[F] Heroes of Our Time

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Re: [F] Heroes of Our Time

Post by Xcelgamer » Tue Aug 21, 2018 10:49 am

As Dante snapped with dangerous teeth at Mimos and Jack, Mimos simply smiled as Jack threw one of daggers right past Dante and the whole thing was nearly embedded into the mast of the ship "Trust me, demon just like you we're no heroes I'm a thief and a murderer and sweet Jack over there" Mimos said as she pointed to Jack climbing up the mast and pulling out her dagger "Well as I said before they are Jack the Ripper and I'm sure from more modern times will know who she is" Mimos said as she sat down on the railing with Jack now standing in front of her

"So Elias, I can tell a majority of us weren't what you hoping for you were looking for big, hardy men with magical items as far as the eye can see, or incredible mage who can bend time and space to their will and less well us, so the main question for you now is what are these groups abilities and how can use them to your advantage?" Mimos said as she scanned the group quietly trying to figure out people's abilities just by looking at them and unsurprisingly couldn't figure anything out
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Re: [F] Heroes of Our Time

Post by FUCK » Tue Aug 21, 2018 6:05 pm

Rona watched the crowd of adventurer's from a distance behind them when Elias called her over to bring a map.

"Oh uh! Here I come!" She shouted before clumsily pulling out a map and running over. As she stood in the middle of all these people she couldn't help but feel intimidated and wanted to disappear. Meanwhile Albieto moved in closer to get a better look at the map before looking up at Elias.

"But you still haven't answered the most important question which is how much do you know about the sorcerer king? We don't know our enemy and we barely know each other so we don't stand a chance as it is." Albieto stated bluntly before pausing for a moment.

"I propose we all at least give each other a basic run down of what we can do and our arsenal so we can form teams based on combination moves and compatibility. When we get to this Kings estate we will explain our plan instead of wasting our time arguing with a bunch of stuck up nobles who will no doubt try to make themselves the heroes of this story and bicker amongst themselves." Albieto finished his sentence then looked to the sailor holding the map.

"How much longer till we reach land?" He asked.

"Uhm, sun rise sir." Rona replied with a crack in her voice from uncomfort. She couldn't stop looking around at everyone except Dante and Caiden, who were to handsome for her to look at without feeling anxious.

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Re: [F] Heroes of Our Time

Post by TheDarkOne » Wed Aug 29, 2018 8:12 am

"Isn't it obvious? My guess is they don't have a clue how to defeat this Sorcerer King, nor do they have an exact idea of how powerful he is"is" Dante said to Albieto, cutting in front of Elias "I'm sure if these good men knew how to defeat him, we would be able to continue to lead our happy lives. Or not in some cases"

"He's right...we don't have an exact idea on the true measure of power" Elias admitted with a sigh, before locking eyes with Dante in particular "But I wouldn't underestimate him. He has razed entire cities to ash, and levelled kingdoms with a wave of his hand"

A silence made its way through the group and crew, some sailors nodding in agreement with sombre expressions on their faces, those who had managed to escape the subjugation of their homes. Elias used his staff to stand once more, leaning on it heavily and refusing the help of the sailors who tried to aid him. He wiped sweat from his brow, moving through the group towards the lower deck

"I suggest you all relax and get to know one another. The morning comes soon"

Dante watched him leave before shrugging, sitting down at the edge of the ship and casting his eye over the others with a small smirk across his face, tapping his feet off the deck.

"Well don't we make a lovely bunch of misfits" he said happily as the rest of the sailors made their way across the ship to resume their duties "If I was a betting man, I'd say we will fail horribly, but that's just me"


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