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Re: Zodiac (Reserved for Maxx)

Post by Maxx » Thu Jul 19, 2018 11:18 am

((once again, sorry for the extremely long post))

"What's a scholarship?"
"I think its a thingy you get if you're awesome at something so you can go to a school for free."
"Oh, okay."

Emma pouted a little when Iris said it was time for bed, but went to to the bathroom to brush her teeth anyway. Afterwards, she and Lee grabbed their finished homework from the living room. They both gave Iris a big hug before rushing off upstairs to bed. Once they were in their room, Emma sat on the edge of Lee's bed and they started chatting.

"I really hope Iris does keep coming here. I think she's really nice."
"So do I. Do you think she wants to be J's girlfriend?"

Emma laughed.

"That would be awesome if she did. But do you think J wants to be her girlfriend? He's never had a girlfriend."
"I know. We should get to sleep. J will probably be back soon."
"True. Night night."
"Good night."

Emma went over to her own bed. Lee fell asleep quickly, but Emma lay there, unable to sleep.

J took a deep breath as he and Sam neared the twins' office. Sam knocked twice and entered. J following behind, with his head down.

"Wow, the boy is actually on time for once."
"What a surprise. Isn't it, Alex?"
"Yes, it certainly is, Steve."
"So, boy, you got the delivery?"

J nodded, not looking up, and pulled a package out of his bag. Steve stepped forwards and took it.

"Lift up your head, boy. We wanna see what those useless idiots did."

J didn't lift his head.

"I said, lift your head, boy. I won't ask again."

J still didn't. Steve looked at Sam, expecting his younger brother to know what he wanted. Sam nodded and gently forced J's head up so Steve and Alex could see the cuts and bruises. The sight caused the twins to both grin wide. It was obvious that the sight of J's injuries made them both happy. Sam let go and J put his head down again.

"Listen here, boy. If you are late even just one more time, well... Remember what we showed you a couple years ago?"

J nodded. He remembered all too well.

"I can't hear you. Do you remember what we showed you?"

J's voice came out no louder than a whisper.

"Well, if you're late again, that will happen to you. You can go now."

End of conversation. The twins had got what they wanted - the drugs, and seeing just how hurt J was - so Sam and J left. They went back to the car and got in.

"Now then, time to grab that beer."

At Sam's house - that's where they went because obviously no pub would serve a 16 year old - J sipped a beer.

"So, why're your brothers in such a bad mood?"

Sam put down his own beer and grinned.

"Basically, Steve's chick, Martha, was sleeping with Alex, and Alex's chick, Meg, was sleeping with Steve."

J laughed and nearly choked on his beer.

"Really? That is hilarious. Wait, did Martha and Meg actually know though?"
"Yup. They knew."
"Oh my gosh, that is definitely hilarious."
"You see why I don't bother with relationships?"

J finished his beer.

"Well, we should probably get you home. I'll finish my beer and then we'll go."

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Re: Zodiac (Reserved for Maxx)

Post by 12maori3 » Thu Jul 19, 2018 4:27 pm

((You're fine!!! Sorry I can't match that at the moment but I will soon!!))

Iris smiled as both of them left. As they did their homework she did some research on the scholarship she had told them about. She coulent find any information o, it being available at any schools around her so she figured she would call tomorrow during lunch. She really liked Emma and Lee and if they had talents, she wanted them to be rewarded for it as motivation to pursue what they wanted to do.

After they'd gone to bed for a bit Iris decided to check on them, just to make sure they were okay. The hug they had both given her earlier made her feel warm and fuzzy inside. She opened Lees door lightly and smiled, seeing him asleep. When she opened Emma's door and saw her awake she hesitated to closing it, "Hey Emma, how come you're still up?"

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Re: Zodiac (Reserved for Maxx)

Post by Maxx » Sat Jul 21, 2018 8:37 pm

((Literally the only reason my posts have been so long is because I haven't had internet properly, which means I've had way too long to think about what I'm gonna write for posts))

Emma sat up and looked at Iris.

"Can't sleep. I'm worried about J... He doesn't tell me and Lee what he does, but people have been saying stuff about him, and what happened when he was younger, and why he gets hurt, and what he does... We've met one of his bosses, Sam, and he seems nice, but people say the other ones are really mean and horrible..."

