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Post by MayonnaiseSupreme » Fri Nov 03, 2017 2:34 am



Name: Ginx

True Name : Dòmhnallan

Age: 15

Sex: Female-ish (Please see Description), raised as a boy.

( ^ Feel free to RP conflict based on this, culture clashing is good. )

Race: Aos Si

Subrace: Sidhe

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 115 lbs



Ginx is best described as a girlish creature of a modest girlish height and girlish appearances, however is easily seen as a girlish boy, and vice-versa. This is due to his species as a Sidhe, which tend to range upon the impossible and the obscure of appearances, often melding gender-defining features together or omitting them altogether. It seems based on pure personality and soul that they decide their titles and roles, for Ginx was raised as a male and considers himself as one all the same.

In his Glamoured form, which takes that of a Half-elf, he has light brown skin and bright green eyes, long and thick dark brown hair, and proportions of that of a teenage female despite a lack of breasts and a boyish voice. He wears mens clothing, and considering his disguise as a hybrid, it is usually considered believable when he asserts that he is entirely male without a flaw due to naturally soft elvish features.

His true form however is much more confusing. Though his height only increases by a few inches due to not having completely entered adulthood, his hair takes on a purplish-red hue, and his skin, a slate grey. As if designed of stone, many swirls and designs are etched lightly upon it, adding a strange and obscure appearance that easily stands out as foreign. His entire eyes are a bright, raging, and swirling green, no pupil or iris present as his species demands. His fingers past his knuckles are black as if dipped in paint, along with his toes. His nails are lightly clawed, adding to the wild nature that he represents.


Grumpy and misplaced, Ginx is young and doesn't know any better. He is stubborn, easily challenged, and has an inflated ego, thinking himself to be better than anyone else and by far, the most deserving. He thinks himself above any law - Fae and otherwise - and therefore takes whatever he thinks would suit him best without a second thought. He enjoys to start fights and irritate others, and despises being seen as anything less than the image he thinks himself to be -- Handsome, regal and utterly masculine.

Underneath his spikey exterior lies a very loyal and kind hearted Fae, who truly hates to cause anyone genuine grief, and means no one any real harm. His ability to shake off any teasing after outbursts of irritation he assumes onto others, and thus he often over-estimates the forgiving nature of those around him. He does not think past tomorrow due to his needed time to mature, leading to many mistakes and bad judgments.

Ginx is still a Fae however, and very much has an Alien-like view of the world and a very different style of processing. When he witnesses grief, he is most likely to skip over the emotional aspect of the situation unless his life is in peril, or the person suffering is a close friend. When he feels wronged or truly disrespected, usually having to do with a broken promise be it small or big, it is as if it is the end of the world. He does not forget it until he feels they have earned forgiveness. Suffering and change in any other way is just another side of life that all creatures must endure when the time comes, and until it is him experiencing the agony, he pays no heed to it so long as he is not the cause.

While most Fae are geniuses at creating half-truths, Ginx utterly fails at this sport, and often finds himself blubbering about and making the fact he is hiding something obvious.



As a Sidhe, he takes on the element of "Shadow", of which he is adapted a couple of interesting and minor tricks. Unfortunately, he is heinously young, and has yet to expand his powers to that of the amazing feats his other kin can perform.

Flash : If he has a spot within eyesight, Ginx can take the moment to "Flash" over to it in a burst of minor teleportation. This flashing effect cannot surpass 20 feet however, and requires a one-second pause before he can repeat. (One misses-sippee, two misses-sippee!)

Shadow Meld : When touching a significant shadow, Ginx can slowly "meld" into the shape and obscure himself inside in order to hide or move about. When moving, it will appear as if a shadow is crawling between one dark spot to another, so it is important for him to either move within dark areas only, or risk being caught. Striking the shadow will force him out and into the open.

Shadow Tendril! : It's a Tendril. Ginx can manifest a physical tendril of shadow, or multiple weaker tendrils, to grab objects from a distance, slap an enemy, or restrain them. He can even curl it around someone's neck if he is fast enough, though he doesn't really have the heart.


Acrobat! : Very flexible! Much flipping! Ginx is very good at somersaulting around and doing flips. It helps him to show off, but it also helps with landing from high spots, and gives him technique for boosted agility.

Climbing Expert! : There is plenty of trees and rocks to climb where he hails from! Ginx is an excellent climber, his claws helping him keep grip and lurk from spot to spot. He can hang for a considerable amount of time if in trouble.

Pickpocket : He wants your stuff. He can get your stuff pretty good too. Very good hands, very sneaky hands. Watch out.

Languages : Common and Faelish.


Leather pants, leather wrap shirt. Bandages over his feet and hands for added protection and flexibility. A small copper knife, pouch of shiny rocks.


Ginx was born of the Duchess Albeyha and Duke Coinchach, Sidhe nobles of the Unseelie court. He was loved and adored by his parents despite his off nature for his court and peculiar personality, mostly due to his mischievous attitude that was always brewing and a hope that he would grow into his destiny as a proper and powerful leader to care for the natural world.

But only one-hundred years prior the Unseelie Queen had passed away willingly, her mate murdered by an old enemy. The Queen no longer wished to endure the world alone, having lived a long and satisfying life regardless, and thinking it fitting to give herself back to the energies that birthed her. The Prince, her eldest son, was crowned King after her as tradition would demand, and had been put off from taking a mate until this point in time. He began to scan his most closest court for someone adequate to fill the role.

It was decided by he and the other nobles that Ginx, of all the Sidhe present, would make a fitting spouse when he came of age.

Ginx was anything but pleased. He did not want to have a husband, he wanted a wife, not to mention that he had no interest in being a monarch's lover. Like many other Fae faced with the situation of betrothal, he felt he didn't even know the Sidhe enough to want to take that on, and willingly chose to ignore the statistics in support of what he considered an archaic practice. He also had a lust for adventure, and responsibility meant that he would be confined to the lands he had always known, at the center of all the politics and the changing of the seasons, and in a state of perpetual boredom!

Running away was considered the most immature thing to do, but it wasn't something he would be punished for. He knew that his age would let him get away with it, and he also knew that his time was limited before he was found out again anyway. They would not simply replace him with another, that never happened unless he was confirmed dead. Ginx firmly believed that he would end up marrying the King, whether he wanted to or not.

And so, he fled. He fled to the nearest society he could find, that being the Kingdom of Azuria.

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Re: Ginx

Post by Annasiel » Fri Nov 03, 2017 7:28 am

I love him.

I especially adore how you went beyond the typical fantasy fae high fantasy works often propogate, going straight to the aos sí/aes sídhe roots. I'm positively enamored by traditional fairy folklore (and often use variations of them in my own personal works), so you might have unintentionally won a few brownie points from me. I consider myself, for all intents and purposes, a Seelie noble trapped in a cumbersome human skin. >->

He's accepted. Go, you little creature of mischief, and wreak delightful havoc on the world~
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Re: Ginx

Post by MayonnaiseSupreme » Fri Nov 03, 2017 5:25 pm

Thank you!!! I am so happy you like him, I was a bit worried myself!

I hope to see you IC!!!

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