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He was such a pathetic little thing when I found him. Shivering in a corner, afraid of the dark. What a foolish boy. Not befitting of a warrior's mantle, many might think, and a younger me may have agreed. But inside him, I saw a spark of potential. He had a noble heart, and with the strength to conquer his fears, he could very well have turned unstoppable.

In the dark of the night, I spoke to him.

"Child. Hark mine words."

The boy was struck by a deep fear at the sound of my voice. It had been long since I last spoke to mortal kind, so I had forgotten the effect my presence could provoke. As I thought, he first doubted, trying to shut me out of his mind. Belief is a fickle mistress, and she does not rest in the hearts of all. After time, though, the boy relaxed, allowing me to speak once more.

I was nothing before he found me. Absolutely nothing. I don't know why he chose me, of all people, but gods be, I'm glad he did. Maybe it was in my blood. Yeah, that makes sense. All those old myths talk about bloodlines and birthrights, so maybe it had to do with my lineage, or ancestry, or who knows what else. Whatever the case, he chose me to be his champion above anyone else, and for that I'm eternally grateful.

In the middle of the night, he called me.

"Child. Hark mine words."

I was frightened at first. Who wouldn't be frightened, hearing a voice inside their head? Hell, at first I thought I was crazy. But the truth was, I was actually saner than most. See, most don't know they're there. They can't feel their presence. But all my life, I've felt their eyes on my back, seen flashes of their lights out of the corner of my eye, and now they chose to spoke to me. He chose to speak to me. Odin, the All Father.
They locked me in a box like some kind of fucking animal. Don't they know who I am? They should fear me. Fear me! I am Baldur Odinsson incarnate, brought into this world as harbinger of Ragnarok itself! But no, they don't listen. They just write down what I say in their little white sheets, nod and smile, then turn around and whisper insults behind my back. I don't

I don't even think they're human. Gods be, they're agents of the Vanir. The peace is falling apart. After millennia of silence, the old wars are coming up to the surface, certainly an indicator of the world's nigh destruction. Odin whispers the truths in my head. I know it's coming, I know I know I know - but if nobody will listen, then I will have to show them by force.

"I hath chosen thou to bear a great mantle."

I pause, letting the words sink in. The boy relaxes. He knows he is special, deep inside, as all of the chosen do, but it took a little time for him to accept this. It always takes time.

"Thine shall bear the name of Baldur. Forget what thine hath been, and embrace thine new place as son-mine."

"I hath chosen thou to bear a great mantle."

What did he mean? The voice was so different, but so familiar. It was like hearing the voice of someone I'd heard my entire life. The words were odd, but I found myself accepting them easily, taking them immediately in total trust. Why wouldn't I? I was special. I've always been special. I knew this much.

"Thine shall bear the name of Baldur. Forget what thine hath been, and embrace thine new place as son-mine."
[align=center]C O N F I D E N T I A L

Patient Name: Isaac Presley

Age: 24Height: 5'Weight: 132 lbs.

Desc: Green eyes. Brunette. Pale skin, lean build. Identifying birthmark (vein mark) on his left thigh. No other identifying marks. Side-profile photograph att. for portfolio.

Admit.: Admitted for suspected psychosis following arrest. Initial examination at station noted delusions of grandeur, auditory hallucinations, violent behavior. Possible flag DID. Will alternate between referring to himself as/responding to Isaac and insisting on being called Baldur. While "Baldur" exhibits much more active psychotic traits, the delusions and hallucinations seem to manifest in both cases, possibly less explicit due to normally complacent demeanor.

Initial arrest call on code 217. Victim unharmed. Patient was found holding victim at spear point1 and demanding to see their 'real face.'

Inc: Assault of orderly, 3/152. Assault of orderly, 4/273. Theft and destruction of property, 5/34.

1: Yeah, I know it seems crazy, but he had a spear. An actual, old fasioned spear, like something out of a museum. Seriously, this thing is ornate as hell. -M

2: Orderly Braun received medical assistance after the patient nearly bit off his ear. -M

3: Orderly Braun received medical assistance and was placed on paid leave after the patient stabbed him with a pen. -M

4: Patient took another patient's Bible and tore it apart, claiming it was 'heresy and an insult to the gods'. -M
Memo: For M

Hey, M, just wanting to get back with you regarding this spear you sent us. First of all, we were able to identify the runes on the shaft. It's Old Norse, fancy that? Makes sense, considering what you told us about the patient's interests. Now, we weren't exactly able to ascertain what the thing is made out of. It's definitely gold, we think, and every test seems to say it's solid, but the durability far exceeds what you'd expect from pure gold. Spectrum analysis and x-rays are difficult to do, as well. We can only use them on the lowest intensity. Anything higher, the damn thing just shows up black and gets warmer. You know that giant scope they've got over in RD? We tried to use it and the spear got so hot it literally glowed.
M: So, you're Isaac's new orderly?

J: Yes ma'am! I'm honestly really looking forward to this position. I've dealt with schizophrenia cases before, so I think I can handle whatever the job might throw at me. By the way, your facilities are-

M: There's one thing you need to know before starting, JJJJJJJ. Isaac isn't normal.

J: Well, of course not. This is a facility for meta humans, right? I wouldn't expect him to be.

M: Yes, but Isaac isn't exactly a meta human.

J: What do you mean?

M: I mean that every single test we've ran on him has turned up inconclusive. He doesn't have any genetic alterations, odd energy signatures, or unnatural biological readings. He's, for all intents and purposes, normal.

J: Then why is he here?

M: Because he isn't normal.
Portfolio Addendum
Subdermal injection is impossible with Isaac. We've tried every single gauge needle we have in stock, even tried out one of those new carbide tipped ones, nothing. His skin doesn't feel any different from normal epidermal tissue, and analysis under microscope with live subject doesn't show significant alterations, but - it's like things just don't want to hurt him. I know it sounds stupid, but it's true.

I recommend oral for medications, rectal if necessary. In the case of a violent episode, do not attempt to use tranquilizers. They will not work. Braun nearly lost an ear finding that out the hard way. A strong enough concussive force can daze the patient enough to restrain him again, but this guy is built like a brick.
At last, an opening. The fools forgot to lock my cell. A fitting oversight, considering the high level of scrutiny they seem to think me worth. Two of the Vanir scum, the ones with rifles, saw me in the hall, but they could not stop me. Their ichor now stains my hands. I found where they hid away Solarsetr as well, and now she hums at my side, golden shaft alight with power.

I am the Beautiful End, and nothing can restrain me from my destiny.

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