Remaking an RP

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Remaking an RP

Post by SamLake » Tue Dec 05, 2017 5:42 am

(This is an idea I had a while ago. It didn’t do so well, but I think my lack of detail was to blame. That is why this one shall leave no stone unturned, in revealing needed info.)

450 years ago the world was dying and running out of resources to support the human race. Do to this several countries got to getter and started building giant space ships to live among the stars. These ships striped the earth of almost every resource. When the last one was built the earth's population was cut in half. The remaining populace knew little of what to do now. With no leaders or law of the land, things got a little fun. (Some would consider it plaint madness.) Blood ran freely through once peaceful cities and towns. Some were killed over scarce resources such as metal and fossil fuels. After a year of this the world made a big shift. It got so cold on some parts of the earth that the air could freeze the air in your lungs, on other the scarcest touch of the sun could melt the flesh to the bone. The water on the earth become like acid, and the soil become dead and lifeless. That's not all, on top off natural disasters. Structures could not withstand the changing conditions, and crumbled. Whole cities went down in weeks, some didn’t last a day. Nuclear power pants erupted and bleed radiation over the world. For those who saw this coming, they hid underground where they had a chance for life.

It was hard underground some bunkers died fast, with diseases, famine, age, and civil unrest. Those ones that could not attest to the life set out for them died. Whoever, like a cockroach humanity held to strings of life. Using every last resource, using all means for survival. These humans made it through 300 years of underground dwelling. They come out changed, hardened, and hungry.

Now taking back the world would not be ease, especially since the world got a few new monsters. Now no one knows who they came to be, or what they are exactly. But it is a common belief that these creatures were made to take care of the rest of humanity. They gave them the names blood beast. As were none of them looked the same, or did smiler actions. They got this title from the bleeding of the humankind and their monstrous appearances.

But as expected with every problem humanity had to face, they came up with a solution. A group known as The Marchers. They became a uniformed group and fought back against these creatures for years and years. They made great strides and was able to help reclaim some of the world.

However, some parts of the world was just too chaotic. Soom places had radiation in them so heavy that the very ground would erode and change in seconds. Others still had very dangerous weather conditions that  made it impossible for human life. Some areas are so full of blood beast that they are impossible to get through.

Some areas in the world are quite marvelous. Like the kingdom of Lock, with King Ronald Lock. It spans from what once was known as Florida to a little in former Texas. Or Caladan, a large city taking up former england. Even the Dalera in former China is quite magnificent. (But we will focus on North America for the most part.)

Blue areas- human living areas
Red areas- High amounts of blood beast
Pink areas- to cold for human life
Orange areas- to hot for human life
Green areas- radiation zones
Black dots- Marcher Forts
Purple dots- God death areas
clean map 2.jpg
clean map 2.jpg (158.84 KiB) Viewed 506 times
As you may have noticed, the purple areas are marked “God death areas.” This is do to a special type of blood beast known as Gods. They are given this title in a mocking since, if anything the are more like devils. But some psychopaths think they can gain mercy from these creatures, if they worship them. Besides that the are known most for their incredible power and size. All have caused massive amounts of death and destruction. Not a single one has caused less than 500 human deaths. To kill these beast raids are formed amongst several forts. Then the assault is conducted. If the assault is unsuccessful, they lure the beast away to try later.. If it is successful, the area where it is slain is marked as a place of Marcher history. All that died in the assault, are then carved into a stone placed in the area. When a Marcher is on the way to become an elder they have to visit each of these areas.

The Marchers:

No one may refuse an order given by a superior officer. If you do, you will be sentenced to immediate death. NO EXCEPTIONS. If any superior officer abuses this power, they will be demoted back to recruit.
Blood beast are to be dealt with care, do not fight one on one with a blood beast.
All deserters will be hunted down by Red hands, and then brought into fort to be tried by the elders there. If the deserter attempts to kill the Red hand tracking them. The Red hand is then, and only then allowed to kill the deserter.
If a is accused Marcher of king another Marcher the will get a trail. If found guilty they will be put to death.
The final say in any action is the Elder’s. If an Elder brakes any of the following rules they will be striped of their office and discharged from the Marchers.

1. Must be at least 13 years old.         
2. May only have minor health problems   

1. To uphold the rules.
2. To learn as much as you can.

After 5 months of training a recruit my become a Squire, or they may be pushed up to Rookie by an examiner.