Sam's car pulled up outside J's house.

"Hey, J..."
"Could I meet this Iris girl?"
"Would that be a good idea? I only met her yesterday, and I think she already has a low opinion of my bosses..."
"Well, you don't have to introduce me as your boss..."
"I guess..."
"Come on..."
"Alright then."

J got out of the car and went to the front door. Sam grabbed a plastic carrier bag from the boot of the car and followed J as he unlocked the door and went inside.

"What's in the bag?"
"Prezzies for Emma and Lee."

Upstairs, Emma listened for a moment.

"Oh, it sounds like J is back. And I think Sam is here as well..."

J and Sam went into the living room.

"Hmmm.... Looks like Iris ain't in here. She might be upstairs, checking on the kids."
"Could you stay in here, and I'll go up and see."

Sam nodded and sat on the sofa. J went upstairs and saw Iris in Emma's room.

"Hi, I'm back..."
"Hi J."

J wasn't surprised to see that Emma was still awake. A lot of the time, when he had leave Emma and Lee home alone, Emma wasn't asleep by the time he got home.

"Hi Emma. You alright?"

Emma nodded.

"Yeah. Is Sam here?"
"Yeah, he is."
"Can I go say hi?"

Emma got out of bed and went downstairs to the living room. J looked at Iris.

"So, were Emma and Lee good while I was out?"

Downstairs, Emma sat on the floor near the sofa. Sam slid off the sofa to sit on the floor as well.

"Hi Sam."
"Hi Emma. You alright?"
"And Lee?"
"That's good... Can I ask you something?"
"Uh, yeah."
"What's this Iris girl like?"
"She's really nice! And pretty."
"Is she J's girlfriend?"

Emma laughed.

"No, she isn't."
"Do you think she wants to be?"
"I don't know."
"Do you want her to be?"

The 11 year old didn't have to think about this.

"It would be really awesome if she was."
"You wanna know something?"

Sam looked around and lowered his voice to a stage-whisper.

"I think J likes her."

Emma's eyes widened.

"Oh yes. Definitely. He's never had a girlfriend before, has he?"
"Nope. Never."
"Maybe I'll have to give him a few tips on how to get her to be his girlfriend..."
"Have you got a girlfriend?"
"No, not a girlfriend."
"Do you have a boyfriend?"
"That's cool... J said I'm not allowed a boyfriend ever."

Sam laughed. J was so protective over Emma and Lee. Sam remembered the bag he had with him.

"Oh yeah, I have some presents for you and Lee."

He grabbed the bag and pulled a few things wrapped in pink wrapping paper.

"These ones are for you."
"Thank you!"

Sam handed the presents to Emma. She took them and tore off the wrapping paper. There was a small make up set, a purple dress, and a pair of mini purple high heels, ones that were no taller than about one and a half inches.

"Oh my gosh, thank you!"
"You're welcome. I also have sweeties for you and Lee, but those are for when J says you can have them."
"Okay. Can I put make up on you?"

Sam laughed a little and shook his head.

"Nah, the colors wouldn't suit me. How about we wait until J comes back down and then put it on him."

Emma grinned.

"Okay. Let's turn him into a very pretty boy."

Sam laughed again. He really wished he had a younger sister like Emma.

"Okay. Let's do that then."

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Re: Zodiac (Reserved for Maxx)

Post by 12maori3 » Sun Jul 22, 2018 3:45 am

((Lol I don't mind at all. In fact, I wish I could write more for you! I hope your Wi-Fi gets better soon xD)

Iris sat on the end of Emma's bed, listening to the little girl worry about her brother. Iris moved closer, stroking the girl's hair reassuringly. Even she herself did not know what exactly J did but it wasn't hard for her to guess. She knew exactly why he would want to keep it from Emma and Lee, though if they were already hearing things at school, it might always be better for him to tell them so they don't find out from others at school.

