[WIP] Iris, Spirit of the Lantern

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[WIP] Iris, Spirit of the Lantern

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Fun theme songs: Ehgze - Feryquitous (has a nice piano bit at 1:07) / Iweleth - Feryquitous



Name: 'Iris'

Age: Unknown (Vessel is 23)

Sex: Female

Race: The soul of a mysterious being, sealed inside a lantern. She is currently possessing a human.

Height: 173cm (5ft 8)

Weight: 126lbs


Appearance: A large, rather expensive-looking lantern. The handle and casing are made from what looks like bronze-plated metal, with the smaller details and decorations shining in gold. The lantern itself is rather heavy, though nobody who has lifted it lived to tell of its weight. As for Iris's vessels... well, they obviously vary. Whilst she often just uses a single body as a quick means to an end, there are some vessels which she stays in for a bit longer. These more permanent vessels most often consist of young, attractive women. Her current vessel, a woman once named Hana, is a small, slender woman with pale skin and a dark, alluring gaze. Aside from the lantern's presence and the occasional odd smile the woman makes, it is impossible to tell that she is being controlled by anything other than her own mind.

It's quite unfortunate that said mind is currently suffering eternal agony in the prison of the lantern.

Iris's true form, known as Yvariel, is a tall, graceful woman with white hair and grey eyes. She looks mostly human, save for a few striking differences. Firstly, there are small, glass-like horns that stick out of her head. These are mostly visible on her right side, since they are covered up on her left. Secondly is the large, clawed growth that clings to her left side, completely covering her left arm and the upper-left part of her head. The growth has short, sharp spikes that stick out at several points, most notably the larger ones on her fingertips and at her elbow. It also contains a number of red eyes, all of which are able to see, though usually only a few are open at a time. Finally, there are large wings on her back, both untouched by the growth on her left. They are made of silver, feather-like scales, and allow Yvariel to fly.

Personality: "Oh, darling... I'm not interested in whether you would die for me. To die for your lover is tragic, cruel, and... well, rather cliché. What I really want to know, my dear, is whether you would kill for me."

Iris is, well, a mystery. She is cryptic and deceptive, only revealing her nature and identity to a few- and those few usually die once they're told. To those who do not know of her, she seems like a very kind and sweet woman, and even a little flirty at times. She carries herself with an air of nobility, despite her current vessel's humble background, but this never comes off as pompous or self-absorbed. Iris appears to be very passive, rarely stepping in herself unless it is absolutely necessary. Whilst she doesn't seem fragile, it is rare to see her get into a fight. She is known to occasionally seduce young women to her side, but the reason for this is unclear. It might be the case that she is just looking for love- and most who don't know her would certainly believe this- but the way her girlfriends sometimes turn out does seem to point to more sinister intentions.

Most people wouldn't say Iris is manipulative, which just goes to show how skillful she is. She views people as little more than puppets, but acts in such a sweet and gentle way that nobody could ever see through to that belief. Those who accuse her of any sort of misdeed are usually written off as delusional, especially if Iris is able to speak with anyone who heard the accusations. This manipulation goes further than merely avoiding blame, though; Iris often uses her charms to get other people to do all sorts of things for her. It starts off small, of course, but she is able to drive even the most innocent of people to commit terrible atrocities in her name.

Hidden beneath this mask of innocence lies a very sadistic woman. Iris lives for chaos and suffering; quite literally, in fact. Her intentions at all times are to cause chaos, either by mass paranoia or by war. Every action she makes, every place she visits, and every word she says are all carefully designed to cause as much madness as possible, even though they seem benign at first. Whilst Iris herself doesn't get into direct combat that often, those who do fight for her fight with such brutal ferocity that some believe them to be possessed themselves. As for those unfortunate enough to be faced by Iris herself... well, for one, they're usually already weakened if Iris is going to go anywhere near them, but their fates are almost unfathomably cruel. The eternal soul-burning pain of the lantern prison doesn't seem to be enough to satisfy Iris when it comes to her victims' demise, so she tends to make their deaths as agonising and drawn-out as possible... and, since her enemies are usually already helpless at this point, this often involves slow, unrelenting torture.

It is not known whether the energy Iris gains from these torture scenes is significant enough to make a difference in her recovery.


