Hcaz The Insane Immortal Vampire

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Hcaz The Insane Immortal Vampire

Post by DarkButterfly » Sat Oct 14, 2017 8:50 pm


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Name: Hcaz

Age: Unknown(as old as Vampires themselves)

Sex: Male

Race: Vampire

Height: 5'11

Weight: 176 lbs



A sharp widow's peak, a dirty, untamed mop of hair, a thick, rough beard and a permanent smirk are the hallmarks of Hcaz, besides his disturbing yellow eyes and small, nasty horns on his head. He possesses near constant bags under his eyes as he often foregoes sleep for extended periods of time in order to stave off his constant visions. Other than this, his appearance is not too extraordinary. However, once he drops his 'act' of humanity, Hcaz is capable of transforming himself into his beast form. His nose enlarges and pulls back like a bat's snout, his fangs and claws increase twicefold as his body takes a more beastly form. Wings burst forth from his sides, his ears grow intensely and his mass expands, transforming him into more werebat than man.

Beast Form:


Hcaz is, in layman's terms, insane. He possesses a frightening intellect and a great desire for power, but he is crippled by visions and voices that, on occasion, will take over his mind. Within him, he has three different personalities that vie for power and desire to rip him apart from the inside. The most prominent personality, thankfully, is one of kindness and a calm head. He is not irrational and plans out every movement he takes down to his steps. His second personality is that of his madness, only under the influence of this personality can Hcaz generate his premonitions of the future. Unfortunately he cannot discern what is real and what is a machination of his mind in this state, therefore he will do things, say things, and kill things in manner that simply makes no sense. He also believes, in this state, that he is secretly a pigeon pretending to be a vampire. Although he would never admit it, in his more prominent personality, he still believes he is a pigeon, but he has a stronger hold over resisting bird-like urges like eating birdseed and pooping on people.

His final personality is that of the beast. The struggle of all vampires, the desire to kill and drink blood. Hcaz's beast is particularly powerful, in that once it takes possession of him he will kill everything in sight. The beast knows no restraint nor sanity, and feels nothing but an intense desire to feed and gain strength.



Beast Form:

Hcaz can take the form of a great werebat, giving him even greater strength than his normal inhuman powers. His feet can tear apart men with no effort and his bite can shred steel. Fortunately for his enemies, he possesses none of his psychic powers nor any real grasp of self control in this state. It is a form that cannot be accessed, but rather possesses him in times that he is bloodstarved or in great emotional distress. He can sustain flight in this form, extremely acute and powerful hearing, and a screech capable of destroying the eardrums of anyone within a few meters of him. In this form, Hcaz will destroy everything in sight.

Hcazian Bloodline Control:

As the sire of the Hcazian bloodline, those with his blood stirring within them are compelled to obey his orders and cannot raise blade against him. He can also control the beast forms of those of his blood when they have allowed the madness to take control.

Vampiric Senses:

Hcaz possesses increased vampiric senses. He can hear a butterfly's wingbeat from a dozen meters away, see the beating heart of a man a kilometer away, and smell blood in animals and man in a hundred meter radius around his form.

Bone Heart:

Over centuries of being locked away, Hcaz has grown his extremely thick and powerful bones over his heart in order to protect himself from damage. While it does not make his heart invulnerable to staking, it does make it far more difficult to stake him.

Strength and Speed:

Hcaz is infathomably faster and stronger than humans. Even while not in his beast form, he can catch crossbow bolts from mid air, tear limbs off men, and his fists beat harder than warhammers. This allows him to lift and fight with his great bastard sword, the iron bastard, with a single hand.

Avian Kinship:

Due to, or perhaps despite, Hcaz secretly believing he is a pigeon disguised as a vampire disguised as a human, Hcaz can speak with birds. Ravens, Crows, and other pigeons are his favorite and he believes himself to share kinship with them. They can transfer information on what they see to him, as well as Hcaz transferring information(and baked goods) to them. The birds also believe Hcaz is secretly a very large pigeon, but they have decided to keep his secret among themselves and those who speak with the birds. Should anyone else talk to the birds about Hcaz, they refer to him as "the oldest birdy."

  • Dementation:
  • Eyes of Chaos:
    Hcaz can sense madness within others, as well as access short lived premonitions on others depending on how powerful they are with magic. The weaker they are, the weaker the premonitions, the more powerful his enemies are, the more powerful his visions. He can sense other's motives, driving goals, and obsessions. He can also use this ability to give himself premonitions of the future for himself, but he must accept short bouts of insanity in order to do so. He does not know how long his own insanity will last after using this ability for himself, as it can be between a day or a month.
  • Silence the Sane:
    Hcaz can, when someone attempts to have a conversation with him, silence the sanity within their mind for any time between a day and a month, depending on how weak or strong his opponent's mind is. The stronger his opponent's will, the shorter their sanity is silenced, and vice versa. When a mind is silenced, they become simple, weak, and unable to speak past basic, small, yes or no questions. They forget who they are, their own abilities, and nearly everything that happened to them in their past. Unlike Nhoj's Dementia, the silencing of the mind is not permanent and will eventually wear off with no side effects beside bad memories.
  • Voice of Flame:
    Hcaz can imbue his voice with the intense power of fire. For mortals, this ability has no effect, but other vampires are immediately stricken with the intense fear of burning to death. To hear this, as a vampire, would be the same effect as if a great flaming bastard sword was driven through their chest.
  • Nhoj's Dementia:
    Hcaz's strongest ability is known as Nhoj's Dementia. With a kiss, Hcaz can transfer permanent madness to any target. Unlike Silence the Sane, the madness is true, terrifying, babbling insanity where the mind becomes a prisoner inside a body that acts of its own volition. It is also permanent, unless Hcaz decides to remove it.
  • Haunting Madness:
    Hcaz and other Hcazian's can create visions and hallucinations within others that seem incredibly real. The visions are extremely intrusive and difficult to resist, but not impossible.
  • Blade of Hcaz:
    Hcaz can, with time and focus, fundamentally change a truth held by another. Those with their truths changed are completely unable to fathom that the new idea forced upon them is not true. A man under the influence of the Blade of Hcaz could be told that his mother, whom he loves, is not real, and he would be completely unable to accept that he ever possessed a mother from that moment forward.


