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Re: Real Life CSes

Post by Kirby » Sat May 23, 2020 2:56 am

I'll redo mine too. Because why not.

Name: What people typically call me by.

Nicknames: Kirby, Kirbz, Foxi, Marx, Meta

Age: 16

Mental age: 11, unless you're talking about the morning, in which case it's usually more like 70.

Gender: Female

Mental gender: Waddle Dee

Height: 4'11", and after 7 consecutive years of 4'11", I have given up on the prospect of growing any taller.

Weight: 90-93 lbs. Something like that.

Ethnicity: Irish/Italian and, as it turns out, there is apparently British in there too.

Nationality: 'Murican

Favorite color: Purple

S.O: Asexual and aromantic

Location: Looking for food somewhere.

Personality: Meta Knight + Kirby, combined into one strange enigma of stoic aloofness and ever-hungry optimism, complete with an affinity for standing on high-up surfaces and an attention span of zero.

History: I was born, I was raised, and that brings you to the present day.

Likes: Cats, foxes, wolves, dogs, birds, bats, butterflies, dragons, fantasy and mythology in general, animals in general, flowers, Kirby, Pokémon, books, astronomy, botany, zoology, food, etc.

Dislikes: Rain, celery, most vegetables, warm weather, clouds blocking out the sky, bugs (with some exceptions), social situations, plenty of other things

Hobbies: Drawing, stargazing, reading, studying like a nerd, writing, roleplay, occasionally poetry

Favorite foods: Tomatoes, strawberries, watermelons, apples, strawberry pie, pancakes, blueberry muffins, blueberry pancakes, blueberry pie, cheesecake...

Favorite cuisine: Japanese

Favorite book(s): I still like educational books. Like a nerd. And fantasy books.

Favorite movie: Probably still The Polar Express, or The Santa Clause, or a few others that are also Christmas-related...

Favorite animals: Any and all cats, foxes, wolves, birds, bats, dogs, fish (especially when they are on my plate with white rice and lemon.)

Favorite game: Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Kirby's Epic Yarn, most of the really old Nintendo games

Favorite fictional characters: King Dedede, Meta Knight, Fumu, Magolor

Favorite flower: Red roses (as if there's any flowers I don't like)

Theme song: Green Tree Memories from Super Kirby Clash. It has a hopeful, triumphal, sentimental feel that sums up my very existence, as do the lyrics.

Optional, Popstar from the Hoshi no Kaabii OST. It's bittersweet and extraordinarily sentimental, which sums up the other part of my personality.
Poyo poyo po poyo poyo poy po poyo yo po poy. Poy poyo, poyoyo poyo poy poy poyo poy yo yo poyo. Poyopoyo poyo, poyo poyo. Poy.... po poy. Poyo poy poy poyo yo.

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Re: Real Life CSes

Post by Killer Ice Cream » Mon May 25, 2020 10:33 pm

I.. I can't believe I never did this.

Name: Stephanie
Age: 23
Mental Age: 6/60
Gender: Female
Mental Gender: Mom
Height: 5'2"
Weight: It was 230 something before I got pregnant? I think?
Ethnicity: Ketchup
Nationality: Wish I was Canadian
Smexual Orientation: Bisexual believe it or not, just so happened my soulmate was a male
Location: Everywhere
Personality: I'm a generally friendly open book that self analyses every single thing I do and think, loves teasing my husband, and feels really insecure every time I speak. I have managed depression, talk way too much (and way too openly, I'm truly sorry), I'm working on being a normal human being and an Anime fan I am as well (not that I have time to watch a lot).

History: Oh man it's depressing. I'll put it in a spoiler in case you are sensitive or don't care. I won't mind either way.

I was born in a dirty old town, what once used to be a thriving furniture making community is now mostly full of struggling businesses and drug addicts. My mother was a hard working woman back then, working full time, raising my brother and sister and going to college. My father was a hard worker too, working what job he could get his hands on as far as my mom would tell me. I never met my father, because six months after I was born he committed suicide in their kitchen.

My mom was stricken, of course, and we moved (of course) to another apartment after my brother's mom took him away (My father had had custody, but because he wasn't married to my mom her rights were restored and my mom couldn't do a thing).

My mom got a good job at the hospital working administration for the paramedics and she put down money for my childhood home when I was five, where months later she would suffer a brain aneurysm and stroke after taking diet pills that should never have been on the market. She survived, but was never the same again.

My sister and I bounced around for the next three months, being passed around our family and family friends' houses since we couldn't stay home alone while our mother was in a coma. My sister was separated from me occasionally depending on who had room for us at the time, and this experience changed her forever. She grew up to be a dysfunctional adult, addicted to cigarettes, alcohol and prescription drugs and spent most of her time alternating between basically worshipping my existence or scaring the life from my soul. She got into fistfights and dropped out of highschool (but got her GED, she is too smart not to have).

I, on the other hand, withdrew into a quiet and naively happy state of mind, doing everything I could to make life easier for everyone else whenever I could. I dealt with hand-me-downs for absolutely everything you can imagine, even second hand store stuff, rarely ever said no, learned to cook and clean (I'll admit I was lazy about the cleaning) for my mom and the house, ignored anything that wasn't sickeningly positive, and pretended everything was okay for years. When my sister was actually home (which was rarely) she was often drunk and I spent some of my time making sure she didn't drown in the bathtub, or trying to fix the things she broke in the house (never could save my radio, but duct tape sufficed on most everything else until we could afford replacements).

Video games became my haven, though my mom was on the computer all the time I often begged so much to play on it she got me a second-hand playstation.

That thing was my baby, and when my sister broke it I bugged her more until she got me a playstation 2. (This one was actually a gift from one of her boyfriends)

I broke that one, and mom just lived with my wanting to play on the computer by letting me stay up at night so I was too tired to bug her for attention OR playing on the computer during the day. My grades also dropped farther, but tomayto tomahto.

Her computer and her boyfriends became all she wanted from life, except of course for her coffee, mountain dew and cigarettes, and stopped paying attention to me near entirely, since I was usually sleeping or sitting right next to her trying to ignore the cigarette smell while I watched her play my favorite games. That was our together time.

My grades got so bad my Aunt and Uncle offered to let me live with them so I could go to a better school district. I loved my cousins, and they (mostly) loved me back and since I didn't really want to fail a grade I accepted and my life changed forever. My aunt got a free babysitter and I improved my grades drastically, (I was failing 10th at my old school, so I did 10th 11th and 12th in two years so I could graduate on time) and I met the love of my life there. The rest, we shall say, was history. We were 16.

Hobbies: I love to draw and paint, write random stories (when I'm not writing on here), and fish even though I'm not very good at it.

Likes: Sunsets, Sunrises, the moon, the smell of freshly cut grass, the smell just before a storm, storms, cooking, baking, seeing my husband smile, big trucks, rainbows, the feel of a pencil on paper, flowers, music, a wide range of anime, cats, dogs, spiders, snakes and hummingbirds.

Dislikes: Negativity, stepping on legos, stupid people, ants

Favorite flower: Daffodil
Favorite animal: Cow (moobabies <3)
Favorite color: green
Favorite music: Metal
Favorite food: Chicken stir fry or Tuna noodle casserole

Craving: changes with the day
Current state: five months pregnant and beyond excited

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