Edward the Red

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Edward the Red

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Name: Edward Barclay

Age: 43

Sex: Male

Race: Human

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 197 Pounds


Appearance: Edward is a gruff man, with greyed hair and worn features. Despite his age though, he carries himself with a sense of pride and grace. His body is beginning to show signs of wear, however physically he is still quite capable, with strong muscles and sturdy bones.

He has long grey hair that falls well past his shoulders, but is normally tied back, with bits being loose around the front. The grey of his hair seems to only add to the effect of his icy blue eyes. His upper lip is covered by a mustache that falls down around the sides of his mouth to his chin. The rest of his face is covered by a thick stubble.

Personality: Edward carries himself with the same elegance and sophistication that would be associated with the aristocracy. He is very intelligent, well learned in mathematics, literacy, and basic sciences. His knowledge further extends into the rules of etiquette. Edward is a gentleman, and he's proud of it.

However, on the flip side, Edward is a shrewd and cunning man. He'll talk you out of every coin in your pocket, and still make you feel like you've gotten yourself a deal. Edward is just as capable of tricking your out of your money as he is capable of taking it at swordpoint. Every good pirate needs to be as cunning as a snake, right?

As you could've probably guessed, Edward lacks morality. As far as he is concerned, Morals are nothing more than rules made by men too weak to do what is necessary. There is no such thing as right, or wrong. You cannot define an action that way. Rather, a man's actions should be judged by their profit. After all, for the right price you can pay someone to ignore their morality and ethics. He is ruthless. Mercy; it's not something Edward cares for. Cross him, and you will pay dearly for it.

Despite this, Edward does in fact have a sense of loyalty. True loyalty is one of the few things he holds above coin. You may be able to influence a man's loyalty with money, but you can never fully obtain it through bartering. Real loyalty is earned.


Powers: N/A

Swordplay: Having spent two decades roaming the seas as a pirate, and a successful one at that, Edward has developed and honed his skills with a blade. Although he is aging, these skills should not be taken lightly.

Silver Tongue: Edward's words are nearly as sharp as his blade. He can be quite persuasive, especially when money is on the line.

Navigation: Being a man of the sea, Edward is very capable when it comes to using the stars to navigate.

Alertness: Having spent years as a criminal, Edward has a natural alertness. Sharpened senses to keep him alive. Something as small as the sound a blade makes as it's unsheathed, or the shaky nerves of a man about to kill. Little things. Things like this rarely go unnoticed by Edward.

Equipment: On his hip, Edward nearly always has a bastard sword and a short rapier. Apart from this and the light armpit he wears, there's not much else worth mentioning.


"The Sea is Me, and I am the Sea. When the waves cast and thrash you about, know it is my fury. When the thunder booms and cracks, know it is my wrath..."

Edward Barclay. A boy born on open waters and raised upon the decks of a ship. Being the son of a traveling merchant, Edward grew up with rolling ocean waves and cool sea spray in his face. He never knew a home that wasn't built within the cabins of a ship.

He was destined to live his life on the water. There was no scenario in which he would do otherwise. Granted, he didn't have to live the life of a pirate...

Edward was nineteen when he was given command of his first ship. A small vessel, the smallest in his father's fleet in fact. With a crew numbering less than thirty, Edward set out to make his living. Although His first voyage as a merchant would be his last.

Sailing to the shores of Azuria, with a cargo hold full of fine carpets, blankets, and furs, Edward quickly realized that buying and selling goods wasn't the most efficient way to make a living. Theft. That's where the money was. Why spend months sailing port to port, when he could simply venture a couple days out to sea and steal another ships cargo? It could be so much faster. So much cheaper.

So, when Edward got to port in Azuria, he promptly fired the entirety of his crew and sold every last bit of cargo he had. Using the money earned, Edward instead hired a crew of cutthroats and bandits. Men that wouldn't care about shedding a little blood. With these men, Edward set sail once again, though this time only to orbit Azuria's port, just several days away. The first ship they encountered was small, similar in size to Edwards, but shorthanded on crew. Without any cargo on board, Edwards ship was much faster. It wasn't hard to catch and board their prey...

Edward slaughtered the crew, stole the cargo, and left the ship to burn. It was the official start of his career as a pirate...

So, using the documentation provided by his father's shipping empire, Edward disguised his piracy as he grew. Collecting more money, whih turned to larger ships, larger crews, and then yet again more money. As his coffers grew, so did his infamy.

He grew. And grew. And grew. By the time Edward was thirty, he'd made himself considerably rich, with a small fleet of ships at his disposal and a reputation to uphold. He had proclaimed himself to be "Edward the Red; King of Azuria's seas." His original tactic; hiding under the guise of legitimate merchants had been abandoned. Edward liked to be feared. He enjoyed the terror his name commanded among merchants sailing to and from Azuria.

Years went past. Edwards fleet grew bit by bit, branching out past Azuria's seas to other nations, but still being based relatively close to Azuria. Edward's lust for power was steadily growing. His ambitions could no longer be met by simply taking the sea lanes. Not to mention, nations around the world were rapidly developing their navies in an attempt to thwart Edward's fleet, along with other pirate organizations. Edward wanted to expand his reach onto dry land.

So, at the age of forty-three, after twenty-two years serving as a scourge of the sea, Edward has set foot in the Kingdom of Azuria, and he doesn't intend to leave. Leaving his first mate to handle the fleet in his absence, Edward has ventured into the city. For now, he'll lie low. But make no mistake, Edward has every intention of reaping this land of its riches. These things just take time...

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Re: Edward the Red

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