1.Must be recruited.               
2.Must have passed recruit testing.
1. To uphold the rules.
2. To follow all orders given by the officer.

A squire may choose to whom he/she wish to be assigned. They are allowed leave for one or three weeks every year. Depending on the fort the are assigned to, and the kindness of the officer they’re assigned. They must remain a squier for at least a year. They may also be boosted past the Rookie rank. If a commander or Elder gives permission for them to.

If a squire is assigned to you, you are responsible for every last one of their actions. If they kill another Marcher you must execute them. If the desert, then you must retrieve them, and bring them back for trial. They also are required to follow you everywhere, unless ordered otherwise.
Elders and Rookies my not have squires.

1. Must have passed recruit testing.     

1. To uphold the rules.
2.They must reinforce what ever unit the are assigned to.

Rookies are the main force of forts. Do them being young, into they’re Marcher careers they rarely have ever seen Blood beast. 60% of all Rookies die within two years of being a Rookie. This can be do to training, disease, weather conditions, or most commonly Blood beast. Rookies are assigned to where they are needed, not to where they want to be.

A Rookie can get to a higher unit by either. Killing a Blood beast or being a Rookie for three years. They my go to be a Garrison, a Knight, Red hand, or go to Elder training. (Must be selected by an Elder to go to Elder training.

1. To uphold the rules.
2. Must have construction experience.
3. Must defend the fort if it is attacked.

1. Must have been a Rookie.
2. Must repair civilian property, in the event
It is damaged by weather or Blood beast.
3. To reinforce fort walls and buildings.

The Garrison rarely see Blood beast. When they do, they have pressure cannons, with harpoons to fire at them. Guns are sometimes used, but since metal is hard to come by. Being able to reuse what they have is a blessing.

Must Garrison workers are busy making repairs or building new things for the forts.

1. Must have been a Rookie.               
2. Must have fighting experience.       
1. To uphold the rules.
2. They are to run through Blood beast zones once a month.
3. They are to respond to all missions given by the elders or commanders.

Knights have the highest mortality rating of any other unit. They also protect supply runs, help recruit new members, protect people of authority in the Marchers, deliver letters, and defend near by settlements.

Red Hand:
1. Must have been a Rookie for one       
2. Must have trained as a squire under another Red hand.              

1. To uphold the rules.
2. To hunt down all traitors and deserters, and bring them before a trial.
3. To gather proper evidence on cases. Such as crime, and rule breaking.

The Red hand are your enforcers and detectives. They have the right to do, what they feel they have to, under the circumstances. However, if they’re methods are brought up in a trail. The Elders leading the trail are to decide if what they did was necessary.

They are also the only unit to have guns. There my only be five Red hands at every fort. Besides northern forts, they are allowed ten.

1. Must have served 5 years in one of the Units.
2. Must pass the Command test.  

1. To uphold the rules
2. Are to lead the units, they served in. ( So if you served in the garrison, you can not command the Knights.)
3. To report every action they and their units have taken.

They are to lead missions if they are Knight commanders. They are to lead building projects if they are Garrison commanders. The Red hand do not have commanders, the answer directly to the Elders.

1. Must have served 10 years.
2. Must have passed Elder training.   
3. Are to check all reports given.
1. To uphold the rules.
2. Must hold trial for all convicted of a crime.
3. Must sentence all guilty, to their appropriate punishment.

The Elders of every fort are given full power, as long as that power follows the rules. Every fort has 3 to 5 Elders. For any decision to pass it must have the majority favor of the Elders. The elder test is held every ten years, only 50 my participate in the event. 90% of all participants die in the test.

Now that you know everything you need to know at this time. Here is some simple info. Guns as were the are not rare, they are rarely used by Marchers. Civilians are more likely to have guns, than Marchers are. Marchers manly use swords, axes, hammers, bows, daggers, harpoons, and cannons. The main source of communication is radio, and letters. There are two transportation methods, electric box cars and horses.

Gender: (Only Male or Female. No apache helicopters, please. I am not being judgmental, it just makes it easier if their not in this.)
Age: (my not be under 13 or over 50 years old.)
Unit: (my not be an eder, commander, or a Red hand at this time.)
Years of service: ( Maximum of 3 years for now.)

(Hey, so this is not the final copy. I am still working on it, but don’t know where to go. If you have a suggest or question. Please, voice it to me. So, that I can make this better and easier to understand. But try not be rude. Thank you.)
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