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Anna's Shpiels

Posted: Mon Sep 25, 2017 12:16 am
by Annasiel
Queens of Justice

The Botique - Headquarters of the QoJ

Alien life form; symbiotic suit, manifests as skimpy drag outfits, powered by femininity. QoJ must stay fabulous to survive. Suit chooses the wearer, comes on meteorite, slinks into houses. Can only bond with men. Gorgeous transformation sequences, magical girls mixed with superheroes.

Villainous Dominatrix, evil succubus, wishes to subdue the world to her whims. Minion imps Gimp and Skimp aid her. She has the power to act as a hypnotic siren to men, but naturally, QoJ are immune when transformed.

Re: Anna's Shpiels

Posted: Mon Sep 25, 2017 5:15 am
by Wint

Re: Anna's Shpiels

Posted: Tue Oct 31, 2017 7:37 am
by Annasiel
  • Sun (Chaos Substant)
  • Moon (Order Substant)
  • Aura (Chaos Etherent)
  • Void (Order Etherant)
The loci of the Sun is one of power and dominance. Fire burns in its holders' veins, taking form through courage, passion, or aggression. Magic drawn from the Sun loci tend to be the most physically intimidating, but also are the least lasting and most physically draining.

Vocal cantor: Shouts

The loci of the Moon holds peace and harmony close. Sister to the Sun, she bends where he would clash, favoring cooperation and convergence over competition. Moon magic is often soft in form and effect alike, aiding allies instead of harming enemies.

Vocal cantor: Hymns

The loci of the Aura

Vocal cantor: Songs

The loci of the Void

Vocal cantor: Chants

Re: Anna's Shpiels

Posted: Thu Jan 04, 2018 9:48 am
by Annasiel

Stratadex - A collection of 41 cards that affect the mechanics of its owner's pieces. There are four types of cards.

Themes: One in each dex, goes into effect at the beginning of the game. In holo-matches, the theme cards visibly alter half of the board's aesthetic, as well as the owner's pieces. (Terrain Effects, Piece Abilities, Special Abilities)
Example wrote: Avalon, Isle of Apples
Your terrain is now Island Plains.
Ranged attacks get +1.

Knights of the Round Table
Knights get +1 to mobility.
Knights get +1 to melee attacks.

Effects: These cards are one-time use, and are discarded immediately afterwards. Common effects include temporary boosts on your own pieces, temporary debuffs on your opponent's, damage, healing, and temporary terrain modification. (Target, Effect)

Augments: These cards permanently effect whatever they target until either the card is destroyed, or the target is. They are similar to effect cards but generally have less impactful, more pervasive effects. Some augment cards have durations, after which they destroy themselves. (Target, Duration, Effect)

Heroic: A player is limited to five heroic cards per deck. These go into effect at the beginning of the game, and target chosen pieces of the required time. The pieces become "Heroic," taking on additional abilities. They visibly alter the pieces in holo-matches. (Target, Abilities, Health)

Escape (co-written with Umbra)

Posted: Fri Feb 09, 2018 6:41 am
by Annasiel


The door slammed into its frame, followed soon by the sound of a lock turning. With a sniff, and a spiteful stare at the abused piece of wood Mononoke silently rubbed her upper arm. It stung where mother's fingers had squeezed, and she could see the skin already beginning to turn red.

It wasn't fair! She hadn't done anything wrong so why was she being punished?

Sullen, Mono made her way over to her bed, her stomach reminding her that she had only gotten a smell of food before she had been drug away from the table as she crawled up onto her bed.

She needed to convince Hito.


A half hour passed before the door clicked again, and slowly swung open. Hito backed partially into the room, hands now folded neatly at the hem of her grey cardigan.

"Yes, mama," she said. Her eyes looked sullen, but she was managing a respectful smile and a tight posture. That all faded when she slid into the room fully, closing the door gently behind her. Parents could slam doors. Children could not. That was a lesson Hito had caught onto very quickly.

She caught onto all of her lessons quickly, mind. Head down, eyes straight, no talking back. Do as you are told, act as you are expected. She cowed at any sign of sterness, though she'd still had her fair share of welted hands and bruised wrists over the years. It was easy to live in once you learned to drift.