Iris didn't get to say anything however because she heard the door open. J had locked it when he left and she had checked it again so she was positive that no one was breaking in. When Emma spoke, Iris relaxed knowing part of her had been praying that it would not be a break in. She looked back at Emma and told the girl simply. She could tell it was something that was on her mind and that Iris needed to say something about it know so that she wouldn't dwell on it too much, "Just trust your brother...he'll tell you whenever he thinks he should. I'm going to guess nobody knows J as well as you and your brother...so you shouldn't believe what you hear outside of here," she ruffled the girl's hair just as J came in.

When Emma mentioned Sam Iris remembered the girl's words earlier. Sam is one of his bosses, here but Emma had said the man was nice. She also figured that J would do everything he could to keep harm and danger from walking through his front door. Besides, he let Emma go see Sam which meant there was no need to worry.

Iris smiled, a little relieved to see that he didn't have any new cuts or bruises on his face or any other part of him that she could see. "Welcome back. I'm glad to see you have no new injuries," she all but bounced off the bed and to him. "Yes, of course. They were angels. And I have to say that Lee has a wonderful talent. And I would love to hear Emma sing one day...I'm thinking of teaching her dance. I've been in it for 13 years so I think I can teach her some things, and she seemed interested too." Iris leaned up a bit to look closer at some of his cuts on his eyebrow and lip, "They're healing," she said softly and then asked, "Are you going to put your piercings back in once they've healed?"

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Re: Zodiac (Reserved for Maxx)

Post by Maxx » Mon Jul 23, 2018 12:05 am

J was glad to hear Emma and Lee had been good. He nodded when Iris said about Lee's talent and Emma's performing.

"They really are talented. I don't know where they get it from; I have nearly no talent whatsoever, and our mother is a useless cow who can't do anything at all."

That was the first time J had spoken about his mother in ages, and it was obvious he didn't like her that much. Though, he did feel slightly bad about the way he phrased what he said.

"Oops, sorry, I honestly did not mean to say it that way..."

He mentally scolded himself for letting his unspoken thoughts become spoken thought, and continued speaking.

"Anyway, what was I saying...? Oh yeah, they really are talented. I'm sure Emma would love it if you taught her how to dance. She does a small bit in school for PE, but nothing proper, and she's always saying she would love to learn how to dance properly. Oh, and if you do want to hear Emma sing, they've actually got a school play coming up, if you want to go and see it. Emma's the female lead, and she's got loads of songs to sing in it. And Lee's actually helping to design and build the sets and all that."

Downstairs, Emma and Sam had been discussing how they would get J to let Emma put make up on him.

"What if we sneaked up on him?"
"Nah. I don't think he would like people sneaking up on him. How about we just ask?"
"Okay. What colors should he have?"
"How about green and black?"

Emma laughed and nodded. Sam pictured how it would look on J and laughed as well.

"Should we call him down?"

J nodded when Iris asked if he would end up putting his piercings back in.

"Yeah, I will. Though, I'll need to get my eyebrow re-pierced..."

J suddenly felt awkward as he realised how close Iris was to him. He was saved from his awkwardness by Sam calling up to him.

"Oh Jaaaaaaaaacob...."

J rolled his eyes and called back down to Sam.

"Emma's got something to show you..."
"Does she?"
"Yeah, I do. And I think Iris would find it... funny..."
"Would she?"
"Oh, she definitely would."
"Oh then, we'll be down in a minute..."

Emma giggled and looked at Sam.

"This is going to be funny. Could you take a picture afterwards?"
"Of course I will."

J looked at Iris.

"Oh yeah, Sam came in because he wanted to meet you. Also because I think he wants to crash here for the night cos he had a fight with his boyfriend... But mainly because he wanted to meet you. Um, so, shall we go down then?"

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Re: Zodiac (Reserved for Maxx)

Post by 12maori3 » Mon Jul 23, 2018 2:19 am

Iris's grinned when J said they should go see Emma's play. Of course, she loved anything cultured that soothed the soul like plays, music, and everything that went along with that. Not to mention she would love to hear Emma sing and spend more time with them. Though her eyes widened when she heard J's next words. She was surprised for multiple reasons, one being that J had volunteer information she didn't have to find out anywhere else. And also because of what he had to say about his mother.