Soulless Vessel - It is impossible to kill Iris purely by attacking the human holding the lantern. No strike to body or soul could ever slay her, as long as the lantern remains intact- and gods, will it stay intact. It doesn't matter how much damage the body has sustained. It could be pulled apart in eight different directions and scattered to the ends of the world, but Iris would still be able to rebuild it in a matter of minutes. She is immune to soul-affecting magic, except in cases where very powerful spells are directed at the lantern (see Divine Prison).

Accelerated Healing - The vessel's wounds heal very quickly, but only once Iris has stopped taking damage.

Divine Prison - The lantern was designed to be a prison for a highly dangerous spirit so, naturally, those who made it had to ensure that it was hard to damage, in case some rogue mage decided to try their hand at freeing her. It's not impossible to shatter the lantern, of course, but it sure as hell is no small feat, requiring either very strong dark magic or a very, very destructive physical force. What's more is that, if anyone does break the lantern, all it really means is that Iris's soul escapes it. This is detrimental to her, of course, since the lantern is the source of her current power, but it means that she does revert to her old form, though weakened by her time in the lantern (see Yvariel, Maiden of Collapse)

Soul-Stealing/Possession - Despite being her only real weakness, going near Iris's lantern is suicide. Those who touch the lantern, even if they just brush it with their hand, have their souls pulled into it with no chance of escape. Iris can possess these empty vessels if she wants. To make matters worse, not even the most skilled necromancer can revive those taken by the lantern. You see, they don't actually die. Their souls are simply trapped in this inescapable prison, forced to endure the constant burn of light magic whilst remaining alive and fully conscious. To most, falling by the lantern is a fate worse than death.

Lure - When the lantern is both stationary and not being held, Iris can enchant it to appear to those who look upon it as the object they most desire. This illusion can be a person as well, such as a partner or relative, if that is what the observer desires. In these cases, the observer might hear their voice as well, but Iris has no control over what is being said. The observer's subconscious is what creates the speech, and it is often part of what draws them to reach for the lantern. The illusion is perfect; there is no way to distinguish between it and reality. Iris must be present and looking at the lantern in order for this to work- if she looks away, the illusion is broken and the lantern appears as normal. This lure is used to entice people to touch the lantern, where Iris can steal their souls.

Mood Light - An odd thing about Iris is that, most of the time when people are speaking to her, they feel more happy and relaxed than they were before, even if they had just surfaced from a terrifying event. This is no coincidence; the lantern is able to alter the emotions of those who look at its light, according to what colour it shows. Amber light (which is essentially its default setting) causes a feeling of pleasant relaxation, white light strikes a deep fear in the hearts of observers, and red light fills them with violent rage. How strongly each emotion is felt depends on how much of the light the observer is looking at; for example, looking at its white glow against a table will cause less fear than looking at the lantern directly. It also depends on how the observer handles emotions, though directly looking at the lantern is able to shake even the most steadfast souls, and make some go completely insane. This ability is stronger at night than during the day, since the light shows up more noticeably and can reach a larger area without being interrupted. Iris can brighten the glow of her lantern to increase its potency, but this can be quite draining if used at high brightness for a long time.

Yvariel, Maiden of Collapse - Iris's old form, the one she took before she was sealed in the lantern. This form is only available to her once the lantern is broken, and she will not be able to switch back unless someone decides to make another lantern to seal her in. She is unable to use any of the previously listed abilities, since they rely on the lantern and its connection to souls, but she does have some power in this form. It pales in comparison to what it was before, but it's still a nightmare to take on. Her abilities in this form are as such:
  • Unholy Light - An immensely powerful light magic that can destroy any physical material. It can eat through thin shields in an instant, but the walls of a building would take a little longer to completely break. Iris can control this quite skillfully, but it moves a little slower than it used to. Magic is the only way to stop it, since any physical substance would just be destroyed.
  • Enhanced Speed, Strength, and Stamina - Whilst Iris usually has to make do with how strong her vessel is, none of them could ever come close to what she had before. In this form, Iris can run (or fly) at speeds that rival a vampire's, can lift many times her own weight, and can continue fighting when most others have collapsed.
  • Demon Hide - Iris's skin becomes very, very hard to cut. This is most notable on her left side, where cutting her would do almost nothing due to the thick growth that covers it, but her right side is also significantly tougher than human skin. That's not to say it's impossible to kill her by physical means (although that used to be the case), it's just that you're going to have a very hard time doing it.
  • Eyes of Oblivion - Those extra eyes aren't entirely useless; they allow Iris to see in all directions around her, with the exception of a blind spot on her right side. They also serve another, more frightening purpose. Anyone who looks directly into the eyes whilst they are open will, for a brief moment, see... nothing. They will witness an unfathomable, completely illogical world in which absolutely nothing exists. This will drive them mad, making them lose all rationality and being reduced to an almost animalistic state. The madness lasts until they can forget about what they saw... but this is easier said than done.
Skills: Iris is an excellent manipulator. She can deceive almost anyone, especially since her current vessel is an innocent-looking young woman. She is also quite good at keeping secrets. Her love affairs, being same-sex, are often frowned upon in some places she visits, so she has to hide them from the public eye. Of course, she does hide other secrets as well; hiding pretty much everything about her identity. She can also throw a knife fairly well.