Well, easy if it was just her who had to deal with it.

She sat beside her sister, unbuttoning the sweaters front, and let a helping of foodstuffs spill onto the bed. A roll of bread, an apple, and a chocolate cookie. Hito frowned apologetically.

"It was all I could snag without them looking," she explained, looking at her now-twiddling thumbs. "I wish I could've brought more."


Mono perked up as the door opened and Hito trudged in. She showed what she always did, resignation, a look which always made her heart ache. They needed to escape this place, they couldn't keep living here. She had magic, she could get into the academy and Hito...

Mono scooted over on the bed, made room for Hito to sit down and release her smuggled foodstuffs. With her tummy rumbling Mono plucked up the bread roll and took a bite. She chewed quickly, happy to have at least even this much.

"Fhank you," Mono said, through a mouthful of food. She swallowed. "You shouldn't have to bring food at all." She offered with a thin smile.

"It's their fault, not yours."


"I guess."

Hito stared at the wall, eyes lost in the hairline cracks of age-worn paint, hands demurely in an angled lap. A moment later, she seemed to realize what she was doing, and shifted to a more natural pose with a cursory smile at Mono.

"Things'll be better when we get out. Just a few more years, is all, and then we can get a nice little place... work as grocers in the market, stocking all the pretty flowers... it'll be nice." Her tone was wistful, vague, as if she was already far away among the daffodils and roses. Dreams were nice.

"We just... have to get there."


The rest of her bread vanished as Mono watched Hito. Her sister's gaze seemed distant, frozen at some point on the wall as she automatically assumed the posture their parents demanded of them.

She picked up the apple and polished its skin against her shirt as Hito spoke. It was a nice dream, a pretty dream.

"It's too long." Mono said, lifting the apple to her lips and taking a crunching bite as quietly as she could. "We can't wait that long."


"Why not?" Hito asked, glancing nervously at the door as her sister took a bite of the apple. She instinctively shifted to cover any possible sight from the door. "We've survived this long. We can wait a little longer."

Things were getting worse. It was gradual, but it seemed like the older they got, the less patience their parents seemed to have. Hito knew this, knew it could only continue downhill, was afraid of how bad it could actually get. She didn't want to accept it, but every time papa raised his voice, or mama got that terrible scowl, she found herself tense to see how far things would go. Could they survive? How long until their parents decided they'd be better off without kids?


Mono took another small bite and she glanced over at the door as she chewed. It was still clear, she swallowed and shook her head slowly. She leaned in her voice low as her pulse quickened; their parents would be dreadfully angry if they saw her eating, but if they overheard her?

"We don't need them, Hito. We can't survive with them, they'll only hate us more and more." She sucked in a quick breath, "all we need is each other."


She was right. Hito knew she was right, as much as she didn't want to admit it. Truth be told, she was afraid to even try, terrified of what their parents would do if they caught them trying to leave. Still...

She looked at her sister's face. Frightened, but determined. She could be like that too. Act like that too. Hito took a deep breath, steadying her nerves.

"Okay," she conceded, stealing another glance at the door. Steadying breath. Clenched hands. "I'm scared."


"I'm scared too." Mono replied, with another glance to the door the stripped the remaining flesh from the apple. She spent some time gnawing off the other edible bits off the core, if they were going to do this she didn't want to be hungry. The remainder of the core was stuffed into a tissue which then went in a trashcan.

Last was the cookie. Mono broke it in half and offered a piece to Hito.

"We wait for them to fall asleep tonight and we sneak out. We can go to the academy, I'm a witch so you are too so they'll let us in." Mono said with a decisive nod.


It was nice to hear Mono was scared as well. Hito figured as much, but hearing it from her sister's lips seemed to strengthen her own resolve. She sat up straight, graciously took the piece of the cookie, and nibbled at it.

"But what if-" she began.

But what if I'm not a witch?

Mono had already gotten her powers, so she should have gotten hers too. She didn't quite understand how the whole magic thing worked, but they always did everything together, so why not that too? She didn't know what she'd do if they got to the Academy and got turned away at the door.

