[ROTB] Event/Timeline Log

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[ROTB] Event/Timeline Log

Post by lowlaville » Mon Aug 06, 2018 7:27 am

Pre-Realm (45 million years prior to the birth of Ali)
  • Al Noor becomes the Beast (possessing all the countless powers of both Heaven's Riches and Heavenly Scrolls)
  • Lucifer or Satan, essentially kills Al Noor and prison's his lifeless body on a small island.
  • God assigns an Outer Guardian to the island.
  • Sion discovers the island, and a fight resumes between the Outer Guardian and Sion
  • Sion manages to defeat Outer Guardian and manages to extract 5 out of the 7 Heaven's Riches Sparks out of Al Noor. This also results in the body
  • destabilizing, and sparks begin to fly out freely.
  • Core Guardian manages to drive out Sion before he is able to extract all 7 Heaven's Riches sparks.
  • In Order to the outbreak of Sparks flying out and contaminating the world outside, Outer Guardian constructs a vast dimension around the island.
  • She forms her own dimension outside the core realm, remaining its sole inhabitant.
Realm of the Beast (45 million years - 2000 years prior to Ali's birth)
  • One of the two Heaven's Riches spark became the Core Guardian of the dimension he called the 'Realm of the Beast'.
  • The remaining spark never materialized.
  • The Core Guardian sets up a 'Path of Reincarnation' within the realm. That constituted of an Underworld, a soul realm where dead sparks can reside in, until they can be reincarnated again.
  • The Core Guardian constructs a vast continent in the shape of infinity around the island of his Master, Al Noor.
  • He sets up 8 countries, and creates specific guidelines and populates these 8 countries. He takes extra care to divide the sparks among weak and strong, merging bloodlines and cutting where he felt appropriate. After all, he couldn't have unique powers on all the millions of the realm's inhabitants.
Pre-2000 years
  • 4 Sons of the Heaven's Riches arrives in the Realm of the Beast
  • They settle down in Shea, after overthrowing the Ironhide clan to become the country's rulers.
  • All but the Lightning God fuses their bloodline to the realm's gene pool.
  • Lightning God dies, with not a descendant to his name.
Post-2000 years (DOB of Ali)
  • Ali is born.
  • <Insert all CVU relative canon>
Current Timeline
<Events on RPF happens about 45-50 years after Ali's DOB>

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