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Posted: Sun Jul 29, 2018 5:29 pm
by Fluffking
Henrick was wet and anxious. He was nervous for what would happen soon. How would people react once they reached the camp? Henrick knew already now that more than one life would be taken. But he couldn't say if he would himself take part in that.

The cold rain had lowered Henrick's body temperature, and he began shivering gently. Having time to spare he focused, closed his eyes, and felt his internal flame flare up. It was a concept one of his teachers had learned him. that all magics are like a flame inside the body of the caster. He made his skin warmer and forced a small pocket of heat to start flame up under his right hand. Gently trailing his hand down from his shoulder and to his left wrist a light cloud of steam emitted from his clothes.

He continued this many a time, becoming more dry with each stripe of cloth dried. Feeling some heat again was nice. This rainy day had already taken too much off his mood. he didn't want to become cold too.

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Posted: Sun Aug 05, 2018 7:41 am
by ConfidentialCon
Ajak waved farewell to Andrea as she left, a bit off-balance from the amount of energy she gave off but finding themself cheered up. They didn't even mind when it started to drizzle on the way to the camp, tilting their head back enough to peer at the darkening sky despite their hood in the way. Not totally dark yet, but it would be soon.

They halted a bit beyond of what they guessed was the range of vision of the camp's sentries, wary of being seen, and glanced at those of their co-conspirators that were in sight. With a bit of concentration, they could sense the presence of solid plates of granite in the ground underneath the camp, probably having broken off from the mountains long ago. A good choice of location in most regards: those large rocks close to the surface would prevent too much sogginess and flooding during the wet season. How clever of them.

Ajak smiled briefly, the expression uncharacteristically savage on their unseen face as they settled into a firmer stance. The rocks were way too heavy for them to drag to the surface to pop out at all once like a giant's game of Wack-A-Mole. (Even though that'd be really, really funny.) But they could still rattle them around hard enough to put on a damn good impression of an earthquake if they tried.

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Posted: Sun Aug 05, 2018 12:35 pm
by Fluffking
Movement stirred in the front of the gathering. Henrick knew that the time was coming. He wasn't sure how it'd go, but he was nevertheless exited. He felt his adrenaline rush over him as the group moved out the camp. He only hoped he wouldn't go too far in the fight that was to come.

On the way it began slowly drizzling again. Though this could also be explained by the trees accumulated water finally falling down. But felt with excitement Henrick barely noticed it. He was simply too focused on the task at hand.

A tad away from the camp the group stopped. The dark was already beginning to force it's way into the forest. The howls of an owl was heard as it echoed across the dark trees.

Henrick made a mental notice of what he could see of the camp. From what he could see a small light emitted from around the middle of the camp, suggesting that a fire burned within the camp. A perfect target for a pyromancer.

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Posted: Wed Aug 08, 2018 1:30 am
by Ash
As the group arrived from the camp, Andrea bounced up and down with excitement and anticipation. As much as she disliked conflict before dying, she didn't want to let the bishops torture people any longer. Enough was enough. This is going to be fun, but where is Lucis? As she thought that she frown. She looked around until she saw a message written on the ground with a glowing dagger.


Oh, Lucis Andrea, concerned walked towards the front of the group, and towards Carmen. She knew that Lucis wanted to join in on the fight, but going into the camp is a bit too much. Concerned, Andrea walks towards Carmen. "Hi, my name is Andrea Breaker. Lucis is in the camp so what do we do now? Do we proceed? Or wait?" She looked at the tall woman, and then towards the camp concerned about what was going to happen to the child.

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Posted: Fri Aug 10, 2018 1:26 pm
by Fluffking
"At camp?" Henrick asked surprised. "What's the boy doing there?!" he couldn't resist asking. Part of him wanted to rush the camp and make sure that they got Lucis out quickly. The fateless wasn't exactly loved by the Bishops. If his cover would be blown in ANY amount he'd be risking instant executed.

The question of what to do clearly wasn't meant for Henrick, but if it stood to him they'd rush in. Lucis should still be able to transport himself to sunlight, or at least the ball he left at camp. But he also realized it wasn't necessarily the best plan of action.

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Posted: Fri Aug 10, 2018 6:13 pm
by HoneyBuzz
The guard, a young man who seemed barely capable to wield the sword he was holding, looked down to the boy. His grip tightened on the sword and he glanced to the other guard nervously, who seemed just as surprised as he was. "What the hell are you doing out h-here, kid?" The man fumbled his words, bending down slightly so that the others in camp wouldn't hear his shaky voice. "W-We haven't seen a dog, so you better just get outta here."

The man moved back a bit, squaring his shoulders to look more intimidating. "We're here on o-official Bishop training business. N-Not like a kid would understand that." He waved his hand in a 'shoo' sort of motion, pointing back out to the forest. "You should go. Non-recruits aren't allowed here, and civilians shouldn't be outside city walls. I should arrest you f-for that, but you're just a kid."


"He's what." Carmen stopped, turning to look down at Andrea. Her calm demeanor switched to that of a worried mother, and she looked to the camp as well. They were near the back-most entrance, and already from her position she could see a few guards pacing around. "God knows what they will do to him if they find out he's Fateless." She sighed, placing hands on the hilts of her twin swords and unsheathing both. She had wanted to avoid conflict, wishing only to scare the recruits into changing their ways; but it seemed that would no longer be the case.

Moving forward she looked back at the others for a moment, nodding her head. "Wait for my signal. No matter what, don't leave this spot until you see me wave my hand, understood?" She said calmly, her amber eyes glowing ever-so-slightly in the dim light. Then, turning her head, she walked out into full view of the guards.