Mono would make it in. And besides, maybe they'll let me stay too. It's better trying than staying here.

"-what if they wake up?" Hito quickly amended.


What if they wake up?

Mono nibbled on the cookie to mask her nervousness at that question. They only had one shot at this, if their parents caught them, then... she would rather not think of the possible consequences.

"We'll just have to be very careful. We can't let fear stop us."


"Right," Hito agreed. Can't let fear stop us. Don't think about what would happen if they failed, think about how they'd be if they succeeded.

She scrunched up the bed's comforter in her fists, closed her eyes, and tilted her head back. They could do this. They would do this.



She hadn't really slept much. She had closed her eyes and slowed her breathing, remained perfectly still when their parents had stuck their heads in for the nightly inspection. But even then she had never really fallen asleep. The twin forces of anxiety and excitement had kept her mind in motion, stopped it from slowing enough to actually allow for sleep.

They would get out of here. They would go to the academy. They dealt with witches all the time at the academy, they would see Hito's powers, they had to. Then they could graduate and start up their flower shop.

She moved only slightly, a light nudge of her elbow to awaken Hito.

Now was the time.


Hito was afraid she would have nodded off, but much like her sister, her pounding heart made that impossible. When she felt Mono's nudge, her eyes flew open.

"Is... is it time?" she whispered, her voice tense as the mood. Silently, she sat up, sliding out of the blankets and staring at the door. They were actually doing this.

With baby steps, Hito eased her way across the floor (What if a board creaked? Would her parents hear?), placed her hand on the doorknob, and turned back to her sister with wide eyes.



With only the whisper of fabric, Mono too slid out of the sheets and onto the floor. She tread softly after Hito, socked feet on carpeted floor, all but soundless. The floorboards did not betray her, and soon enough she was behind her sister at the door.

Carefully she reached up and placed a hand upon Hito's shoulder, giving it a squeeze as if she could transfer some of her confidence to her sister with only a touch. In the dark she nodded, and spoke only as loudly as her vocal cords were willing to go in the oppressive atmosphere.



Hito closed her eyes at Mono's touch. She grabbed the handle tight and pushed on the door, easing the latch open as soundlessly as she could manage.

The hall outside was dark save for a street lamp's light shining in through a high window. Their parents' room stood between them and the stairs, door cracked open, the soft sound of snoring drifting from inside.

Hito reached back, searching blindly for Mono's hand.


Mono pressed her hand to Hito's as her sister held it back, laced her fingers through Hito's and squeezed. The sounds of their parents sleeping gave her a jolt of anxiety, it was a good sound, so long as they slept they wouldn't notice their daughters sneaking out. By all the same, it was a reminder of how close danger was.

And the door, open a crack wouldn't mask their sounds at all.

"Be slow, we have plenty of time. And remember the floorboard in the middle of the hall is loose." She whispered, with another reassuring squeeze.


Hito squeezed Mono's hand back, and nodded. One foot in front of the other. The closer they crawled to the open door, the louder the snores seemed to grow, until they contended with the pounding heart in Hito's ears. Once they passed that, things would be easier. It was the top of the hill.

Right next to the door, her foot fell, and the board beneath it squealed.

Both Hito and the snoring stopped.

She didn't dare speak, didn't dare move. The hallway seemed cavernous. If she didn't feel her sister's hand, she might think herself alone in a big black void, with just her eyes and the hovering danger.

The snores resumed, and reality crashed back into existence. Hito released a breath she didn't realize she had been holding, eased her foot off of the offending board, and crept with Mono to the end of the hall.



The horror wasn't the noise, it was the silence which followed. Mono strained to listen, there was still time, right? They could hurry back into the room. They could--
The snoring resumed and Mono felt as if someone had removed lead of her shoulders. Carefully Hito eased off of the floorboard and the two continued down the hall.

Next came the descent down the stairs. How to best handle this?

"Do you remember which ones squeak?" Mono asked, her voice so low she wasn't certain if she had spoken at all.


"I... think so," Hito breathed back. In the day, light illumed the subtle bows of the noisy stairs, but by night, every one looked the same.

