Ryder Gaebora, Town Caller and Message Bringer

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Ryder Gaebora, Town Caller and Message Bringer

Post by CanadianCake » Sat Oct 14, 2017 12:55 am



Ryder Geabora







Ryder has sharp blue eyes, snowy white, wavy hair, and a tall stature. He is lean, often wears blue, and can be seen with his owl often swooping about him. He walks briskly and bouncily at times.

He is very chipper individual, who is intelligent but often overshadows his smarts with his constant yelling. Literally, he is always speaking loudly. Ryder enjoys meeting new people, seeing new things, and views the world with optimistic wonder.

He is always willing to accept new challenges, but stays ever loyal to his very important job. And he is loyal to his one friend: the owl Lysander.




♤ He has a high tolerance in running

♡ His voice travels a long way

◇ He can usually survive on his own in the wild (Lysander would disagree)

♧ Ryder is good at delivering messages


♤ Small knife attached to his shoulder

♡ Sword

◇ Bell

♧ Scroll Containing information on the daily news

☆ Clothes on his back

Ryder was born in the town of Azuria, where his parents had been unceremoniously slaughtered in their sleep. He found himself wandering the streets and eventually found good pay in delivering messages and shouting news from the rooftops (quite literally sometimes).

He often ventured into the outlands, where Lysander found him. Ryder had been 17, and had been starving for several days. Lysander caught him a squirrel and their friendship began.

The man lives in one house that resides in three locations. One, is atop a butte overlooking Wrenhaven Palace. It is a lovely log cabin on the outside with six stained glass windows depicting different flowers; another resides in the Outlands among the villages, a lovely country home with a rickety porch; the last is not quite a house in market square, but a condemned looking lot squeezed between two businesses.
The inside is two stories, with six windows that all peer out into different parts of Azuria. This makes it hard for Ryder to tell the weather at times, but he enjoys being able to choose his view. It has one bathroom, two bedrooms, a front room with a large fireplace that divides it and the kitchen. Often you will find stacks of organized letters on the table in the front room.

Ryder came to acquire this novel house by a way of gambling in a shady bar room one evening. A large, hooded fellow bet his magical home while Ryder bet Lysander, something the man was adamant about reciving. This made the owl understandably upset, and even though Ryder narrowly won the game of cards, he was ignored by the owl for weeks. Eventually the companion returned because Ryder had become rather thin. The man had disappeared in a rage, confused as to why he lost, and given Ryder a single large silver key that had fifteen teeth skewed in several mismatching directions.

It had taken Ryder weeks of testing every building in Azuria until he found the right one (This may have also contributed to his weight loss). The man had even managed to find some strange temple that remains nameless to this day.

Now he uses his home to deliver letters and news to all of the people of Azuria, and even Lysander sometimes dares to enter the strange place at times.
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Re: Ryder Gaebora, Town Caller and Message Bringer

Post by Annasiel » Mon Oct 16, 2017 6:42 am

Alone she drifts from ancient mists
Nary a candle, nary a wish
But in the wont of wandering paths
Through wooded knolls, and windworn crags
She seeks a face she thought as friend
But now -- she thinks as judgement's end

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