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Voided Timelines[OOC][LORE]

Posted: Tue Oct 09, 2018 9:36 pm
by Trinity
The World
Berlin, January 10th, 1913

Another protest in the streets, how sickening. King Wilhelm has been deposed and a new, powerful, democratic government has been implemented. Supported by the Church in Italy and their Austrian allies, the new government holds its elections on this very day. But the people want their king back, and indeed many votes cast today will be written in for him. Me though, I’ll be voting for the Democratic Socialists. Votes for that fool Wilhelm won’t be counted, so it looks like smaller interest groups have a solid chance now.

Germany has been suffering from the Balkan wars and these small territorial disputes, we need a new, stronger government willing to make the difficult decisions. Peace will never come to the European continent while the French still yet breathe and the Balkans lay in anyone’s hands other than our own. The world is changing very quickly, and Germany will do more than simply change with it, we will shape its face! That is, if the Democratic Socialists have their way.

A counter protest has formed down the street. Young men and women filled with fire, duty and honor shout down those aged coots calling for a return to the monarchy. A sense of pride surges within me as I spot a student of mine in the counter protest. I teach social theory and I, along with my fellow teachers, have done everything we can to galvanize our students to these new ideas. They’ll form the backbone of the military when the time comes to enforce our change across the rest of Europe.

I don’t want to throw words such as ‘violence,’ ‘Duty,’ and ‘war’ around lightly. But I also do not wish to leave such options off the table. When words fail, we must resort to the tried and true, honorable methods of combat. A blast rings out, an officer’s pistol fired into the air. The protestors are ordered to disperse, and so they do. Peace still reigns in Germany, despite the inner turmoil we are experiencing. The aged will see the wisdom of our change soon, when the vote completes.

Standing up from my bench, I move to join the dispersing counter protestors to congratulate the students on their bravery.

Re: Voided Timelines[OOC][LORE]

Posted: Tue Oct 09, 2018 9:47 pm
by Trinity
Weapons of the Era:

TBA in more detail with images. For a quick notes version, read below.

Traditional guns of the time as we know them do not exist. This is due to gunpowder never being created nor synthesized. Crude oil, however, is far more explosive here than gunpowder or anything even remotely available. This is due to magic imbuing the dead things that compose fossil fuels, though this is not known.

Bullets are large and are made with a tiny container of oil to act as the explosive catalyst. Bullets explode into shards upon being fired, with gun range accurate no more than 30 feet with pistols and 400 feet with the best (EXPENSIVE)rifles available. Bullets are very large in size, and currently only rifles with very bulky clips can contain more than 7 bullets at a time(no 6 shot revolvers friendos) This power is still being refined, and may change later in the timeline.

Magic is currently unavailable.

Bows are a very viable option for combat, as are swords. Bayonets have made but have not yet been utilized in mass combat.

Mechanical monstrosities are rare, but not unheard of. The British and French contain mechanical men capable of acting as autonomous soldiers, though not many. Rumors escape Germany that the new government has created golems of steel the size of a house, but these are unconfirmed.

Travel is restricted to horse and carriage, smaller airships, Zepplins in Germany, and trains. Cars are NOT available due to oil being too explosive. A single combustion engine in this universe has the same explosive power of a bundle of tnt.

Re: Voided Timelines[OOC][LORE]

Posted: Wed Oct 10, 2018 8:27 pm
by Trinity
Notable NPCs

John and James Aramais

33 and 33

Sculptor and Artist

Country and city of origin:
Yerevan, Armenia

John and James are two men of the same mind. To the rest of the world, they appear as identical twins who are, even in their middle age, still very close to each other. However, in actuality, they are one mind split between two bodies. Both men are kind and quick witted, but impatient. There is no use in debating with them about politics, as they do not care in the least about such things. Both men are soft spoken and seek nothing more than the art of honing their crafts.

Born together, the two were joined at the backs. Thankfully, the joining was only skin deep and the doctors were able to surgically separate the two, allowing for full survival. Their parents were never particularly perceptive, not seeming to notice the shared memories and quick learning capabilities of the two. By age five, John and James figured out that their shared mind was not normal, and from then on worked to keep themselves as ‘normal’ as possible around others. The two participated in the Balkan wars and, after the last one, John lost his sight from his pistol exploding and James finally went deaf from his work as an artillery man. The two have lamented these losses, but have adjusted themselves accordingly. As long as James has sight, John can move about with fair accuracy. As long as John can hear, James can communicate with ease.

Since the last Balkan war, the two have gone into hiding. It’s rumored that they are hiding out somewhere in Russia.

Experts in Painting and Sculpting, though they tend to keep those skills separate between them. Both are gifted in the dark things of the world.

Well known by Tsar Nicolas, Former king Wilhelm of Germany, and most English speaking wealthy men and women, political and not.

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