Was it the third or the fourth?

One. Two.

A deep breath and an arched step. By luck or fate, the fourth stair didn't creak.

Now which one was next...

Only creaky stairs, but it felt like she was sweeping for mines. The fifth, sixth, and seventh were safe. Tentatively, Hito took another step, and old wood once more groaned underneath her foot.


Another groan of wood, another strained second of listening. No sounds of motion. Or were they just too far to hear it? There was no way to know until they heard the door open and their parents come tramping out. Mono gave her sister's hand a squeeze.

"Keep going, we're almost done with the stairs." She whispered.


For all the fear, the rest of their descent was uneventful. Hito practically leapt the landing to reach the front door. The sight of it seemed to turn stress into warm anticipation, tense and light, wound with what almost seemed like relief. They made it. They still had a long way to go, but they made it. She slid back the latch and wrapped her fingers around the handle. Her arm was tense as stone.

"Together," she breathed, turning to look at Mono's silhouette.

I can't do this alone.

"Let's open it together."


With a nod Mono silently slid next to Hito, she reached out and placed her hand over her sister's. She smiled as a fluttery sort of anticipation settled down into her gut. They had done it, they would have to make their way to the academy, but with this they would be free.

Together and free.

Mono pulled in a breath to quiet the buzzing of her nerves before nodding.

"Yes, together." Mono said, pressing down on the handle.


Hito's hand moved mechanically, pressing in time with her sister. An odd feeling, a weightless sensation, like trying to move in a hazy dream. Then the door swung open and cold washed the haze away. Hito blinked twice at the rush of chilly air, breathing in the smell of crisp wind and fireplaces. It wasn't like they never went outside, but something about experiencing it while away from her family made it seem like something entirely new. Her anxiety abated, replaced by a euphoric energy she didn't think she'd ever had the pleasure of feeling before.

Well, maybe when Mono-

"We made it," Hito said to her sister, easing the door shut and running out into the street. She spun around in the spotlight of the flickering lamp, her oft-resigned face now wearing a sparkling, laughing smile. They were free. They were free! They had the entire city at their disposal, a whole wide world for them to explore, and most importantly, they had each other.

"How do we get to the school from here?"



How do we get to the school from here?

The fact that she wasn't certain where they had do go didn't scare her, she was too excited for that, too happy. They had escaped together, no matter what happened next they would have one another to rely on. This was how it should be.

Still, they would need a plan, need to know which direction they should go.

"We need a map. Maybe we could find a store and ask someone for directions to the school?" Mono asked, giving Hito's hand a squeeze.


"Good idea," Hito agreed, nodding sharply. In the back of her mind, she worried about what an adult would do if they saw two kids wandering around alone past curfew, but she didn't let it phase her excitement.

"I think there's a corner store this way," she said, trying to recall the layout of their neighborhood in her head. She'd been through the streets many times, but there was a difference between seeing things as part of the scenery and actually remembering directions.

Still holding Mono's hand tight, she began walking off down the narrow, dim-lit street.


"Yes, good." Mono said, following closely to her sister as the two made their way down the street. Would the person working at the corner store try to call their parents? If they tried then her and Hito would just need to run out and try somewhere else. They couldn't go back. She wouldn't let them take either of them back to that house.

From a side alley, Mono could have sworn she heard the sound of something metal clanging against the ground. She felt a jolt in her gut, surprise with a tinge of panic, and she looked back over her shoulder.

Was that a flash of yellow? Or her eyes playing tricks in the low light?

As if to answer her unspoken questions, there came a low growl.


The sound of something clashing from the darkness between two buildings. Hito tensed, joining her sister in staring at the shifting shadows. Scritch scratch, the flash of gold, and a deep, ominous growl.

Hito watched, her entire body rigid with fearful anticipation.

Is that...

The two glowing slits turned on them, narrowed maliciously. She swallowed hard, frantically scanning their surroundings for something, anything that could help. Nothing. They had to run for it.

"W-when I say go, run as h-hard as you can," Hito stammered, her voice a barely audible hush.

The eyes lurched forward.




