FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Post by Annasiel » Fri Nov 10, 2017 7:16 am

This page is best viewed on the website, or through the RPF Legacy app.

Good question! First of all, I would check out the forum rules. Don't worry, we don't ask too much.

Next, try introducing yourself! We'd love to get to know you.

You'll noticed that the roleplay sections of our forum are divided into four subforums.

The Casual, Intermediate, and Advanced subforums each have four sections:

You put a basic advertisement of your roleplay in the Requests section to gather interest. You'll usually put a character sheet outline in this section too, so people that bite have a reference to fill out.

Once you accept a character sheet, you can put it in a thread in the CSes section. Making this thread is optional, but it can help you easily read the accepted sheets without having to sift through other posts.

Accepted members can talk about the roleplay in a thread in the OOC section. Again, making this is optional, but it can be courteous to other members on the site, so you aren't constantly bumping your request thread with chatter.

Finally, the actual roleplaying goes in the RP section!

The Casual subforum has a special section in it called Open Range. You don't need character sheets or to be accepted to roleplay here; just jump right in whenever you want.

There are also two special subforums at the bottom called Azuria and Superhero Sandbox. These are large scale roleplays, and have forums and rules of their own.

Message me at unkemptaeons@gmail.com, and I should be able to fix the problem for you, whether it be a problem activating the account through email or just forgetting your password.

We have both!

The two best ways to access RPF are through the website (https://www.rp-forums.net/) or with the RP Forums Legacy app. This will give you the most functionality, as these are what our current platform is designed for.

You can also access the website through the RP Forums app or through Tapatalk.

If you're accessing our site via Tapatalk or the old RP Forums app, some of our newer BBCode (like the spoiler, marquee, and align tags) won't be supported. This isn't an issue we'll really be able to resolve anytime soon. In the meantime, if you'd like to use the newer BBCode, I suggest you either go to the website at https://www.rp-forums.net/, or download the RP Forums Legacy app here.

It can be distressing when a roleplay you put a lot of thought into doesn't get any replies. There are a few things you can do to try and fix this.

First, you're allowed two bumps per day. To do this, post "bump" (or anything else) in your request thread, and it should bring it to the top of the subforum.

Second, you can PM me the name and location of the roleplay, and I'll add it to the RPF Spotlight in User Promotions. It's proven successful in getting overlooked threads attention.

Third, you're allowed to find people you think would be great for your roleplay, and PM them a request to join. Just keep in mind: If they say no and you keep asking, you could get in trouble for harassment.

To get new post notifications, you need to manually subscribe to the thread. There should be a little wrench button right below the title. If you click it, it'll give you a drop-down menu, with "Subscribe Topic" as one of the options. Hit that button and you're good to go!
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