Writing tips! From The Internet!

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Writing tips! From The Internet!

Post by Trandafir » Fri Sep 08, 2017 10:37 am

This is a spot to share useful videos, blog posts... Anything related to writing that has helped you in any way and may help others.

For starters, here are some Youtube Channels that have helped me and I feel can help a bunch of other people too! Everyone is free to post, avoid Off Topic chattery.


Jenna Morecci: She's a self publishing writer and shares tips and knowledge on a weekly basis. Her content (as most of the ones I've seen) are focused on novels, but many of them can be applied to Roleplaying as well. There are many other cool vids that teach stuff like how to set a scene, when to show, and when to tell, how to write breaking points, plot twists, how to add/remove lenght to your writting (yes!) And much more.


Overly Sarcastic Productions: The series I follow is called Trope Talk. There, she discusses common ground on writing, questions them, explain why they are a trope (for example the rule of 3) and gives lots of examples! This video especifically is my favorite, about reformed villains. 10/10 recommend.


Just Write: This channel is awesome! It analyzes movies, series, pop culture icons that we are in contact with daily and ask the question: What can we learn from them? Not only are the videos good, entertaining and didatic, they also make you learn how to take a second look everytime you come in contact with other fiction.
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Re: Writing tips! From The Internet!

Post by Wint » Fri Sep 08, 2017 1:16 pm

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6XikjjQ ... cbxM43vkom

GM Tips: In this Geek & Sundry series, either Matt Mercer or Satine Phoenix talk about certain things to look out for and ways to improve when designing a D&D world, or while playing in it. I personally love Satine's videos the most since her topics fit so well within the realm of collaborative writing.
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Re: Writing tips! From The Internet!

Post by ScorpiBun » Sat Jan 05, 2019 1:44 am

So most things I learned about writing, I learned from Wattpad. I know some people think it's very basic and an app for 12-year-old girls, but that's not true at all. It has excellent novels, poetry books, short stories and also guides. I discovered one of the writing guides recently, and it has really impressed me, so I thought I'd share it here:

www.wattpad.com/45043660-how-to-become- ... tpad-guide

It has a lot of tips about writing on Wattpad, writing in general and just developing your story, but what makes it different from other guides is that this one actually has exercises and covers a range of topics.

This guide can help your roleplaying self in:
  • Developing and fleshing out more ideas
  • Improving your writing in general

A great app/online tool for people whose first language isn't English, like me, is Grammarly. This app is free and gives its users a wide range of different tools to help their writing. Not only does it check your word spelling, your punctuation, and gives you a rating of your own text, it also gives you the opportunity to get the synonyms of a word in a single double-click. This app also helps people whose first language is English:


This app/online tool can help your roleplaying self in:
  • Realizing and correcting your grammar mistakes
  • Creating a wider range of vocabulary

Attention: Do not overuse this tool or become dependent on it, as it will do you more harm than benefit you.

Another great app/online tool that exists, and I recommend it to everybody, is the Hemingway Editor. A smart little app which grades your text, highlights adverbs, passive voice, hard-to-read sentences, and very-hard-to-read sentences:


This app/online tool can help your roleplaying self in:
  • Removing hard-to-read sentences from your texts
  • Realizing if you use too many adverbs or passive voice
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