Theron Vael, the Cavalier

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Theron Vael, the Cavalier

Post by Kali » Tue Oct 10, 2017 6:56 pm

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  • Theron Vael
  • 28
  • Female
  • Human
  • 5'10"
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    • Theron is an extremely determined woman, who will stop at nothing to do what she feels is right. She originally felt that there was nothing more to life than her place with Garland. Fighting is necessary in order for there to be, and maintain, peace. She always felt closer to her horse, than she ever did humans, until she joined the Guard, which she views them as her family.

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      • The Vael Family were known for producing cavalier and Horse that exceeded the quality of most. They raised their own horses, and their children alongside them. From an early age, a Vael was expected to be able to sit upon a moving horse, bareback, and without falling. Children rode with their parents, and were taught to use three weapons. Their expertise was a lance, but they also learned to use a spear and sword so that they were prepared to fight until the end. Like the cavaliers in her family, Theron was on horseback since she was a baby. Her father and mother would take turns riding with her through obstacle courses set up on their ranch. The intent was to have her become as comfortable on horseback as she would be walking. Horses were an extension of themselves, not just a tool to be used. When Theron was 15, she was brought to the stable, to pick from a small group of newly born foals. Her choice would be her companion for the length of its lifespan, and would also be the foundation for another branch of horses. When the horse was of breeding age, it was expected that it would continue its line, and one of its children would ultimately replace it as her companion.

        Theron chose a beautiful black and white colt, naming him Garland. She raised him, trained him, fed him, and as soon as he was of age to ride - the girl was finally a woman on her way to becoming a Cavalier. She continued her own training, but now on the back of her companion. It wasn't that much longer before she was a true Cavalier, and was able to join the Guard. As a Vael, she was expected to be better than the average, due to her extensive and specialized training.
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      Re: Theron Vael, the Cavalier

      Post by Annasiel » Fri Oct 13, 2017 9:39 pm

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