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Broken Valkyrie

Posted: Fri Jan 11, 2019 3:32 pm
by WackyQuacky
Name: Athena Ara Amakiir

Athena- The Greek goddess of wisdom and warfare
Ara- Brings rain
Amakiir- Gemflower

Age: Just turned 20

Gender: Female

Species: Half Avariel Elf

History of the race:
Avariel are more delicate than their earth-bound cousins, with hollow bones to aid their flight. They have pale skin, often porcelain white. An avariel's wings are usually white, but can be black, brown or speckled. Avariel are also known to practice the dyeing of wing tips. Their eyes are slightly larger than normal and range in colour from brilliant blues to green or purple. Their hair colour normally is a silver-white or black.
Avariel are said to have the most beautiful voices of all the elves, and their songs are greatly sought after by bards of other races.

Avariel Elf:
The avariels' society is split into two groups which coexist together.
Avariel warriors are geared towards war and power, answering to war chiefs who govern avariel society equally with the religious leaders. They live by a complex code of honour and spend their lives defending their race. In combat, these avariel show no mercy, often using ranged attacks from above. They also view surrender to be dishonorable (for both themselves as well as their enemies), holding the idea that when a warrior draws blood, it is a promise of battle.

The other side of the avariel society includes scholars, philosophers and artists. Intellectuals who believe in solving problems through reason and diplomacy, these avariels spend much time researching magic and history, contemplating religion, worshiping, and producing art for the sheer joy of creation.
Young avariel spend time immersed in both cultures, so that no matter what sect they come from, they have a deep understanding and respect of how the other half lives.

Octavia Amakiir ~ Averial elf Mother
Noah Amakiir. ~ Human father
Rhea Amakiir. ~ 5 year old sister.

Family lineage:
Athena's mother, Octavia, is one of the strongest flyers in the village that she grew up in, her father and mother being higher generals in the Elven capital. Due to this, she took on the role to train the younger elves how to fly and fight, starting Athena's fighting training young as her wings did not develop as fast as the others. She thought them how to create their bows from enchanted vines and tree stumps, how to charge their weapons and how to use flight as an advantage in battle. By the end of the years of training, the village had raised many a fine warrior to help defend their settlement.

The elders of the village, those whose wings could no longer carry them towards the sun, thought the children of potions and magic, religion that every elf should know and the history of the elven people. Even is such a small town, they kept their traditions alive. The teachings of the elders were along side the teachings of Noah, Athena's father. The only human in the village thought about the history of men and the art they created, being an decent painter himself. Although the elders didn't like the idea of a human teaching the children, Octavia insisted that they should learn of other races as well as their own.



Athena is the oldest daughter of her parents meaning she was the first to gain her wings. As she was the offspring of an Avariel elf and human, her wings took longer to appear, only beginning to show on her 17 birthday. Her wings were small and premature, unable to lift her weight yet but continued to grow stronger. Her skin was fair and rosy, taking after her mother in appearance more than her human father. Under her right eye is a beauty mark

Instead of the elven paint that her family were decorated in, the only mark she bore was a cresent moon on her forehead, painted in black herbal ink. She is thin with a small waist to match her petite frame, her height only standing at 5'4. Unlike many of the elves that coloured their wings and hair, Athena kept her natural pale white hair and golden wings. Her hair was normal kept down, falling around her shoulders and down her back in soft curls.

Her full wings shimmer a deep golden colour, stretching out several feet from her shoulders, two and a half meters either side when outstretched. Although, as of a few years ago, her wings were crudely sawn off close to her back. She has had years to grow them; They were still relatively short but a few tiny, baby feathers have began to grow around the stumps. With constant care and occasional light healing magic, the wings should grow back stronger than before. Athena has searched for a while for a healer strong enough to restore her wings but none have been able to do anything with the mangled hollow bones that protruded.


At the moment. Athena’s wings are no longer than a ruler covered in gold and white downy feathers to hide the mangled shape of the wing’s bones below. As her wings grow, the white feathers fall out without pain and are replaced with golden flight feathers. Although Winged elves are considered one of the more rare elves between the sub-races, many look at her in dismay when they see her damaged wings, knowing the traditional meaning for the wings to be removed is to bring shame upon the elf. Even though she has nothing to be ashamed about and the wings were taken for profit, Athena still doesn’t think of herself as worthy to be around other elves, which is why she never returned home after escaping.


