elemental damage is extra harmful and painful to Dubh than other elemental attacks, and can downright prevent him from an approach if an area is enchanted or bathed in a Fire-based ward. He will avoid extremely hot areas of experiences if he can, and will otherwise have to constantly cool himself down with spells in order to keep himself healthy and capable. In short, very bad, very painful, quite dangerous.
  • Light :
    To a lesser extent, Dubh is weak to the element of Light. Bright flashes will cause him disorientation and temporary blindness, and light-based attacks will do more damage to him then when compared to with another element or strike. They can also inhibit his ability to approach, light-based wards giving him high discomfort and being difficult for him to pass through. In short, very painful, quite dangerous too.
  • Melee Combat :
    The Moontide King is no warrior of battle when it comes to closerange combat. He does not wear thick armor to defend himself from physical strikes, nor is he especially trained in the martial arts. He isn't good with swords or weapons, and often fails to deliver a considerable strike if he is holding one. He is a noble and is thus a bit easily beaten up when it comes to pure fists and kicks, and therefore does his best to avoid close-range combat if necessary, needing to stay away in order to maintain effectiveness and his own safety. While Fae do have amazing regenerative properties when placed in the right environment, that doesn't mean they have the combative grace and might of a Vampire to come with it.
  • Bad Agility :
    I mean, have you seen what he is wearing? Not only that, but he isn't built or trained for especially amazing maneuvers. While avoiding a single throw of an object might be simple enough for him, dodging multiple flying things and avoiding many strikes is out of the option, adding into the issue with close-combat up above, and also making receiving ranged combat a bit difficult.
  • Generic Fae Weaknesses :

    Iron = Bad, more Damage, rash.

    Cold Iron = Deadly, huge damage, rash, uncomfortable aura.

    Lodestone = Anti-Fae Aura (Cannot come close to the source, heavily prompted to flee), Nausea, Disorientation, Rash.

    Cannot Lie.

    True Name is control of the Fae.

    Promise-bound : Cannot break an oath or promise, no matter how big or small.


Diplomacy :

A trained Diplomat, very well with words and understanding political issues, despite Fae issues being starkly different than those of most other races.

Poetry :

A romantic at heart, Dubh is quite the good poet and prides himself on his many efforts of work.

Dancing :

Understands most of the classic courtroom and ballroom dances, and has good footwork for leading a partner through the ball.

Leadership :

Dubh was trained his entire life for his role, and was quite literally born and designed for it down to the fiber of his being. He understands the stresses and issues with responsibility, as well as the tough choices one must make to maintain balance and peace.

Languages :

Common, Faelish, Elvish


A cloak crafted of the most perfectly selected raven feathers, producing a beautiful collar that accentuates his features. Long, flowing Elven robes beneath it, expensive and thick with both silk and expensive cloth, purple and violet with a variety of silver designs, specifically intended for the winter seasons. Thick black leather trousers, Heeled Elven dark grey boots, a variety of silver jewelry with sparkling cold-toned gemstones and emeralds (That he does not wish to part with, he loves his pretty things.)

(Flamboyance level is over 9000)


And in the death of Winters long life, a new King was crowned, to carry on the dawn of frost for another many years to come.

Dubhshith, then the Royal Prince of the Unseelie Court, had been raised his entire life for the role and faced it with an air of content. Though his father was absent most of his time, the vagabond traveler that he was, and his mother was Queen and often preoccupied with her duties and responsibilities, the Prince had a very good childhood being raised by his Uncle and male mate, who could have no children of their own and welcomed the chance to experience the love of a son.

Though he was a splitting image of his mother, it was from his Uncle he would therefore learn all of his talents, and inherent all of his style and Grace. His Uncle, like his Mother, was a creature of cold and Ice, and he took to all of his teachings to the heart and idolized the ancient Fae like a wolf may sing for the moon.

