Gun Control

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Re: Gun Control

Post by bastecklein » Tue Mar 27, 2018 10:48 pm

I think modern schools and child raising in general are more of the issue than the guns. You've had guns for generations. You used to be able to buy guns a lot more powerful than the AR-15. It's only the last few years where we now see these mass shootings on a regular basis. Now, you look at kids today, they are essentially raised by "the system" via daycare from 6 months on or earlier. Statistically half are from some form of broken home, and a high percentage are goosed up on ADHD meds or anti-depressants. On top of this, discipline for bad behavior is essentially non-existent now.

I think part of the issue is the complete rejection of the biological reality that there is a difference between boys and girls. There just is. You see this in how all of these shootings are done by boys. Boys and girls are wired differently, and thus need to be raised differently. Boys are generally more energetic, hands-on, hyper, and aggressive, but they are placed in a situation from early childhood where they are expected to sit still and be quiet for 8 hours a day or more depending if they are also in some sort of daycare or after-school program. A large percentage have no fathers in the picture, and at school, male teachers are largely non-existent, particularly at the lower levels. They are instead raised by women who, despite trying their best, are just not suitable male role models. On top of that, they are unable by law to give out any meaningful form of discipline. So when they are unable to control the more hyper and aggressive boys, the boys are diagnosed with ADHD and placed on drugs to help them "concentrate," thus allowing them to sit there and behave like the girls, with no thought or concern as to what these drugs are doing to their mental health.

Back in the day it was pretty simple. If a young boy was being a distraction in school, he went to the principles office, got the paddle to the butt, and that was that. Now, they go to the nurses office, get Adderall, get addicted, 6 years later they are on anti-depressants, and 2 years later they are shooting up their school. And the news media runs 24/7 propaganda on why we should impose restrictions on the bill of rights. They do not mention the pharmaceutical industry though, which is no shock considering that every other ad on the news is from big-pharma, and half of the anchors are probably goosed up on adderall too.
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Re: Gun Control

Post by ShaFlow » Thu Mar 29, 2018 4:48 pm

It's kind of funny you bring that up and I was watching the Ritalin South Park episode

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Re: Gun Control

Post by Zavier Antiguar » Fri Mar 30, 2018 2:10 pm

My viewpoint on this issue is people should be helped when they have problems. In all honesty, guns don't necessarily need to be done away with altogether. Maybe a ban on certain modifications to the guns would be a good choice, but as it stands, no matter how many guns and mods and all that you ban, people are still able to kill. As it is, there was a stabbing in a school in Murrysville, where 22 students and one teacher were stabbed using steak knives. That's just proof that people are the ones that kill people because they aren't being treated like they should be. We should start teaching our youth how to be kind to others, rather than learning that guns are bad. They should be taught that everyone deserves respect. And people with mental illnesses? They should be able to get help from others. Everyone deserves a chance.
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