She is able to draw energy from chaos and bloodshed, using this as a means to build her power back to how it was. The amount of energy she gets is almost insignificant, however. It takes thousands of years for it to make even the smallest of differences and, although she has been feeding for countless years, she is not yet close to full strength. She won't be getting there any time soon.

Equipment: Iris carries a human with her wherever she goes. Currently, this human holds a set of throwing knives laced with a moderate plant-based toxin (one that is only able to kill after about five direct hits), and a small metal parasol that can be used as a sort of shield. She prefers to keep one hand on the lantern at all times, so these weapons can only be used one at a time. Despite the toxin not being too deadly, it really stings when it hits, and the pain can be incapacitating after more than one hit.

And no, the lantern doesn't need refilling, so she doesn't carry lamp oil with her.


Yvariel, the Maiden of Collapse. In ancient times, just a whisper of her name was enough to strike fear into those who heard it. A creature with a thousand eyes and a thousand claws, one whose light could obliterate anything it touched. For thousands of years she ran unrestrained on this world. Towns, cities, even whole kingdoms fell helpless to her wrath, with not a single stone left to mark where they stood. Some say she was a messenger of the unholy, others thought she was a force of nature, and some even believed she was a god herself. Though her true nature remains a mystery to the human mind, her wrath, no matter how ancient, is a tale not many forget.


"Where are you headed, my dear?" A haggard old crone said to a young woman, looking at her from behind a lantern stall with bright, piercing eyes "It is quite dangerous at night around these parts, I do hope your destination is not a far walk...".

It was the dead of night. Nobody was around for miles. The Hoskenn Valley wasn't a particularly well-populated area, and this village named after its location was home to only a few. Most here feared the darkness, hiding away in their homes and locking their doors when the sun went down, plunging the whole village into blackness until dawn came the next day. That night, the only light in the whole village came from the flickering lamps in the stall. The young woman was cold, frightened, and dreading the journey ahead, but it was one she had to make.

"You need not fear for my safety, madam." She said with a smile "My journey may be long, but I have traversed the woods before. It is a path I often travel; my mother lives in a little cottage on the hillside, and I have been visiting her whenever I can. She's been awfully sick as of late...".

Her response was met with a tut and a solemn shake of the old woman's head. She leaned over the countertop and stared up at the girl with a worried expression, the amber glow of the lanterns making her wizened face shine like gold.

"Oh, my dear, I must..." The lantern seller's voice was quiet and serious "Terrible things have happened to those who have entered those woods in the dark. The monsters that hide in the shadows hold far greater power when shadow is the only thing around... please, allow me to offer you one of these lanterns for your journey. It would give me great peace of mind to see you leave with a light to guide your way.".

But the young woman was of a poor family, and her money had already been spent on food and medicine for her mother. There was not a coin in her pocket nor lender who would let her borrow, and she had nothing of value to trade. She knew the woods were dangerous; everyone did. She had heard the tales of children who were lured into the trees at night by unknown forces, never to return from their journeys. It was almost custom to send search parties out when daylight came, but they only ever came back with corpses and grieving parents. The young woman had never ventured into the woods after sundown, and these words only helped heighten her fears.

"I am afraid I have nothing to give." She sighed, voice heavy with dread "I understand these woods are perilous at this time, but I have no money to buy a lantern with. My last coin was spent on herbs for my mother...".

"Then take this as a gift." The old woman extended her hand, holding out a large, beautiful lantern "To be sure of your safety would be of far greater worth than money could ever pay.".