On his 355th year of life, his father was declared dead. Murdered, the other Nobles whispered, though the Prince often wondered if that was the truth. His father had many enemies, but he loved his enemies like his brothers all the same. No one could understand what went through that old man's mind, but he knew his lust for conflict had been sent onto him as his son, thankfully manifesting in a far more less extreme way. There was a period of grief, and then there was a period of quiet pause, until his Mother declared that her time in this world had come to an end. And like all things, Dubh's heart did not linger in grief, and with a smile he bid his Mother farewell, a being similar to him yet so distant, another person he did not have to understand, but perfectly respected regardless.

It was only a day after her death that he was Crowned King of the Moontide court, and thus also the Monarch and leader of all Unseelie Fae within the realm. A great responsibility weighed upon him on that day as he felt the state of all connections wash over him like a tidal wave, before finally once again resting into a cool and glassy pool of flat and resting peace. It was in that moment that he understood responsibility and what it really meant, and what his role was to be.

Great responsibility was foolish to face alone however, and one of the most giving and rewarding experiences in life was that of another to love and share eternity with. Dubhshith in all his beauty was no womanizer or genuine flirt, and had patiently put off the idea, gently pleaded with his family to post-pone the idea of marriage to another day. His elders agreed that he was not ready, and that nothing was settled enough for them to find a proper mate to marry.

That is, until 100 years after he had become King. The scrying would begin, a great screening of every Fae present and all their natures and personalities in tow, as well as the compatibility of the very soul through ancient rituals and old practices. It was decided that there was an individual that would be one day a perfect mate, though he was not at the right age to be married off, still just a child in all their eyes. That was fair, they could all wait, having the name and the decision done was enough, the Moontide King thought to himself.

And how he had insisted to keep it a secret as well. But word got out when they realized the amusement that could be reaped from the fact, and announced it was to the youth, who found immediate displeasure and disapproval. So much disapproval, he decided to run away! What was Dubhshith to do of that?

He will return, the others said. Do not worry yourself. His bond still lingers, he is no Rogue. We will retrieve him in a few years time, and all will be well.

But he did not wish to settle for that, finding the entire ordeal completely backwards. Surely, he did not want to engage in the first decade of their marriage bickering and fighting. It was no fun to bicker and fight, it was funner to witness it in others. I could prove myself a friend, at the least. The King defended. And perhaps one day, when childhood has long left him, he might see me as a worthy husband.

It took much convincing of his dear Uncle to make him take over for the time he would be gone. Off to form a proper kinship with his Fiance, rather than make them enemies. How his mother had dearly loved his father, and how his Uncle loved his mate. He tugged on the heartstrings of the Archduke of Ice, who eventually agreed to handle the more home-front responsibilities for a little while.

Of course, Dubhshith wouldn't just leave on the whim of needing to right a moral wrong. Anyone who knew him well recognized a glint of mischief in his eyes, a wonder and fascination with the outside world and all those who made their castles out of stone and metal. These beings, who lived for entirely different reasons, who fashioned themselves lives with a form of chaos he could not understand. They were also masters of strange magics, which came not from their inherent being, but from complicated incantations and interesting energies! Who wouldn't be curious, who didn't want to experience it for themselves? The thought of delving his fingers into a bit of their happenings made his heart flutter with delight, and his Uncle was equally interested in the concept, though too lazy to go out and seek such trouble himself.

He didn't know if he would find the youth right away, and he was not in too much of a rush even if that was one of his more primary objectives. He didn't think to want to drag him home, or even impose a terrible presence of authoritarianism on his poor soul. But he would try to make things more friendly, to get them on a better start. There was no harm in it, and the other nobles were right. He would have to return anyway eventually, and he couldn't simply break millennium's worth of tradition and success.

And so off he went, the trip not that far, to the only society and place he could imagine a young Fae would flee to in order to stay out of the watchful and reporting eyes of the wild : The Kingdom of Azuria. Under the disguise of a travelling Dark Elf, no doubt. A fitting Glamour.

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Re: Dubhshìth, The Moontide King

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Re: Dubhshìth, The Moontide King

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Alone she drifts from ancient mists
Nary a candle, nary a wish
But in the wont of wandering paths
Through wooded knolls, and windworn crags
She seeks a face she thought as friend
But now -- she thinks as judgement's end

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