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Re: End them

Post by Maxx » Sun Jun 03, 2018 8:49 pm

Shinigami wrote: โ†‘
Sun Jun 03, 2018 8:39 pm
Maxx wrote: โ†‘
Sun Jun 03, 2018 7:44 pm
The forklift explodes, tearing George to shreds.
Frank has anger issues. When he gets angry he blacks out and cant remember anything. He also seems to not be able to control what he is doing. At the moment, Frank is angry.
I am actually offended. That one had SO many deadly possibilities, and I had set it up just for that reason. Be more creative next time. Flex the imagination I know you have. ๐Ÿ‘Œ

Frank, in his angered state, thought it would be a good idea to pick a fight with the guy sitting next to him. Little did he know that said guy belonged to a local crime syndicate. The man, recovering from the blow to the head that Frank had dealt him, draws a handgun and proceeds to thoroughly ventilate Frank's chest.

Thomas was a police investigator. He was called in on his day off to investigate the death of some guy named Frank, and he was not in a good mood.

He had gotten a lead after about an hour of searching; the killer had accidentally dropped his wallet. He proceeds to try and track him down.
Okay, hows this for using my imagination?
Thomas had indeed managed to track the killer down. Only, he hadn't considered to bring back up. And he had left his gun in the car. He entered the abandoned building, his bad mood clouding his judgement. Meaning he went in without any caution. Or thought to who may be inside. As soon as he reached the middle of the room, he was shot at from everywhere at once. Somehow, he managed to get out and back to the car. But he didn't realise that being shot at was just a distraction. They intentionally missed him. After all, what sent a bigger message, a police investigator found shot dead, or his car being blown up just as he got back to the station?

Elizabeth was a survivor from the above mentioned explosion. She was one of two people who didn't die. However, she is in the hospital with a rather large shard of car in her leg.
Sure, the patient may have bled a little, sweated a little, cried a little; but Doctor Thorne did always say he put blood, sweat and tears into getting these patients better. He just never said whose blood, sweat, and tears.

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Re: End them

Post by Shinigami » Sun Jun 03, 2018 8:52 pm

Much better. I love it when people get creative with the deaths. It's very satisfying. ๐Ÿ‘Œ

Imma leave the above to someone else. ;3
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Re: End them

Post by Wint » Sun Jun 03, 2018 9:28 pm

Not much is clear from this wallet. At first glance it seemed somewhat average, but at closer inspection it had such intricate designs on what Thomas could make out in its closed state in the inner lining that his detective sense tingled with adrenaline-like euphoria.
Though, when the wallet was opened, not much was there to be seen.
A catalyst to this fact is the controlled best of light that escaped from the wallet the moment it was opened. Some sort of mechanism, maybe to deter anyone with sneaky fingers, maybe to get the owner's attention.
It took Thomas a moment or two before his sight returned back to normal, although everything was still somewhat... weird.
As he waited for his sight to properly return, he inspected the insides of the wallet once again.
Aha! A driver's license! But... where are all the details? It was completely blank, save for a name. "Willford Walkins"

It looked like things were getting back on track. As forensics got details about the possible bum that was left in the crime scene, giving the Swiss a run for their cheese, he got more and more leads. If everything goes well, maybe he could get an extended vacation for the day off he had to cancel, fully paid, of course.

Asking around for a Mr. Willford Walkins yielded absolutely no results, the countless faces he's interrogates all feeling blurry from uselessness, to the point where Thomas was tempted to call in one of the other guys from the station.
No, he was called in, and he was going to do his part to the fullest extent of his job description.

It was then that it hit him, as he looked around for possible acquaintances of the blank-carded fellow.
It was a drycleaner! He could just see the sign, a half-dead neon outline of the name within a deep alley.
God, how did he miss this? He passed by this street at least twice! It was then that he noticed that his sight was not getting much better.
He rubbed his eyes once, twice, but no luck.
What on Earth was that thing in the wallet?!
He was burning daylight. He had to go in. Heck, it could just be a mix-up. Following a red herring would make a lot more sense than running into whoever made an umbrella stand out of that poor fellow.

But Thomas would not know what connection there was between the kill and the licence within the oddly-marked wallet.
He would see white. A sort of haze, like smoke on a mirror or fumes on a pair of glasses.
That.... and a weird mark. Once he was down, he could see it.
A mark, similar in pattern to what he saw inside of the wallet.
But it couldn't be. Why would such people roam the streets unprovoked? Or rather, what dolt had pissed them off so badly that they retaliated so aggressively?
No, he had to see this through. He had to inform the chief.
He had...

They were close. Somewhere. Up on the roof? No. Behind the sewage grates? Don't be retarded.
Rosera was a fresh graduate who had been for only a few weeks at Caltech, and yet her presence never went unnoticed. An unnaturally cheerful person, her voice either motivating others to succeed..... or demoralising them to a passing grade.
Long story short, she wasn't massively popular.
But she did enjoy working. She loved learning and she loved applying her own ideas, though... they never did turn out the way she wanted them to. She still needed to gather the money to help renovate her friend LeBroquisha after her "little tweak to that old toaster" ended up in literal flames.
But this was it. Today she would prove everyone wrong! Her idea was unheard of, and once it is heard, no one will doubt her again!!!!
Buuuut, in a nice kind of way. Like, "Hey Rosera, wanna hang out someplace where we won't put eye drops in your ice cream?" or maybe "Hey Rosera, can you help me with my exams? I think you're really awesome." kind of way. That was possible, right?

She ran, hugging the mechanical wonder in her arms. Oh, if it could just work as it did last night! The contest was held in a room not too far away, and the added decor hanging by the doorframe was a clear sign of where she was supposed to go, along with all the countless signs pointing there. But she didn't need a piece cardboard to tell her where to go! Pfft! That's what computers are for!

Okay maybe she was a little too excited. Last thing she'd want is to appear overly confident.
It became pretty darn easy as she saw how many other inventions were there, from what sort of looked like an automatic potato peeler to what could only be described as a layman's guide to the bedroom.
Luckily, there was a table clear, just ready for her.
She was cutting it close. She needed to set everything up and hope her device would top everyone else's.
And hey, maybe she could find another toaster burn buddy to hang out with! Though, maybe not with LeBroquisha.
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Re: End them

Post by Wint » Sun Jun 03, 2018 9:28 pm

Unless someone wants to make two death scenes, we can continue with just Elizabeth, as she was posted sooner.
Sho: "Any tree can drop an apple. I'll drop the freakingmoon."
Neku: "Uhh... what?"
Joshua: "I think he's saying he's better than gravity."

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