A relieved smile lit up the young woman's face as she heard this. A light would certainly ease her nerves, and it seemed as though it would provide her with some relative safety against whatever lay in the forest. Creatures of darkness could be banished by light, couldn't they? That was what all the legends said, anyway. Besides, the lantern she was offered looked wonderful; the kind of thing that would likely fetch a high price in the village market. Perhaps she could sell it when money became tight again, though she would have to give some of her earnings to the lantern seller as thanks. With a thankful nod, the young woman reached forwards, her fingers curling around the handle of the lantern.

As soon as her hand made contact, however, the old woman collapsed.

Her relief immediately turned back to fear, which grew even more intense as she realised she could no longer move. The young woman's hand would not let go of the lantern, no matter how hard she tried to move it. She began to panic, terrified that she would be stuck like this forever. A laugh rang out in her head; an icy, sinister laugh belonging to a woman she did not recognise. Something began to burn deep inside of her, as if metal hooks were being plunged into her soul by some otherworldly force, dragging her down, down, down, out of her own body, away from her own world, closer and closer to that hideous laughter... straight into the light of the lantern.


Yvariel's reign of terror seemed to last for an eternity, though it is but a distant legend to those alive today. The combination of powerful curses and unfathomably destructive light magic that she commanded was enough to lay waste to entire cities in a matter of hours; and no soul was ever spared. Those who looked upon her went insane, and those who looked away were obliterated. She seemed impossible to reason with, or so the legends say. Her voice was broken and distorted, speaking at once in a thousand tongues, the sound alone enough to strike fear into the hearts of those who heard it. Countless warriors were sent to slay her, but they all fell hopelessly at her feet. For a long time, the only thing anyone could do when threatened by her presence was to run, praying they could get away before all was lost.


Hoskenn was said to be one of the most remote settlements in the world. It was not aligned to any kingdom, and those who may be inclined to invade were deterred by the thick, dangerous forest that surrounded the valley. There were a few trade routes, mostly for things like fabrics and metalwork, but the vast majority of things used in Hoskenn were grown or made in Hoskenn as well. Houses were mostly placed in the central clearing, where the daily markets were held, but there were a few cottages scattered throughout the woods as well, for those who preferred to live in solitude. The people were friendly, but miserable. Losing lives to the forests was a regular occasion, and it seemed as though everyone in Hoskenn was afraid of their own shadow.

The lantern stall had vanished seemingly overnight, almost as quickly as it came. This came as no surprise, however; hand-held lanterns weren't particularly sought after in a village where nobody went out at night. As soon as dawn hit the market, people had already taken the stall's abandoned stock. From there, the market continued as normal. People swarmed the cramped streets, speaking in increasingly loud voices to be heard over the crowd. Everyone seemed perfectly normal...

Everyone but one man.

"E-excuse me, ma'am..." He spoke in a panicked tone "You... you wouldn't have happened to have seen Hana this morning, would you?".

The woman he was addressing simply shook her head, showing a look of clear irritation on her face. It was not polite to bother a saleswoman with irrelevant questions, especially on a market day as busy as this. She sighed, gesturing for the man to leave her stall.

"Please! It's just that she... well..." The man became more desperate, his words coming too fast for anyone to discern "She said she was going to see her mother in the woods last night, and I'm not sure if she went in the dark or not. I mean, I do trust her not to be so foolish, but I cannot help but think the worst happened to her... she was supposed to meet up with me by the north oak before we went to the market today, but I waited for hours and hours and she did not show up! Please, if you have any idea where she i-".

"Sorry, sir." The woman interrupted him, though her tone was somewhat sympathetic "I ain't seen her. Maybe you should go talk t' one of the search parties? Y'know, jus' send 'em down t' her ma's house, see if she's still there. I'm afraid I can't be of any help to ya."

The young man's heart sank like a stone. The search parties only ever came back with corpses... but if Hana was still at her mother's house, then surely they would return her alive? With a slight nod of his head, he turned away from the woman's stall and walked towards the Captain of the Search. The Captain was a tall woman, very imposing in stature, but with a smile that could melt the heart of a monster. It was unfortunate that her smile was only ever used to console the grieving. The young man approached her cautiously, his voice quiet and trembling as he asked her the question he always used to pray would never pass his lips.