Her eye colour was the most unusual part about her. Instead of the solid colour of her parents brown or blue eyes, she was given an aray of colours. Blues, pinks, red, green and black were spotted and mixed in her iris, nearly resembling the structure of the galaxy. Although this is an usual and beautiful mutation, it is nothing more than cosmetic, much like heterochroma in humans. It is an extremely rare mutilation however, hers being the only case of it being documented.



Her armour consists of many heavy gold and silver plates, like the other warriors of the army, but, uniquely to her's, a soft mesh like material covers her back to allow her free movement within the worry of damaging her wings. To hide this soft spot, she has a red cape attached to her shoulders that covers her back.


Freya is a huge black Frisian mare decorated in the intimidating horse armour that is wore when it was working. She is a nine-year-old mare that Athena bought with her first payment from the army. With the years that Athena had been with Freya, the former broodmare nearly had a maternal over the abandoned elf. Freya is the mother of two foals that she had before Athena bought her and because of that, the horse was very protective over her and would attack anyone who was aggressive towards Athena with her teeth of hooves. The mare’s withers reach 17’2 hands, making her very intimidating to most. She is a very clever horse and has gotten Athena out of many situations were her life was in danger. Athena values this horse’s life more than her own.


After she turned 16 years old, she strayed too far away from her house and was captured by a group of men who were owed money from her father. To get the money they were owed, they sold her to a slave master and split the money between them, not caring for where she would end up. Her wings were clipped badly so that they were hide beneath her clothes; no one liked the idea of their purchase flying away. The slave trader took the wings to a merchant to find out that they sold for a great amount of money, the wings able to be made into one of the most powerful types of wands and beautiful quills. After this, the slave trader allowed her to grow her wings just long enough for them to be used as wands before sawing them from her back to sell. Figuring he could make money from her by keeping her than selling her straight away, her captor, for lack of better terms, rented her out to big spenders, selling her as a dancer, harpist, singer, escort and anything else they paid for. Due to this, she was kept in separate from the other slaves in a room she couldn’t hurt herself in and “Damage the goods”.

After several years of capture and countless failed attempts to obtain her freedom, she managed to slip away from her captors and disappear into the crowds. She wondered for months before finding herself in a small village along the coastline. With her experience in combat, she was easily accepted into the small eastern army, despite her clear malnutrition and fragile state. The engraved armour that covered her form soon grew too small as she gained back her muscle, pieces getting replaced as they were outgrown. As her wings were short, she was able to keep them under the soft padding of the armour of her back, metal plating shaped around her shoulders bring kept in her barracks for when her wings grow out. As of now, her rank in the eastern army is Aerial attack specialist. Even through she is an Aerial specialist, she is still very skilled in swordfighting and is trained in unarmed combat but due to her fairly fragile state, she not very good in unarmed combat. Her general is Sir Edmond Howlan, a twenty-eight year old human who had spent his entire life in or around the army bases.


Out on a cargo run to a harbour village, he found Athena perched at the end of the pier with rags for clothes and a make-shift bow in her hands. He watched her for several minutes as she sat on the pier, her arm cocked back until she released her arrow into the water, the ragged string that was attached to the arrow flying with it. She pulled the arrow back out of the water with a large fish speared on the end, flopping desperately trying to get away. Impressed that, what looked like a slave girl, was able to manufacture a bow and arrow as well as hunt with it, Edmond approached Athena. Needless to say, Athena was beyond frightened to have a man dressed in bulky silver armour approach her and she drew her bow on him, the fish still attached the tip.

Edmond was able to talk her down, promising her a place to stay and a job in his army in the aerial sector. With several minutes of thinking, Athena accepted the offer and rode in the cart with Edmond back to the compound, the heavy cape from his armour draped over her narrow shoulders. On the road back, Athena didn’t speak much, only answering as politely as she could when spoken to.