Mono didn't need to be told twice. As soon as the words escaped Hito's lips Mono was moving as fast as her legs would carry her. Left foot, right foot, left foot, right foot.
She could hear the Grimm, its claws scratching the concrete as it dashed after them, each sound closer than the last. Left foot, right foot, left foot, right foot.

Skrtch, Skrtch, Skrtch

Left foot, right foot.


Mono looked back over her shoulder, the Grimm was close enough she could make out its shape in the low light. It's glinted like the strike of flint against steel.


She wasn't certain if she had uttered it, or Hito, but all the same she could taste the bitterness of it in the air, in her throat. They were free. This wasn't fair! She was a witch! Witches defeated Grimm.

The bubble zipped out before she was even aware she had created one. She had never had much of a power, what use was a bubble that could only carry messages other than to talk to Hito when their parents were listening for any sound?

But she was a witch, and the bubble carried a simple missive; 'Stop.'

She could see it pop against the Grimm's head, and the beast seemed to stumble over its own long legs. It's maw, full of crooked teeth snapped at the air as the beast slowed, trying to regain its footing.

"Keep going!" Mono yelled to her sister.


Hito kept pace with her sister as they ran, their feet hitting the pavement in near unison, the heavy claws of the Grimm discordant in comparison. The sounds kept getting louder. The Grimm kept getting closer.

She didn't want to look back, had no desire to see how close the Grimm was to killing them both. They had been free. Free to do as they pleased, and now they were going to die. A bit of bitter irony that sat uncomfortably in the base of Hito's gut. At least they'd die together.

Against her better judgement, she glanced over her shoulder, and a wall of shining black met her eyes in reply. It couldn't end like this. Couldn't. Won't!


Had that been her or Mono? Her entire body felt numb, so if that cry of defiance had torn its way from her own throat she wouldn't have known it. Still the beast drew closer and closer and closer and closer and-

A crimson bubble shot out and popped against the monster's head. It tumbled forward, caught in its own tangle of its own stopped legs, unbalanced by the halt in momentum. Hito slowed, awestruck. She'd never seen Mono do something like that before.

Keep going!

Right. They weren't out of this yet. Hito picked up her speed, rounding the corner into another branching avenue.

"Down here! We can lose it!" She shouted to her sister, gesturing at a narrow alley. She slid between the stone walls, dodging a pile of old rags, turning another corner and - dead end.


Dead end.

Mono stared at the wall, a feeling of indignation turning to acid in her gut. It couldn't be a dead end, there had to be something else they could do, somewhere they could go. She cast her eyes out at the cramped alley, could they hide in a trashcan? Could the Grimm smell them? How about -- a fire escape ladder dangled down from the side of one building.

She could boost Hito up. Hito could get away. She just needed to--

A growl, low and full of malice from the opening of the alley. It slunk towards them, seemingly content to take its time with its trapped prey. Mono raised her hand and another bubble shot out; this one with the simple message 'Left.'

The Grimm twisted left, its head smacking into a wall.

The growl as it looked back at her was less than pleased.

Minutes passed, but it felt like longer with a slathering Grimm feet away from killing them both. Every time it rose to lunge, Mono raised her hand in turn, sending another bubble at the increasingly irate creature. It seemed to move closer every time it bashed its head into the wall.

"Come on, Mono. You're strong. You can do this," Hito urged, arm around her sister's shoulders. She wasn't entirely sure the girl would be able to stand otherwise. The constant exertion was taking an obvious toll, Mono needing more and more effort as the seconds wore on.

"What are you girls doing out this late?"

A new voice, calling down from the fire escape. The woman jumped down between the twins and the Grimm, her black hair swirling around her waist in sparkling curls. She wore an odd tiara that have the illusion of having more eyes than natural, and when she smiled, her teeth ended in pointed fangs.


Mono wobbled in place as Grimm again slammed its head into a wall. It was hard to keep focused, hard to keep her eyes open, but she had to. Hito was relying on her so she had to keep going. She wasn't going to let Hito down. She wasn't going to...

"What are you girls doing out this late?" a voice from above. Mono looked up, dully as a figure jumped down from the fire escape above. Mono slumped against Hito, struggling to keep her eyes open.