"A-ah, Captain?" He said "Might I ask you... to send out a search party for me. I-it's Hana, you see. She went out yesterday evening and she hasn't come back... she may be at her mother's house... I-I hope...".


Grey bolditalic paragraph about Yvariel's nemesis and shit but I gotta talk to people first so I'm gonna use the Gigadelic lyrics stolen from Remywiki as some kind of embarassingly weeby placeholder. Ahem. Yeah-Yeah (x 3) Yeh-yeh-Yeah! Yeah-Yeah (x 2) [inaudible sentence, ending with "and take you high"] Come on! (x 3) This is a nuuu style: gigadelic! Come on! Come on! New style has commenciiiing.... The H! The A! The R! The D! The C! The O! The R! The E! Hardcore to the floor Hardcore to the floor Everybody to the floor [inaudible sentence, starting with "Natsack"]


The search party returned that afternoon with a corpse. It was not Hana's corpse, as the young man had feared, but the corpse of her mother. She had been hacked to death by some large blade, and her final expression seemed to be one of complete agony. To make matters worse, no sign of Hana had been spotted. The young man was distraught and terrified. If Hana's mother was dead, then it must mean she was dead as well, and if she had died so brutally...

"I am deeply sorry, sir." The captain sighed, gently placing her arm around his shoulder "If you need to talk about your loss, then I will always be here. We will send out another party tomorrow, just in case there was anything we missed, but I cannot promise you that we will find her. Try to get some rest tonight. You really do need it...".

The young man could do nothing but nod, turning away from the captain. With a quiet word of thanks, he walked away. It hurt. It hurt more than he thought it would... especially since he was planning to ask Hana to be his girlfriend the following day. She had barely been gone a day, and he was already missing her. He could barely begin to imagine what kind of horrible fate she had met in the woods after seeing the awful state her mother's corpse was in. These creatures of darkness... they truly were terrifying. Slowly, he walked back to his home in the clearing, dragging his feet behind him as if they weighed a thousand tons.

That night, he could not sleep. The poor man was wracked with grief and fear that turned every shadow into potential danger. He lit every candle in his house, sitting silently amidst their glow, and staring longingly out of the window. It had happened to people he knew before, but Hana's death was affecting him more than any other had. He could think of nothing but memories of her. She always looked so beautiful, despite her poverty. Her skin was like porcelain; smooth and without a single flaw, stretched over a slender, attractive frame quite fitting of a woman as sweet as she was. The way she spoke used to make his heart flutter. She could sing a lullaby to calm a raging bull, or bring joy to a man on the verge of suicide. And when she spoke to him... gods, it made him feel like the best man in the world.

"Oh, what I wouldn't do to hear her speak again..." He muttered to himself, voice thick with tears "Or to see her smile... to feel her warmth... oh, Hana... I'm so sorry... how could I have let this happen to you? I should've told you not to go so late, or gone with you on your journey; at least then we would be together...".

It was then that he caught sight of a faint glow coming from the woods. In a panic, the young man rushed to the window, squinting through the blackness to try and discern the light's source. There seemed to be a figure of sorts, holding a light as they stood at the edge of the forest. They were not walking forwards, nor were they looking around. He was confused; nobody was ever seen out that late at night, especially not near the forest. The only people who ever did were the ones who died in the forest... so what was this strange figure doing out so late? An idea suddenly sprang to mind- what if this figure was Hana?

"H-Hana!" The young man ran for the door, delirious with false hope that only grew as he came closer to the figure "Hana? I-is that you? Hana? Gods... it really is you! You're okay, Hana! You're alive!."

Sure enough, the figure standing outside of the woods was Hana, only she looked a little... odd. It was definitely her, there was no denying that, but her blank expression and oddly formal posture were quite uncharacteristic. She turned towards the man as he approached, smiling in a warm, yet unfamiliar way. The amber glow of her lantern made her skin shine like the sun, and her eyes sparkle like stars. He couldn't help but return the smile, too happy to notice her strange demeanour. As soon as he was close enough, he wrapped his arms around her, holding her in a tight embrace as he cried into her shoulder.

"Gods... you're alive..." He sobbed "I was so... I was so worried about you... I thought you had died in the woods like the others...".

Hana gave a small chuckle, returning the embrace.