Back at the base, the female medics took Athena in and gave her a bath and health check. The nurse came to find Edmond after giving the girl a physical check and brought him into the station to have a look at something that was concerning them. As the entered the tent, Athena was seated on an examination table with an off-white sheet thrown over it, her back was turned to them and her long white hair lay thick over her shoulder, running down until it reached the surface of the table. The nurse lifted Athena’s hair away to reveal the mauled wing stumps on his shoulders. Edmond was taken back to say the least. This was the first time he had seen a humanoid creature with wings and the twisted and fractured wings were enough to send a chill across even the most war beaten solider. When asked, Athena was reluctant to talk about what happened to them, so Edmond ordered everyone to avoid the question.

Over the years in the army, Athena trained under Edmond until she was comfortable around him to say what happened to her wings. By that time, Edmond had given himself the role of her guardian while she was in the army, buying her anything that would help with the growth of her wings, better quality armour and weapons and any extra training she wanted. From then on, Edmond refused to have her on her own when she was outside of the base, despite Athena’s many protests that she can look after herself now. Truth be told, Edmond’s feelings for Athena had changed from protector to love, although he refused to admit it.

•Healing magic
She is able to heal minor to major wounds on other depending on the time she is given and her own physical state. When working on other’s wounds, they can transfer to her in a lesser degree of severity, making her weak for a few days. Working on herself, she can only cure small wounds as larger injuries can affect her magic abilities.

•Infusing weapons with magic
Many elves are able to fuse their weapon with magic, changing the colour or the weapon depending on their subculture. Athena's magic is a shade of light purple and when she infuses it with the metal of her arrow tips or sword, the weapon glows like a dim flame with the enchantment. The magic in the weapon can cause searing pain to those it touches as well as able to break spells such as barriers. The magic is difficult for her while her wings are broken, making it very weak.

Athena can infuse anything with magic, making the object stronger or repairing small damages. She can also turn this object into a source of light, the brightness and length of time depending how much magic she uses on it.

If allowed and treated properly, her wings can grow back within a months but it will take hours of practise until she can carry her own weight. Once she is able to fly, she can reach impressive speeds and heights after her mothers training when she was younger. If needed to, she can carry the weight of another human but with difficulty. For heights or while on the ground, she is talented with a bow and arrow.

•Playing the harp
•Horse riding
•Sword fight

• Biting her nails
° Chewing her lip
• Cracking her knuckles
° Fiddling with anything within reach when talking

Mental state: Although she is a member of the army, she was very against killing at the beginning, starting as a medic. As the fighting got more and more brutal, she was forced to take position as a warrior, her race known for their fighting skills. Due to this, she can come off slightly cold towards others, especially those who are ignorant to the troubles of war.

Claustrophobic: She has a crippling fear of confined spaces, like most Avariel Elves. They live and thrive in open spaces and become hysterical when confined to a space smaller than their wing span

Branding: Athena has a slaves brand on her shoulder blade, a constant reminder of her past left as a darkened burn in the shape of the slavers initials, "MK"

Re: Broken Valkyrie

Posted: Sun Jan 13, 2019 1:12 am
by Shinigami
Is this complete?

Re: Broken Valkyrie

Posted: Sun Jan 13, 2019 11:31 am
by WackyQuacky
Shinigami wrote:Is this complete?
I think so. I might still tweak a little but most of the stuff I want to add is in it

Re: Broken Valkyrie

Posted: Sun Jan 13, 2019 11:36 am
by Shinigami
WackyQuacky wrote:
Sun Jan 13, 2019 11:31 am
Shinigami wrote:Is this complete?
I think so. I might still tweak a little but most of the stuff I want to add is in it
Tell me when it's finished. :3

Broken Valkyrie

Posted: Sun Jan 13, 2019 5:31 pm
by WackyQuacky
@Shinigami I think that's it finished

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Posted: Mon Jan 14, 2019 5:02 am
by Shinigami
WackyQuacky wrote:
Sun Jan 13, 2019 5:31 pm
@Shinigami I think that's it finished
Is this to take place in the kingdom of Azuria? If so, I think you should know that they don't have a formal military. They just have a guard force, which my character, Rowan, is in charge of.