Living where she did, it wasn't unheard of to hear mothers leaving their families to pursue their youth. Libra women were notorious for being flighty with a few commitment issues. However, with the superficial nature of her section, negative statements were sugar-coated, immensely. To hear him say it so bluntly, she was glad for it. Glad to know she knew one person who was straightforward. Still, she did want to know more behind why he would say that. It may have had something to do with J taking care of Emma and Lee on his own.

After he commented on his piercing, Iris noticed a change in his stance and realized that she was close to him, probably in his personal space. She took a step back, ready to apologize when a male voice called from downstairs. She smiled a little until Emma spoke and peaked her curiosity.
"There's no need to ask! I want to see what I'd find funny, let's go! Besides, I'm happy to meet any friend of yours," she smiled before hurrying to the door. She turned back and motioned for him to follow before disappearing down the stairs. J may not have lived in the friendliest or safest area, but she knew anyone who was able to get close enough to him to become his friend, was neither of the two characteristics she had mentioned.

She hopped off the last stair and into the living room, seeing a very large man. "Now I really want to know what you were going to show J," Iris grinned once she saw Emma with something in her hand, though she couldn't see very well. She then looked at the man, her grin not fluctuating one bit, actually happy to meet Sam, "Hi, you must be Sam," she held out her hand, "Nice to meet you. I'm Iris!"

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Re: Zodiac (Reserved for Maxx)

Post by Maxx » Tue Jul 24, 2018 1:24 am

((You will not believe what happened. I wrote all this out, highlighted it all to copy it, and accidently got rid of it all, so had to rewrite the entire thing...))

"Well, its nice to meet you too, Iris."

Sam shook her hand.

"It's nice to see J has a mate who isn't me."

J followed Iris downstairs to the living room. Emma hid the thing she was holding behind her back.

"What was it you wanted to show me?"

Emma pulled her new makeup kit from behind her back.

"You wanted to show me a makeup set?"

Emma nodded.


Sam answered.

"I think she wants her awesome big brother to let her try it out on him."
"Oh, really?"
"Yep. Pleeease J."

J shook his head.

"Yeah, no. I ain't letting you anywhere near me with that thing."
"Sam, he isn't letting me..."
"I can see that. That's not very nice, is it?"
"No, it isn't."
"I just ain't letting you put makeup on me."
"Saaaaaaammmmmm, help....."

The 21 year old looked at J.

"J, I would say I'm sorry, but I'm not. This is gonna be hilarious, and Emma made me promise to take pictures."

J took a step back, but Sam was quicker. Somehow, J ended up on the floor, with Emma pinning him down by sitting on his chest. She opened the makeup kit and looked through it.

"Hmmm.... I think some of this first to hide those ugly scars and cuts..."

It was obvious from Sam's expression that he felt bad at the mention of those.

"Be careful not to catch any of those, Emma."
"I will Sam."

Emma was surprisingly good at it. When she had finished with the concealer and foundation, there was no visible trace of any of the cuts or scars at all.

"What color eye shadow should he have? Green?"
"Nah, I think black, but with green eye liner."

Emma looked at the eyeliners in the kit.

"There's actually the exact green of his eyes in here."
"Really? That's cool..."

Emma put the makeup on J - the eyeliner, eye shadow, green lipstick, and a bit of blush - and Sam watched, chuckling.

"And... Done!"

Sam walked over and looked at Emma's handiwork.

"Oh my gosh, that actually suits you, J. Emma, you are a very good makeup artist."

It was true; the makeup looked almost professionally done. Sam got out his phone and snapped a picture.

"You wanna get off of him so he can get up and Iris can see?"

Emma got off of J and Sam helped him up.

"Really you two? Were you scheming the entire time I was upstairs?"
"It was Sam's idea to put it on you."
"Was it now? Well, I think Sam needs some makeup as well, then."
"Oh no. That stuff ain't going on me."
"Oh please, Sam..."

Emma gave Sam puppy dog eyes. He sighed.

"Fine. You know I can't say no to you, Emma."

Emma grinned and started putting makeup on Sam.

"What color should I use, J?"
"I think bright pink. That would go perfect with his blue eyes."

Sam went to say something, but Emma cut him off.

"No, Sam, don't say anything, or you'll ruin it."
"Yeah, Sam. Emma wants you to look pretty..."