"We're saved." Mono said, tiredly.

The Grimm snarled as it crept towards the new threat.



Hito held Mono's head to her chest as she slumped over, staring at the newcomer. Mono had held off the Grimm for long enough, and now a magical girl, a real magical girl from the DDC, was here to save them.

"W-who are you?" she asked timidly. The witch looked irritated.

"Only the biggest rising star of Channel 3," she replied, speaking with a showman's flourish. "The charismatic, fashionable, and inspirational Spinerette!"

"Our parents don't let us watch that," Hito replied. Before the witch could answer, the Grimm pushed through its surprise and made a swipe for her throat.

At that, the woman leaped into the air, spun gracefully over the head of the Grimm - what was that, a flash of black? - and the beast fell over with a gaping hole in its head. Spinerette landed casually on her feet, turning heel-toe with her arms wide open expectantly.

Hito offered a smile, which seemed to satiate the witch.

"Speaking of, where are your parents?" Spinerette placed her hands on her hips and frowned. "Do they know their kids are sneaking out at night?"


And just like that the Grimm was slain. Was that the power of a real magical girl? Could the academy teach her to fight like that? If she were strong then Hito and her could always be together.

She looked up at the magical girl when she asked about their parents. Mono shook her head. "We left to go to the school." She said, with all the strength she could muster, "it isn't safe at home."


It isn't safe at home.

Spinnerette sighed, stepping past the already disintegrating Grimm. She fished her phone from her pocket and tapped the screen twice.

"Fucking-A. Guess I can't use that footage for broadcast. Can't have your faces getting out too soon."

Overhead, a faint green light in the sky turned red.

"Yet another act of daring heroism goes unnoticed. I'm never going to hit 15 at this rate," she complained, running her clawed fingers through her hair. As she did so, a wave of purple light followed after, turning the sleek black angles into a softer, lighter shape. In seconds, a pretty but fairly average girl stood before them, dressed in skinny jeans and a sequined hoodie.

"So, you're both witches? I saw the bubbles, couldn't really tell- no, don't tell me. The less I know, the less crap the police are going to give me. Let's just get you two to the Academy."


If she hadn't already been leaning on Hito for support, Mono was certain that she would have toppled over. "Thank you so very much miss."


"Yokai... Hitodama..."

Scritch scritch scritch

"Yokai... Mononoke..."

Scritch scritch scritch

The tall man with pointed glasses recorded both their names into a massive tome, murmuring them under his breath as he did so. When he had finished writing, he looked up, head tilted so his eyes peered over the tops of the lenses. He frowned.

"You two are quite young to be registering alone. Such a shame, most parents take the time to see their children off," he said absently, sliding the book across the table to face them. "If everything here is in order, I ask for you both to sign at the bottom. This will act as a material copy of your registration contract. Once Clerical scans the information in, it will be readily accessible to you both through your online Doki-Doki Portal. The account information for that should be provided to you by envelope within the next two business days."

The words went over Hito's head. She was too excited to really focus, and it didn't help that the man talked like a librarian with a cold. As she glanced over the page, the tiny print seemed to swim together, and she found herself rereading the same sentence multiple times. The man coughed expectantly.

"It will be available for viewing online at a later date. You are not the only two registering today, and our allotted appointment time has almost passed."

Hito signed the signature line and passed the book off to Mono.

"I will also require a practical demonstration of witch talent, solely for validation. We cannot have powerless individuals taking advantage of the services the state, through DDC, provides," he added. Hito swallowed hard, wringing her hands. This was what she had been worried about.


Mono added her name to the book as it was pushed over to her, and pushed the book back over to the large man with the glasses. The man droned on about portals and passcodes, yet Mono found she was taking very little of it in, she was too happy, too excited. They were free of that house, they could be together and be happy.

Then the man mentioned needing a physical demonstration of their powers, and Mono felt her heart drop to her stomach. They had gone through so much just to get here, something so simple couldn't be what stops them could it? They would have to be understanding! Hito was a witch, they would see it as clear as Mono did. Was there any way they could trick the instructor?

