An Instrument

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An Instrument

Post by Chaos » Mon Mar 06, 2017 12:09 am


Age: 27 (deceased)


Height: 6'4"

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While he keeps much of his body covered, including most of his face, what can be seen is telling; his skin is as pale as snow, and his eyes are a dark shade of red, full of disdain, and rimmed with black.

Combat style: An extremely mobile attacker, Azrael can dispatch foes from range with his bow or up close with his blade. He uses the shadows to surprise. Most don't even see it coming.


Shadow Step-Azrael fades into the darkness around him, becoming completely immaterial and thus safe from harm, so long as there is shadow to harbor him. However, for the same reason that he cannot be harmed, he cannot do harm until he reappears.

Pawn-As an undead servant, Azrael has been "enhanced" to suit his purpose: He serves his master wholly, without thought for anything else, he feels no pain, no empathy, no exhaustion, and his body can sustain incredible amounts of damage before giving out.


Bow of the Damned- Fires magical arrows that cut through armor with ease and burn hotter than any fire, but sap the user's will with every shot. However, his will is his master's, and his master's will is eternal.

Blade of Heresy: A legendary dagger once used to slay a god. Poisons those wounded by it with its horrific influence, just as it does to those who wield it.

Bio: Azrael lived many years ago, long before the reign of the monkey king. In battles long forgotten, he made his reputation as an extraordinary warrior. He was respected, but also feared; many knew him as Azrael the Bloodied, a name he earned through sheer ruthlessness. To his enemies, he had a policy of complete annihilation, known to collect heads to present to his superiors and to intimidate the enemy.

Now, he has been brought back by an ancient evil to kill once more. He still wears the armor he once had in life, carrying with him the sigil of a dead flag, for that is what he brings: ruin and death, all at his master's will.

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