Almost immediately the two grabbed for their weapons, eyes wide with surprise at Carmen's sudden appearance. Both swords drawn, she lazily flipped them in her hands, inspecting the two. "I hear the Bishops have been busy here, huh?" She questioned, beginning to slowly approaching the two guards as they held their swords at the ready. "Must have been short on supplies, leaving a recruit camp so poorly defended, and not having the willpower to send scouts out to check the surroundings." She chuckled, before stopping where she stood.

"Anyhow, I know you have the child. Kindly return him to me, and move this camp." Despite how friendly the words seemed, Carmen's voice was cold and short, something hardly characteristic of her usual 'motherly' manner. One of the guards, a woman who seemed only a few years younger than what Carmen was, stepped forward with her sword pointed out. "We don't take orders from civilians, see? So move your tail and get out of here."

Carmen moved closer, till the tip of the sword was right against her stomach. She knew the recruits wouldn't have it in them to harm her, seeing as they hadn't been properly trained in how to even swing the weapons they held. "How can I be a civilian, if i've already been outcasted?" She asked, before quickly swinging her Sun-symbol sword. The blade connected with the hilt of the woman's sword, barely missing her fingers as the weapon was flung into the ground. Carmen then raised her hand and waved, signaling the others to come out from their little spot.

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Posted: Sat Aug 11, 2018 2:02 am
by SuXeSoN
"Ahh... He didn't come this way. Shame.." Lucis looked down, it may have looked like it was in disappointment, but in reality, he was just hiding his face. These guys are a lot less of a threat than I thought they would be. But that was only the assessment of one of the guards, he can't just assume that everybody in the camp was like him. It would be best to assess whoever was leading or training this camp but Lucis had no idea where they might be. Anyways, he had to fall back, for now, he didn't want to be here long. He had to return back to the edge of the forest to report to the others who are about to arrive.

If he knew he was already a bit too late, he would have abandoned the "harmless boy" act and teleported back to the dagger.

"Oh well. I'll be taking my le-" He stopped himself mid-sentence, not because he knew he broke out of his act already, but because there seems to be a commotion behind the guards. Like those in the camp seemed to be a bit on edge, some readied their weapons. Like they identified a threat, did the raiding party already arrive? Could they be at the other entrance? "Hey! What's happening over there?!" Lucis did the classic point-to-distract behind the guards. Who looked to see what was happening. Lucis took that opportunity to warp deeper inside the camp. Not open space, but behind some tents that provided him cover. He should do his best to avoid being seen. Whatever trouble it was, it was worth checking it out. He needed to know more.

Maybe he could even take advantage of this distraction to find some sort of reports that would shed light on why they were here.

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Posted: Sat Aug 11, 2018 3:06 am
by ConfidentialCon
Ajak shook their head in mixed bewilderment and disappointment when they heard what Lucis had done. The kid had one job, and he ran off to hang out with the Bishops. They frowned a bit; hopefully that was really what had happened, and he hadn't been taken captive and forced to leave that message at knife point or something. They sighed. Either way, it was a mistake to bring a kid out here, even if he was Fateless.

They nodded in acknowledgement of Carmen's order to stay and wait for her signal, biting their nails anxiously as they watched her speak to the guards and get swords pointed at her for her trouble. "This is kind of a mess, huh?" they whispered, glancing at the others as they waited. So much for the sneak attack plan.

When Carmen finally gestured for them to come over Ajak approached warily, eyeing the guard's sword as Carmen flung it to the ground. Getting stabbed still hurt, no matter what kind of immortality you found yourself with. They twisted their wrists as they picked up the sword, small stones attaching themselves in thick layers over their hands and upper arms as they did: an intimidation tactic just as much as it was for safety. They cocked their head, staring into the eyes of one of the guards still holding a weapon.

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Posted: Mon Aug 13, 2018 2:18 pm
by Fluffking
Henrick was already ready to leave by the time Carmen waved back at the group. A number of yells and war cries rang through the forest. The objective had changed, and some were happier with it than others. Henrick stood up and unsheathed his sword but before he rushed in he focused his mind on where he assumed the bonfire of the camp would be. And -

A loud noise, much like something flammable bursting into flames, erupted from the there, and the red glow was eaten by a large flame. A few screams of surprise was also heard. Only then did Henrick begin moving. He'd likely set a tent or two on fire, but what better wake up call than flames burning you.

... Even he had to admit that was quite dark thoughts.

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Posted: Wed Aug 15, 2018 5:37 am
by Ash
Andrea watched as Carmen walked towards the guards while unsheathing her swords. This is going to turn ugly, and quickly! She waited in anticipation as Carmen disarmed the guards. Her tail moved left and right with excitement. While they were to not harm anyone, she was still excited for what was about to come. When Carmen gave the signal, Andrea walked forward with the rest of the group into the open field. As the group came into view, tensions grew. You could feel the excitement of the group, the fear of the guards. Her ears twitched from side to side, and her heart started beating a little faster. She started to reach for the dual blades that were placed safely in her back but stopped halfway; I won't be needed this yet. Instead, she grabbed, gently and unnoticeably, the blades in her belt and placed the blade against her arm, out of sight
What just happened? One moment, Andrea was standing in the field, everything still, and quite. Now, chaos was around her. Her companions running towards the camp, weapons raised, and with kill intent in the air. I have to find Lucis. I am not needed in the fight, just yet. Making Lucis her top priority, she headed towards the camp, knives are hidden in case she had to use them. "Lucis, please be okay." Andrea weaved through the settlement. "Lucis! Where are you?! Lucis!" Looking for the kid, Andrea kept snaking through the people, and fateless that had entered the camp. The smoke of the burning tents would block anyone eyesight but due to her heightened sense, she could smell, hear, taste (made her the happiest), and see much better than the average being. But even with her sense, she couldn't spot Lucis. "Come on Lucis! Where are you?!"