"We have very similar powers, so you only need one of us, right?" Mono asked, her heart now thudding in her throat. She lifted her right hand and held it out palm up, and a red bubble took shape just above her index finger.


"That would not," the man said sternly. Jotted something into a steno pad on his desk, bent down to look at the bubble, and nodded sharply.

"And you?"

Hito felt his eyes on her before she could even register he had spoken. She had to have powers to get in. She was afraid of this possibility, but until now, it only seemed that: A possibility.

At least Mono is safe.

An easy thought to think. So selfless, so intuitive, yet standing here with the stark possibility that she might be separated from her sister, it wasn't a thought she could bear.

"I... don't have any - yet," she added, "but I could? Since Mono has them?"

The man's eyes narrowed. Hito found herself stammering.

"I can't leave her, we need each other. I can help out with things, cook, clean-"

He was shaking his head slowly, reaching for the pad. This couldn't be happening. They'd come so far.

"-do anything you need, just please, please don't break us apart, I'll do anything, ANYTHING!" Hito ended on a shout. Her eyes were wet and her face was hot, flushed with anger, embarrassment, desperation.

"I'm afraid we have no room for you," the clerk said simply.


"No! You can't split us up! She's a witch too, you just have to help her find her powers!" Mono said emphatically. This was a school for witches, how could they not see that one of them was standing right there? Did they not have some better test? She balled her hands into fists, lost on what they should do. She couldn't leave Hito, and they couldn't go back home.

She grit her teeth, attempted to force back gathering tears, blink the wetness away before it could run down her cheeks.

"She's a witch too! Why can't you people ever tell that!"


"I apologize for the inconvenience, but the policy's stance on this matter is final," the man asserted. "If we gave board to every willy-nilly who insisted they were a witch, they just couldn't show it yet, we'd reach the cap on our funding within a month."

Hito rubbed at her stinging eyes, looking between Mono and the man, her closest friend and the one obstacle in them staying together.


Her word was a whisper, but her expression spoke volumes. She rose from her seat and swept the paperwork off the desk, slamming both her hands down with all the strength she could muster.

"Do you know what we've been through?!" she shouted, trying her best to ignore the tears streaming down her face. "Together. Always together. And you-"

The room shook.

"-aren't going-"

Blue bubbles blinked into existence in the air around them.

"-to stop that!!!"

The orbs burst outward, spinning in a cloud of destruction. Papers and books were torn into the frenzy, shelves toppled, and the window exploded outward, a shower of glass raining down on the yard outside. Hito sat down, breathing heavily. Had she done that?

"I see," the man said, adjusting his now shattered glasses and calmly making a note in the remains of the pad. "You will both receive your account information when we finish sorting out... this."

Kiss (co-written with Umbra)

Posted: Fri Feb 09, 2018 7:18 am
by Annasiel


The dorm door unlocked with the swipe of a card. Hito, balancing a precarious pile of books in one hand and holding a bundle of bags on the other, eased her way inside.

"Thank god, I thought my arms were about to fall off," she said cheerfully, turning to drop both books and bags on the desk. "You'd think- Mono?"

She rushed to the bed, clambered on beside her sister, and placed a gentle hand on her back.

"Mono? What's wrong?"


With a snuffle Mono quickly pressed her sleeve to her eyes as the door swung open, and Hito backed in. She was too late, of course, to hide it as Hito rushed over and crawled onto the bed.

She quivered at Hito's touch, she automatically drifted inwards, resting her shoulder against her sister's. She didn't speak, her throat felt constricted, instead she raised a finger from which a little red bubble floated away.



Hito's heart fell as the contents of the bubble relayed themselves. She slid her hand around her sister's shoulder, pulling her in tighter.

"You don't need to listen to them. We don't need them. We've got each other, and that's what matters, right?"

With her free hand, she sought out Mono's, lacing the girl's fingers between her own. She squeezed.

"Please don't let them get to you."


Mono rested her head easily against Hito's shoulder, a motion as natural as the pulling of breath. Breathing was easier like this, even as it rattled and shook in her throat. She squeezed her eyes closed as tears skittered down her cheeks and clung to the hand Hito had offered. Felt the other girl's cool touch with a tremor in her breast.