Hcaz suffers from more than the typical Vampire weakness to fire, Hcaz is terrified of it. In fact, there are a great many things that cause irrational fear in Hcaz. If these things were utilized, it would be easier to scare him away than to actually fight him. The following are his detrimental fears:
  • Fire: Fire elicits a Rötschreck(red fear) within Hcaz. Meaning that, should Hcaz be unable to resist the urge, he will fly into a frenzy and flee at the very sight of fire. While a flaming wall torch elicits the desire to Rötschreck, Hcaz can resist it if he is not already in a state of stress. But he has virtually no manner of resisting something like a fire mage or a torch armed mob should he ever be confronted by them attacking him. He will not engage fire wielding enemies, he will run.
  • Water: Hcaz believes his soul will be stolen if he dies in running water. Therefore oceans, streams, rivers, even small creeks terrify Hcaz. While he can contain himself to cross creeks, streams, and rivers(provided they are calm) he will not cross any raging body of water, ocean, lake, or river if it has swollen from rain. He is not afraid of water itself, however, and suffers no ill effects from rain or water buckets. Simply running water.
  • Grip of the Damned: Unlike other vampires, if Hcaz seeks to create a ghoul or another vampire, his embrace is not kind. It is greeted with pain and suffering for weeks on end before the embraced finally turns into a vampire or ghoulish servant to Hcaz. Sometimes, this causes those whom he embraces into vampirism to suffer from permanent wounds or madness.
  • Permanent Wound: Hcaz possesses a permanent wound his in lower abdomen that causes him consistent pain. This would existed upon his turning and, as a result, will never heal. He cannot bend over without pain nor run, move or fight for extended periods due to the intense pain. He must finish his fights quickly or else.
  • Silver, sun and Wood: Hcaz possesses an intense weakness to silver, sunlight and wood. For former two will burn him intensely should he come in contact with them. While sunlight and silver will not kill him unless he engages in prolonged exposure, a stake of wood through his heart will immobilize him completely until removed. A stake of wood is the beast method to 'kill' Hcaz, as he will be unable to remove such a stake himself once he is pierced. However, it must piece his heart fully, if it does not then Hcaz will only be weakened, not finished.


Adept Bladesman(Bastard sword)
Adept Martial Artist
Master Statesman
Master Tradesman
Adept Language mastery(three languages)
Adept Slight of hand
Adept Scribe
Adept Etiquette of Royalty
Adept at Survival

A snazzy suit
A black trenchcoat
A black vest
A black blouse
A pair of black trousers
An abnormally large, black, cappello romano


Elthmirandis and Hcaz were once great friends, or so Hcaz seemed to remember it. The man had no idea of what Elthmirandis was cooking up in his basement, creating men into monsters. However, all evil things must one day face the light, and Hcaz found out about the workings of his friend. What happened next, Hcaz does not remember, but Elthirmandis informed him that a vampire hunter broke into their sanctum and attacked them. Hcaz fought him off, but suffered great wounds in the process. Elthmirandis, to save Hcaz's life, turned him into a vampire.

For this, Hcaz was eternally grateful and resolved to dedicate his life to assisting his friend. Perhaps, after this incident, a true friendship did blossom(if Elthmirandis really did possess any capacity for that sort of thing). Hcaz, discovering his powers of premonitions, helped Elthmirandis avoid capture and failures countless times as they went about turning men into monsters and performing experiments that no sane man would ever dare to touch. They learned a great deal, and it seemed as though, for them two, life was good.

However, their luck was not to last, and in a mistaken vision(perhaps a well placed misleading by the hunters?), Hcaz lead Elthmirandis into a trap. Hcaz sacrificed himself to allow Elthmirandis to escape, and was captured by the vampire hunters who took advantage of their greater numbers and Hcaz's permanent wound in order to bring him down. The vampire was staked, bound, and placed into a coffin marked with sealing runes. Buried beneath the cold stone of a church, Hcaz was doomed to never see the light of day.

Unfortunately for the hunters and to Hcaz's benefit, men age, die, and forget. But all these things are unknown to vampires, who live forever. Centuries past and the church was torn down. The new owners dug up the coffin, thought it filled with expensive jewelry, and opened it. Although they had the wisdom, once greeted with Hcaz's desiccated body, to not removed the stakes from him, they did not have the wisdom to bury him in a place no one would ever find him. They locked him in a shed where, a few decades later, some curious teenagers broke in and disturbed his body, seeking to desecrate it. They removed the stake, and Hcaz was greeted with unlife once more. After recovering from his bloodstarved rage and destroying the teens, Hcaz set about seeking his friend and master.

They would continue their work once more.
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Re: Hcaz The Insane

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