Emma finished and grabbed Sam's phone to take a picture of him. J laughed at the expression on Sam's face.

"You two both look very pretty, don't they Iris?"

Emma handed Sam a mirror.

"You know what? I do look very pretty in pink."

J rolled his eyes.

"Okay... I'm gonna go wash this stuff off of my face."

J turned to leave, but Emma grabbed the sleeve of his leather jacket.

"Nuh uh. You've got to keep it on. You both do."

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Re: Zodiac (Reserved for Maxx)

Post by 12maori3 » Tue Jul 24, 2018 2:06 am

(Seriously!? That's happened to me so many times and it really sucks! Lol you came back strong though!)

Iris smiled, already liking Sam at first glance. He seemed like a person who would be easy to talk to and honestly was just happy that he wasn't scary. She looked back at Emma, curious to see what she was so eager to show J. When J himself came down the stairs and Emma pulled out the makeup kit her eyes went wide.
Never would she bet on him allowing himself to have makeup applied to him but surprisingly enough, he didn't put up much of a fight. Iris watched amused and incredulous at Emma's great skills and at J's compliance. Once they were done she gave a clap to the both of them, having to admit to herself that J did look good in makeup. It also had to do with the fact that it was executed well and not slobbered all over.
"You look great," Iris grinned, taking out her phone and snapping a quick picture. She looked at the picture and gave J a thumbs up, "I'm surprised," she chuckled, "But you do look good."
When it came to Sam's turn Iris did her best to hold back her laughter but like before, Emma dominated the makeup game. Iris shook her head as she held out her hand for a high five, "You're a pro," she told the girl, a big smile on her face. Her eyes moved back to the guys with full-on makeup and took another picture, "Yup, that's a keeper," she chuckled.

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Re: Zodiac (Reserved for Maxx)

Post by Maxx » Wed Jul 25, 2018 12:04 am

((a shorter post this time. I was gonna post it 24 minutes after you posted - that was how long it took me to write it - but I lost the internet before I could))

Emma grinned and high fived Iris. J went slightly red underneath the makeup when Iris took the photos.

"I wonder what your friends would say if they saw those photos on your phone..."

J was obviously joking around, evident by the tiny smile on his face. Sam looked at himself in the mirror again.

"I think I'm gonna keep this on. I look rather fabulous."

J rolled his eyes yet again at his boss-slash-best-mate.

"You may like the makeup, but I'm gonna go wash it off of me."
"Nuh uh. I already said, you've got to keep it on."

J tried to wipe the lipstick off with the back of his hand, but it didn't budge.

"Oh yeah, forgot to say. You can't wash or wipe off this makeup normally. It's the really good stuff so you need -"

Sam pulled a bottle of proper makeup remover from the bag.

"- this to get it off."
"Give it here then."

J grabbed for the bottle, but Sam held it up out of his reach. J wasn't exactly short, but Sam was still a good few inches taller - he was about 6' 6" - and J couldn't even grab the bottle by jumping. Sam laughed.

"Come on, Sam..."

Sam tilted his head to the side as if he was thinking.

"Hmmmm... What do you think, Iris? Should I give him the makeup remover?"

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Re: Zodiac (Reserved for Maxx)

Post by 12maori3 » Wed Jul 25, 2018 4:04 am

((Awww!! Bad internet connection is scary and unpredictable lol))

Iris grinned and shrugged when J mentioned her friend looking at the pictures on her phone, "They would comment on how great your look, number one," she chuckled. She grinned when Sam claimed he was going to keep it on because he looked great.

"At least Sam realizes how good he looks," Iria commented with a repimanding shake of her head. She kept her amusement to a minimum when she learned that he needed make up remover to take it all off. When the struggle ensued to get the makeup remover off Iris couldn't help her laughter.

When the question turned on her she paused, not even trying to wipe the smile off her face and thought about it for a minute. He really did look good, "I'm going to be fair and say sure," Iris turned to J, "If you really want to. You know, Emma did such a great job it would be disappointing to see it all wiped away. And you really do look nice," she gave him a wink and then shrugged, "But I guess if you'd rather take it off..."

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