She moved her hand again, and another bubble floated free. Words she couldn't find the voice to speak trapped in a little red bubble.

They said I'm in your way.


"You're not."

Hito rest her own head on her sister's, and gave her hand another squeeze. This felt natural. Right. Safe. Mono's heartbeat so close to her own, and even as the girl drew in ragged, tear-rent breaths, the peaceful warmth of presence.

"I wouldn't be able to live without you, Mono. I've lived my entire life for you, done everything with you. You're-"

The words caught for a moment in her throat.

"-you're my world. I hope you know that. They're the ones in our way. The ones dragging us down. And together, we're going to get past them."

Hito raised her head, shifting to look into her sister's vibrant eyes.

Like roses.



"Yes, together." Mono repeated, looking up as her sister moved, her eyes looking to the clear blue of Hito's. She made no motion to break the connection, simply allowed it to calm her, to pull in each breath slower than the from between her lips, to feel the beating of her heart to match the beat set by Hito's.

"I-" her voice came light, barely above the sound of air escaping her lungs, "I lo-" she paused, the word caught in her throat, as her eyes drifted to Hito's lips. The soft curve, the gentle smile--

"Thank you, Hito." She said.


I lo-

It made Hito's heart leap, unfinished as it was. She thought herself a fool, misreading the signs, placing her own desires in Mono's tracing gaze. There was no chance something like that could be requited. It just wasn't right.


The way Mono's lips turned in when she smirked, the way she tilted her head when reading. Little quirks that set the two apart, alike as they were, little quirks that Hito held as close to her heart as she could manage.

Without burning in the sun of her own passion.

Without thought, without warning. Hito leaned in and kissed her sister on the lips. It held nothing of lust. An innocent chance, brushed lightly as a feather, yet followed by a burning flush that turned Hito her sister's trademark shade. Panicked, she turned away. She felt nauseous.

"S-sorry. I meant to... er..."


With a sudden swiftness Hito leaned in, and there was a sudden brush of lips upon her own. Her heart forgot a beat as blood rushed to warm her cheeks and Hito hastily turned away. Shock kept Mono momentarily still with only the drumming of her and Hito's heart and the warmth of her sister's lips in the the buzzing of her own lips.

She reached out, placed a hand upon Hito's cheek, a gentle insistence for her to turn back. Was it possible? She had thought it and Hito had done it -- had she known? Mono leaned in, tears long forgotten with the frantic drumming of her heart.


Hito felt the touch on her cheek and turned back to face her sister, eyes wide. This wasn't what she'd expected. The malaise abated, washed out in a sea of tingles that danced across her skin in waves.

She leaned in again, and this time lingered longer, pressing her lips upon her sisters for day-long seconds. At last, she pulled slowly away, lips parted, still inches away from her sister's face. Their temples touched as Hito stared into her sister's eyes.

"This is... what you want?"


The second kiss was sweeter than the first, and seemed to both last for hours and to over almost as soon as Hito had leaned back in. She squeezed her sister's hand, felt the dancing of her nerves as the warmth of Hito's breath touched her skin.

Her nod was faint, a barely perceptible motion of of her head as their temples rested against one another.

"Yes." Mono breathed, "I love you."


"I love you too," Hito whispered back. She felt electric. Static darting through her overcharged veins, raising her hairs through the skin. She could barely breathe. Barely wished to even blink, wanting to savor every magical second. But... this wasn't pure, was it? Wasn't something special, picturesque, or perfect. This was something dangerous.

"Don't tell anyone," Hito said, her voice still soft though the tone was sharp. "People might want to hurt y- us."

She lifted Mono's hand to her chest, clutching it tight in both of her own.

"It's our secret."


I love you too.

Another missed beat of her heart, another skitter of nervous fire and excited neurons. The two of them- yes it was true. She had always yearned that Hito would accept her, had always tried to hide them out of shame of fear, but... here they were.

Mono placed her other hand overtop of her sister's, her lips carefully turned up into a grin full of mischief. She tilted her head forward so their lips almost touched.

"Dangerous, but doesn't that make it sort of exciting?"

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Anna's Shpiels

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