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Re: Black & White

Post by Wholey33 » Mon Jan 08, 2018 10:48 pm

I think the lyrics are black and yellow actually

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Re: Black & White

Post by Wint » Tue Jan 09, 2018 8:01 am

Or is it black and blue?
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Re: Black & White

Post by The Alt-Rick » Wed Jan 10, 2018 12:26 am

Snake Eyes wrote:
Fri Aug 25, 2017 4:47 am
Just a slight digression. I am not from America, as some might know, and as a Slav, i have trouble understanding this. In my country, when someone tells you that you are a retarded asshole or the like, it is socially acceptable to physically retort, or answer back, in a same or worse manner. But... what's with the "N" word? I see that a lot of black people use it when addressing each other, and that then it isn't considered an insult? But if say, someone else were to use it, then it would be an 'ermarhgawd' class insult. Here, we don't have something that could compare with that. The most serious insult one could deliver here, is to insult a female member of your family, in which case, you would be obliged to engage in physical combat and deliver at least mild bodily harm. That is the reason that we don't offer each other insults on a platter. If it's so serious, don't use it yourself? That makes sense to me at least...
Americans generally have very abstract feelings not just in morals, but in law. Half of the law is bamboozling a jury, or bamboozling the judge even with a thousand laws nobody knows or wants to know.

I sympathize with "the left" but envy "the right". I don't know if this was the same protest, but some grand wizard of the KKK was walking with the others and got something thrown at him during his march down and pulled out his handgun and shot it into the crowd. The cops didn't do shit. This could be viewed as the racism runs deep, the cops aren't as quick to buckle down on a white guy as someone else, but it's more than that... the right-wing is far more assertive, and far more in touch with their own desires and end goal in politics. They don't bog themselves down with shame, regret, and criticisms for it's own sake. This is what makes "sjws" so dangerous. Is they bare no positive benefit to a left thinking individual. They'll either end up eating themselves, converting to a more center-right position, or become so self critical they just sit in a corner apologizing for being white and male lol.

And at that they're not even that left. Classism is a big thing among liberals in America. They've given up on old issues like anti-war, environmentalism, social libertarianism... idpol is the name of the game and idpol is just a lot of draconian regulations in and out of the law and bubbling over into a contradictory mess where everybody suffers for it. The short version is yeah, I obviously wouldn't want to live in a conservative society where rednecks can hang guys from trees or discriminate against them in the work place for being the wrong skin color, but it's not looking half as bad as this move too you literally can't say or do anything and have to be the adult in the room CONSTANTLY as everyone is upset about something arbitrary, and not upset about their own condition or at least some material condition of another. Poverty, getting banned, censorship... the left loves those things in America because it means no one can do anything "bad".

And ironically they make it more racist, more sexist, more "bad" because the only way to cope with this madness is to be more ridiculously "alt-right" and be assertive about it. To give an example; if I said calmly look, let's discourage thots ok? Whores are bad, we want people to have fulfilling romantic lives of a strong lifelong bond and be working toward something tangible. You are MORE LIKELY to get shit on for that, called misogynist, a sex-shaming virgin, doxxed, ridiculed as a tradcuck... if instead you just said fuck women, they all should be made human toilets like that hentai dropout lol.

And it's in large part do to Americans are CHILDREN. Children with no developed sense of self or ideals, and don't know how to respond to extremities. They have no concept of satire, of nuance, and so they just avoid it. Which is good for you.

Me and my friend Oskar gave a name for this abstract view of neo-liberalism America espouses called the void. The void is like this source of all wrong think, and it's inherent in our culture. I see it, I sometimes do it, but do my damndest not to become a victim to it by satiring it. When I explained this to my Filipino ex she legitimately became spooked out lol.

I speak in very metaphysical terminology as it is, but I said to imagine the American left, imagine their end goal is to swim in a dark abyss with no beginning or end, no other people are viewable so as not to arouse insecurities or "disrespect", and we're all just overdosed on heroin and there is no meaning to life or judgment. But all that exists in the void is more depression and more pain, as we swim further and further for our next syringe and we're never gonna find it because 1: We live in a capitalist society and someone has a lot of syringes where as we don't. 2: Regardless of the society you live in you're gonna have to work for it. 3: What's the point?

I posted the link cause I than coupled that rant with the synthwave Robby Rotten which she said fit me quite well. Fit me too well in fact because on a conscious level it's non-sensical. What does a damn synthwave song have to do with anything? Because I have neurological problems where it's hard to deep sleep and am usually in REM or sleep paralysis. The end result is I'm always "half-asleep" and "dreaming". Seeing that void all the time right in my face. It's not something I'd want for the average person. Only moderators and maybe some of my exes. :lol:

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