"It is alright, darling." She said gently " I am here now, I am alive. You can cry as much as you need to.".

The man's tears turned into delirious laughter as he let go of Hana, standing back to look at her once more. It really was her, wasn't it? He felt his heart flutter once more, filled with the same love and joy as the day they first met. Everything was the same, even the outfit she wore when she had set off was unchanged. She looked completely untouched, like she had just taken an ordinary walk to her mother's house and nothing had happened. There was not a speck of blood on her clothes, hair, or skin. In fact, the only sign of red he saw came from the liquid pouring out of his own chest...

"Wh-what?" He gasped quietly, noticing the bleeding wound "H-Hana... when did this...".

He was met with another small chuckle, this one far darker in tone.

"Oh, my dear boy..." She smirked "You should not have let me get so close to you... don't you know what happens to those who go into the woods at night? We may be just near the edge, but even this is a dangerous place to be. Have you not heard the tales? Is that not why you were worried? Countless lives have been lost to this forest, and you just walked towards the first sign of temptation as soon as you saw it. Oh, darling, you really are pathetic... you could so easily have been taken by a creature of darkness, but you have met with a far more unpleasant fate: you have been taken by a creature of light.".

Before the young man could process her words, 'Hana' grabbed hold of his wrist. The woman flashed a grin he could only describe as demonic, her once-gentle eyes now piercing into his soul. The warm, amber light of the lantern turned to a bright white, and a feeling of intense fear washed over him. His vision was blurring, his legs could barely hold him, and he could not stop the woman's hand from dragging his own towards the surface of that accursed lantern.


Another grey bolditalic paragraph about how iris got sealed away in the lantern huhuhu placeholder this time is the romaji lyrics for Thank You Merry Christmas by VENUS: Merry Christmas Thank You Merry Christmas Thank You Merry Christmas Thank You Merry Christmas Thank You Merry Christmas Thank You Merry Christmas kimi wo aishite iru kara Only Silent Night shiroi machinami akai COAT wo kite konya wa Holy Night seinaru ki ga komoru yoru suteki na dekigoto ga otozureru kara anata ni Thank You Merry Christmas Thank You Merry Christmas Thank You Merry Christmas Thank You Merry Christmas Thank You Merry Christmas kimi wo aishite iru kara negai komete Merry Christmas I wish for your happiness ima yorisoi au kagayaku Merry Christmas Silent Night Forever Thank You Merry VENUS Thank You Merry VENUS We are You are VENUS I can You can VENUS Only Lonely JESUS kimi wo aishite iru kara negai komete Merry VENUS


Everything was red that night. The village of Hoskenn was gripped by mass hysteria and violent madness as the lantern's crimson glow drifted through the streets. The citizens, driven by pent-up paranoia, turned on each other as soon as the light reached their eyes. It seems as though that small push was all they needed to start a bloodbath. Mothers killed children, guards killed civilians, friends killed friends. Nobody knew why. By the time dawn came, and the light of the sun had returned, the streets were dyed red with the blood of innocents. Those who survived kept themselves boarded up in their homes, and the only people on the streets were the shambling wounded...

And one untouched woman.

She stepped through the village with an air of apathy, carrying the now white-tinted lantern in her hand like a weapon. A few injured citizens tried to attack her in a blind fury, but collapsed as soon as they made contact with the lantern's surface. The woman laughed to herself as they did this, wiping the blood off the handle as if it were any other stain. She continued to walk, ignoring the chaos around her, until she reached an old man who was desperately trying to open the locked door of a cottage. She placed her hand on the man's shoulder, smiling warmly.

"Your coat is very... exotic." She said in a tone that was sickly sweet "You bought it from Azuria, am I correct? I would love to get one for myself... would you mind giving me directions?".

"I-I... uh... I..." The man stuttered "P-please, don't... d-don't hurt me...".

The light of the lantern suddenly shifted from white to amber, and the man almost immediately calmed down. He caught his breath, leaning against the door and breathing as heavily as a man who had just run a thousand miles. The fear in his eyes had lessened, enough to elicit a faint smile. After the few, brief seconds he took to regain his composure, the man spoke again- in a far calmer tone this time

"Azuria..." He said "It is quite a walk, I must warn you. Travel down the northern trade path out of the valley, then go west once you reach the border of L'avendale. It should take you straight there, provided you stick to th-".

The woman nodded in thanks, silencing the man before he could finish his sentence by forcing the lantern against his arm. Without giving the corpse so much as a glance, she turned around and walked towards the edge of the forest, by the small path that lead northwards out of the village.  Once she had passed the trees, the woman stopped. Then, very quietly, in a voice nobody around could hear, she spoke.


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"I am Iris; bringer of calamity, she who feeds off chaos and pain, the omen and catalyst of war. This town was one of many, and the blood it shed for me is but a drop in the ocean... but this is not yet the true extent of my unholy power. In time, I will rise once more, to bring forth righteous glory, and forces far greater than mortal minds can comprehend shall rise alongside me. Time, for this world, is running out."




• Yvariel/Iris's true form looks like this:


• Yvariel's theme is either Sabbat by Sakuzyo or Elder Hymn by Helblinde

• Iris, no matter what vessel she is in, always has a beautiful singing voice.

• Over the years, Iris has travelled to almost every populated area in the world. She doesn't know much about them, as her visits were brief, and there were a few she stayed in longer than others, but she's been there. This isn't the first time she has visited Azuria, but she hasn't been in over a century, and even then her stay was no more than a couple of days.

• Iris is a lesbian, if that wasn't clear enough. Despite her manipulative nature, she treats her partners with care, and she has been in several relationships that weren't just a means to an end. This is about the only humanity left in her, though. To anyone she isn't in love with, Iris is still the same old awful person.

• That being said, every man who has ever tried to flirt with her has died.

• Iris has been present at some point during most major wars in history. Usually, she just stands and watches at the sidelines so she can feed off the chaos, but it is possible that she had a hand in starting a few of them.

• The lantern's design is ancient and hasn't changed. Iris occasionally adds cute little decorations to it, though, depending on what she finds in the markets.

• She hugs the lantern close to her when she sleeps, no matter what vessel she's in.

• Iris can't cook. At all. She usually just gets other people to cook for her, or buys ready-made food from the markets.

• She sometimes changes her name, depending on the vessel. Iris is her standard female name, and Cain is her standard male name. She rarely possesses male bodies, though.

• Centuries ago, there used to be a small cult dedicated to her called 'The Order of the Lantern'. Over half of their members died under mysterious circumstances, and they have since disbanded. Iris doesn't want the public knowing about her.

• Other fun things she's done in the past include:
  • The slow, systematic torment of a noble family in L'avendale, culminating in her appearing to the youngest son as a little girl, possessing him, then proceeding to turn them all against each other in some nightmarish murder-mystery that lasted for 3 nights.
  • Killing a man, attending his funeral whilst possessing his sister, then running off with his widow and starting a family in the woods.
  • Becoming a small town's local urbal legend as 'the Butterfly Killer', so called because the light of her lantern would draw in a lot of moths and butterflies when shone at night. She would leave misleading hints to the killer's identity, which led to a lot of misguided 'revenge' plots against innocent citizens.
  • Starting a successful lantern-selling business whilst insisting that her own lantern wasn't for sale. Those who insisted that they wanted to buy it got what they wanted...
• She isn't proficient in many weapons, since she usually just uses throwing knives.

• Iris really likes flowers, and spends much of her free time in gardens or just out in nature. She knows a surprising amount about plants, though most of her knowledge centres around which ones are the most poisonous... for some reason.

• Iris worships... something. The legends surrounding her are vague and inconsistent about what exactly said thing is, and Iris (of course) is very secretive about it. Whatever it was, it supposedly gave her the growth on her left side.

• The lantern never stops glowing. Ever.

• Iris can possess anything that once had a soul, including animals. This is not a good idea, though,since dragging around a heavy lantern whilst trapped in the body of a house cat is no easy feat. Not that she knows from experience, or anything...

• Although the lantern's emotion-altering abilities do not affect her, Iris likes to make it glow amber when she's trying to relax. Maybe she just likes the ambience.

I gotta consult some people on the backstory, but I think I'm gonna develop the personality and abilities a bit before I continue.
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Re: [WIP] Iris, Spirit of the Lantern

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Abilities are up, I hope the details are sufficiently in line with what we discussed. The temp bit is just an idea,but it can be replaced with just Death.

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Re: [WIP] Iris, Spirit of the Lantern

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I think I've done all I can at this point... sorry I keep adding bits so often _(:3」∠)_

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